Mission Reflections

By Joe DeLise

Socializing at the Mission 1800’s style.


Written by jdelise

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  1. You’re a walking contradiction Sac. 2 unarmed men, one time, were able to stop the mass shootings so we don’t need guns to stop mass shootings…. So if a someone survived a car crash without a seatbelt, we don’t need seatbelts? What about the times a good guy with a gun STOPS something bad from happening, just going to ignore all those because that one time two unarmed guys were able stop something?

  2. VoR: The “good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns” is an oversimplified and unrealistic myth, to the point of being childish. There was a shooting in Texas of several police officers in a crowded area, I forget which city and when (too many shootings by well-regulated militia members to remember). The responding officers said they took longer to find the shooter because a bunch of wannabe Doc Hollidays were waving around their guns. Also, almost every “bad guy” with a gun believes they are the good ones! So that narrative is garbage. Plus, by that logic since the US has the most law-abiding citizens with access to firearms out of all developed countries, wouldn’t it be the safest developed country? I think the main takeaway from this is that we need more gay bars to protect people. 2 unarmed gay clubbers over 350 heavily armed and armored hick cops is a pretty good record.

  3. Also, “2 unarmed men, one time, were able to stop the mass shootings so we don’t need guns to stop mass shootings” – You’re wrong. It wasn’t just “one time,” this has happened plenty of times. See links below to prove yourself once again, wrong.
    “what about….” – nope, not doing that.
    But yeah, the fact that unarmed people were (ONCE AGAIN) able to stop a mass shooting from becoming worse, IS proof that guns aren’t always needed to stop guns. Not saying good guys with guns (like Uvalde PD) aren’t always there to stop them (oops….), but…. oh never mind. You’d say the sky was red if God himself plus every single scientist on Earth at the same time explained to you that the sky is blue….
    Some instances where unarmed citizens stopping mass shootings from getting worse:
    – Rigby, Idaho 2021 – https://abcnews.go.com/US/abc-news-exclusive-teacher-hugged-school-shooter-disarming/story?id=77774494
    – Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego 2021 – https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/at-least-one-person-killed-several-more-injured-in-downtown-san-diego-shooting

  4. But let’s talk about gun laws preventing things like this from happening. The Colorado shooter was arrested last year for threating his mom with a bomb, a BOMB! Yet he was able to pass a background check because his charges were dropped. CO is also a red flag law state. Rather than enacting NEW laws maybe we should try enforcing our CURRENT laws.

  5. Gimli: What a brilliant idea, we should go back to the good ole’ days of bandidos and vigilante justice. Whenever I walk down State St., I also lament the lack of gun fights, syphilis, prostitution, and lynch mobs. But on your point of having macho lawmen as the protagonists, I need to disagree given recent events. Apparently 2 gay men are better at subduing an active shooter than 350+ Texas cops.

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