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Birdhouse Caption Contest
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Update by the edhat staff

After much debate amongst the Ed and the dedicated staff of, we've decided on our Caption Contest winner. While there were many formidable entries and each staffer had their favorite, we decided the winner should be a caption we could all agree on. 

Without further ado, congratulations to Chevy67 for the winning caption of, "Santa Barbara housing prices are for the birds!" We don't have to explain why it works, just look at 

Congrats again Chevy67, you have won yourself a $25 gift card to a local establishment of your choice and a super soft and stylish edhat t-shirt.

By edhat staff

Edhat reader Dave sent us a photo of these two birds checking out the birdhouse in his backyard. Ed determined it's time to do another one of our popular Caption Contests. 

Enter your caption below in the comment section. The one that makes the edhat staff laugh the loudest will win, and we may take upvotes into consideration. The best caption will win a prize! All entries must be received by Wednesday (3/23/22) at 5:00 p.m., the winner will be announced on Thursday (3/24/22). 


  • Entries must be added below in the comment section
  • Only 1 entry per edhat account is eligible [edhat accounts are free, create one here]
  • Any inappropriate or offensive comments will be removed and disqualified.
  • All entries must be received by Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.
  • The winner will be contacted via email to the address linked to their edhat account and announced on Thursday, March 24.
  • The winner will receive a fun prize!
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SBSand Mar 21, 2022 11:46 AM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

Do you see the side of the hole to get into the house?! Fluffy bird discrimination, we should protest by hanging out up here and decorating the roof!

sacjon Mar 21, 2022 11:53 AM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

"Honey, they're staring at us."

"Meet their gaze, dear, meet their gaze. The McFeatherchirps-Joneses look down in the face of no one."

"I do love you so, Chip."

a-1647888826 Mar 21, 2022 11:53 AM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

Edhat interviews a local couple who's turning to unconventional housing options in light of skyrocketing prices. 

Tugogwa Mar 21, 2022 12:11 PM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

Randy and Evi Quail are back and looking to squat in another vacant home.

RHS Mar 21, 2022 12:48 PM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

Yes dear, it is nice. But we can afford it only if we can put an AUD on the pole below us.

ngolfer30 Mar 21, 2022 12:52 PM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

"I definitely pictured something different in my mind when I heard them talk about building more affordable housing in California."

ladylagomorph Mar 21, 2022 01:33 PM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

These Air B(ird) and B(ird) rentals sure aren't worth the hype! And in "Santa Barbara" of all places! I say let's call the manager and get our seeds back!

macpuzl Mar 21, 2022 02:17 PM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

Well, it could use some paint and a perch, and it is a bit more expensive, but it is the first one we've seen that's not a total fixer-upper.

Minibeast Mar 21, 2022 06:21 PM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

This is the last time we answer an ad for "Rustic, charming one bedroom located in natural setting."

Shasta Guy Mar 21, 2022 09:07 PM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

It’s only a studio, I thought you said it was one bedroom??!&¥

ypyetr Mar 22, 2022 08:13 AM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

When I said "I want a south facing view..." Ed, I meant from the INSIDE!

a-1647962464 Mar 22, 2022 08:21 AM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

It’s okay, Fred. We can be in our yard without a mask now!

haskelslocal Mar 22, 2022 08:47 AM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

First you said 40 days and nights.
Then you said get on the roof for rescue if it floods.
But you know we can fly, right?

swarfmaster Mar 22, 2022 08:54 AM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

Real estate in Santa Barbara is off of the charts. As your realtor I can only offer you a one room house, no windows and a permanently open door. Cheap at twice the price.

unitasker Mar 22, 2022 09:33 AM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

Oh look, the price is up to $5.99 a gallon. We should just fly to your mother's for Easter.

Virros Mar 22, 2022 09:45 AM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

I'm telling you, the flock was supposed to gather "at the Pole's house."

805Surfer Mar 22, 2022 09:47 AM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

“Canary Islands he says! Canary Islands! Always trying to save money! A deal on a Canary Condo! I told you I wanted to visit the Galapagos this year, but nooooo! Good job Bob. Why don’t you stick your head in there again and tell me what we’re missing! I should have married Hank! Good Lord! Why can’t you ever get it right?”

RebSD Mar 22, 2022 10:06 AM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

Honey the house is great, but I think there's a man living in the backyard.

cowear Mar 22, 2022 11:30 AM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

I'm sorry but the rent is too high, sweetie. We are going to have to downsize!

happyme Mar 22, 2022 12:54 PM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

Yes, dear, it is modest, but we'll just have to continue to carefully save our money. It just takes time to work up to Harry and Meghan's quality of abode.

LCP112233 Mar 22, 2022 01:30 PM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

"How do we get in there without a perch? You go first", "No, you go first".

OnYourSide Mar 23, 2022 10:13 AM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

1) "Don't go in...there's a trap filled with clickbait!"

2) "I disagree. We're still one anachronism short of a New Yorker cartoon."

3) "I'm too tired to make dinner, honey. But if you regurgitate the worms, I'll do the dishes."

4) "It's so demeaning when they anthropomorphize us."

CPlocal Mar 23, 2022 04:37 PM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

Where's the woodpecker when we need him? Neither of us can fit through the front door!

Chevy67 Mar 25, 2022 05:49 PM
Birdhouse Caption Contest

Alright! Thanks for the prizes Ed! It's fun reading everyone's captions, a lot of clever readers on this site.

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