Bike Lane Cartoon

By C.B.

The bike lanes are gone now, but it made me wonder what the plan was. 


Written by CBcartoons

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  1. It’s really amazing how strong the bicycle lobby is. Cyclists are the most over-represented demographic in our system of government for some reason. I think it’s a combination of interest and the amount of effort they put into it. Imagine if the kids in isla vista engaged in local politics at the same level. Open container laws would be gone, no more noise ordinances, free parking would be abundant… Perhaps it’s just as well the kids don’t show much interest in local politics.

  2. Chip, the only reason why the bicycle lobby seems strong is because of the efforts of a few motivated bike oriented citizens. These citizens were/are willing to put in the time attending boring meeting after boring meeting of planning commission, city, and country advisory boards. Ralph Fertig and Wilson Hubbell are two such individuals who founded the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition. Ponder this quote by Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.” If you would like to represent your opinion in our government system, then clear your calendar and start making appointments to attend one boring government meeting after another. Good luck, my friend…..

  3. Then there is Every tree is precious, until it’s in the cross hairs of a bicycle path. Taking out old growth jacarandas, then replacing them with saplings which will take a decade to create shade,or any home owner who’s sewers or retaining structures or walkways create unsafe conditions. Remember Eric Friedman who made it his goal to block the disabled old lady who had to walk over roots to get to her front door.
    The bike groups do not acknowledge any other forms of of alternative transportation, like skateboards which are great for the last mile link from buses, plus the other electric devices that are more portable.

  4. As a devoted Bikie and an enthusiastic supporter of the State Street Promenade, I have to admit that the pedestrians have a point: allowing bicyclists to ride the Promenade is truly not going to work. I admit that I have greatly enjoyed pedaling downtown State Street since it was closed to motor vehicles. But I also have to admit that, as a policy, bicycling is just not compatible with the Promenade concept. Fellow Bikies, please do not call me a traitor — I have a viable alternative to offer. Instead of insisting on bicycling for the Promenade, let us instead propose this much preferable compromise: Bicyclists will be provided Class 1 bike lanes along both Anacapa Street and Chapala Street for at least the length of the Promenade. Bicyclists may WALK their bikes along the promenade, if they wish. Bicyclists who just need to head uptown or downtown — without window-shopping or people-watching — will have a safe, speedy transit lane.
    Thanks, CB, for your artistic input on local issues, and for initiating constructive debate. I do not always agree with your opinions (usually, I do!), but I always appreciate your art work and the fact that you make people think.

  5. Snoodely’s has good idea. I like idea of single lane vehicle lanes on our one way streets that now have two vehicle lanes. See upper Anacapa St. Instead of white painted islands make these into bicycle lanes (or use other design keeping only one lane for vehicles). This could work the entire length of Anacapa St. Vehicle traffic would slow. Pedestrians would be safer crossing streets as would bicycle riders. Could do same on Santa Barbara and De la Vina Sts., Haley and Gutierrez. Parking is kept. Could look at Sola and Arrellaga too for making into one-way streets with this type of bike lane.

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