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  1. Alex, the heller decision, link below, clarified what the prefatory clause of the second amendment means in great detail, and that it does not in any way limit the operative clause.
    Second, there really isn’t any restriction on what type of firearms and other weapons a person can buy. Below is a link to a popular firearms auction house showing an assortment of machine guns and other weapons that recently sold at auction. California and a handful of other states prohibits their residents from purchasing these types of weapons, but most states do not and these types of restrictions are unlikely to survive the constitutional test outlined in yesterday’s ruling.

  2. That’s only if you follow the far-right evangelist court members who have meticulously crafted their originalist theory to take all personal rights out of the constitution. Next thing you know the republican and catholic elites will make it illegal to marry inetracially or use birth control. Time to start taxing the churches if they are working as political lobbyists or funding campaigns.

  3. What is your party doing to inspire people to vote for them? The left is looking at historic election defeats and I hear nothing but whining and inaction where I should be hearing anger and seeing legislation.

  4. Next they will make it illegal to vote democratic….wait they are already doing this with the Big Lie…the Supreme Court will find that it was unconstitutional for democrats to win the election headed by Thomas and his wife followed by Alito, Kavanaugh, Barrett , Gorsuch….republican party reptiles

  5. CHIP – good point about guns. As VOICE brought to our attention, Norway and France have a more mass shootings than the USA. Europeans are definitely living in constant fear of gun violence wherever they go. So glad our glorious guns are so rightful!

  6. Well say hey now that we are going back to an 1820’s definition of the Constitution, what comes next from the New American Taliban?
    My wife will no longer be able to vote?
    My daughter can’t own property or get a loan without a man to cosign?
    Can I claim them as “depreciated property” on my taxes?
    ERA never passed so it’s just a court decision away from going away.
    Same sex marriage – gone?
    Contraception gone?
    Interracial marriage gone?
    Never codified, only passed by some libtard judge that the Nouveau Puritans must purge.
    Can only vote if you own land?
    Renters, you’re out of luck.
    I’m waiting for the next step which will impose a mandatory Morally Acceptable Religion where we all must swear fealty to the Orange Faced Poop Gibbon when he returns to this earthly realm in 2024.
    I hear that reeducation camps are so much fun what with weaving lanyards to hold your AR15 and learning how to reproduce more white people.
    Does anyone know if Canada accepts refugees?

  7. This isn’t a Supreme Court issue. Roe v Wade was a temporary fix that became a crutch. There needs to be freedom of choice… but like guns it’s not up to the Supreme Court to determine when/how… it’s our elected officials. As virtually everyone agreed roe v wade was shaky and suspect…. RBG said as much many times. The Supreme Court was right to strike down the New York gun law and roe v wade. But at the same time… we absolutely must push forward freedom of choice legislation AND strict gun control.

  8. Many could benefit from a few law and civics classes for a better understanding of the constitution and how our government and it’s three branches work. But the political elite don’t want us knowledgeable, they want us emotional. Emotional people are easier to control, easier to secure votes, easier to illicit campaign donations. This issue for example, could have been rectified in the federal legislature long ago. It could have been rectified earlier this year if they went with an approach like CA’s rather than the ‘up until birth for any reason’. But they’re not interested in solving issues, they’re interested in keeping us divided, scoring political points, the next election and campaign donations.

  9. I’m pro-choice along CA’s lines but even the most pro-life states have exceptions when it comes to protecting the life of the mother. We’re also only reverting 1973 where it was left to the states not the stone age or wild west. Again, this could have easily been avoided via federal legislation.

  10. Disbar Barrett, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch for perjury under oath! Investigate Kavanaugh rape cases and investigate Thomas and Wife for their role in the insurection! The Supreme court has no credibility and are endangering the American people with overturning NY concealed guns law and overturning Roe vs Wade. The President has to act now.

  11. VOR, so true that Donald Trump and the GOP advanced many lies about “election fraud” in order to inflame the emotions of their ignorant supporters and suck up hundreds of millions of dollars to “fight back” and “investigate” said non-existent fraud while using the money to pay themselves and exact political revenge on those they considered disloyal.
    You are so right about those awful elites.

  12. Barrett; “Roe V. Wade is settled law”.
    So she lied about her intent.
    When the right wing shows you what they intend to do, believe them.
    More unwanted children but at least those unwanted kids will be able to carry firearms around in the future.

  13. Thomas should be impeached for his wife’s direct involvement on the attack against the United States government. Thomas is dystopian far-right right extremist. “Because any substantive due process decision is ‘demonstrably erroneous,’” Thomas wrote, “we have a duty to ‘correct the error’ established in those precedents.”

  14. The Supreme Court MUST be expanded and new rules on term limits and recusals be implemented. It’s terrifying to think what else this court could do if nothingis done. Meanwhile, I hope the Democrats can get their act together nationally before November to win seats rather than lose them which seems likely… That of course would only make things worse for the county.

  15. I don’t really understand the outrage about either decision. The constitution specifically recognizes the right to keep and bear arms. This was already addressed in the Heller and McDonald decisions, and yesterday’s ruling simply clarified how second amendment cases must be evaluated by lower courts. The gist of it is the second amendment says what it means and means what it says. California’s assault weapons ban, magazine ban, handgun roster, and many other laws are unconstitutional and will soon be relegated to history, and any new laws passed that run afoul of the second amendment will be immediately blocked by injunctions and similarly ruled unconstitutional before they can ever go into effect. Regarding the ruling on abortion, there is no mention of abortion in the constitution. The Supreme Court in the Roe and Casey cases acted more as a legislative body than a judicial body by creating law rather than interpreting it. Today’s ruling to leave the abortion issue to be dealt with through legislation seems entirely consistent with our constitution.

  16. Thus my comment on recommending law and civic classes Chip. Many here don’t realize they’re being intentionally gas-lit by the very people who have the power codify abortions rights via federal legislation. Democrats have the White House and majorities in the House and Senate, if they can’t even reach consensus amongst themselves then they’re intentionally keeping this issue open and using it to drive campaign donations and votes with empty promises that they will ‘fight for your rights’.

  17. CHIP your interpretation and understanding of the constitution is very limited and challenged. There is nothing in the constitution about interracial marriage or contraception either. Amazing how many white males come out from under the rocks to celebrate forcing girls and women to carry their rapists babies to full term – even in the case of incest.

  18. General – When have you seen the GOP, in total, support the murdering of babies, women and children? For those of you whining about today’s SC decision regarding abortion, why not direct your energy to the politicians that can change the current law(s) in applicable states to permit the murder of babies as you would like?

  19. Which is why we have the legislature to make laws for issues not contained in the constitution. GT, just more extremism from you as no one here is advocating for that. I guess just like how I can be a vaccinated anti-vaxxer I can be a pro-choice pro-lifer? The twist and turns you guys go through to justify your divisive rhetoric is truly amazing.

  20. “unrelated partisan rhetoric” – where? We brought up non-partisan facts. Trump lied about the election fraud. FACT. January 6th was a planned insurrection. FACT. It’s not “partisan” if it’s acknowledged fact.

  21. Doolie – I don’t need you to legislate morality. I don’t need your religion to tell me what is right or wrong or what I should believe in. The GOP murders children daily – and they further the murderous rampage by not funding health care or resources children and families need. The GOP wants young girls to carry their rapists babies to full term – essentially using women’s bodies as vessels. Now they will go after birth control and same sex marriage because of their far right religous righteousness. If you want to go back to medeival times then do it – don’t drag me into it.

  22. ” When have you seen the GOP, in total, support the murdering of babies, women and children?” – every single time they voted against gun law reform after “babies, women and children” where gunned down by military style weapons that were legally purchased.

  23. SAC – I’d be interested in reading the nations on your list that are possibly greater than America. Since you state you continue thinking about this, how about listing a few & citing how they are greater than America.

  24. I left the Catholic Church the Sunday some wacko gets up into the pulpit screaming about Planned Parenthood as full of the devil’s workers. And then they proceeded to pass around some petition. so much for separation of church and state. That was 30 years ago. Today, I look at the smug shots of those Catholic school graduates on the Supreme Court and want to gag. Those were the a$$ kissing, narrow minded, goody two shoes who bullied everyone in the playground with their self-righteousness.

  25. VOR you need a civics class. “Which is why we have the legislature to make laws for issues not contained in the constitution. ” The idea that something needs to be specifically mentioned in the constitution is a constitutional theory (originalist) adopted by this far right extremist court. Nazi Germany had originalist judges too.
    1. The framers at the Convention in Philadelphia indicated that they did not want their specific intentions to control interpretation.
    2. No written Constitution can anticipate all the means that government might in the future use to oppress people, so it is sometimes necessary for judges to fill in the gaps.
    3. Intentions of framers are various, sometimes transient, and often impossible to determine. Text is often ambiguous and judicial precedents can be found to support either side. In such cases, why not produce the result that will best promote the public good? It’s better than flipping a coin.
    4. Non-originalism allows judges to head off the crises that could result from the inflexible interpretation of a provision in the Constitution that no longer serves its original purpose. (The amendment process is too difficult and cannot be relied upon to save us.)
    5. Non-originalism allows the Constitution to evolve to match more enlightened understandings on matters such as the equal treatment of blacks, women, and other minorities.
    6. Brown vs Board of Education (on originalist grounds, it was decided incorrectly).
    7. Originalists lose sight of the forest because they pay too much attention to trees. The larger purpose–the animating spirit–of the Constitution was the protection of liberty, and we ought to focus on that.
    8. Nazi Germany: Originalist German judges did not exercise the power they might have to prevent or slow down inhumane programs.

  26. VOR: You told me if I found one untrue statement among your stream of snake oil anti-vax disinformation on another thread, you would stop posting for the rest of the month. Why are you still here? Get a hobby…

  27. Happy to, but I’m are you’d do a more complete job. Have it and I’m glad you agree that Trump’s MAGA parasites have been conning millions of Americans out of their hard earned dollars.
    Kimberly Guilefoy got 60k of that money to deliver a two minute incitement to riot on Jan 6th, just one of the con artists and grifters getting rich off of you and yours.

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