Winners Announced at 38th Annual Rincon Classic

Conner Coffin at the 2020 Rincon Classic (Photo: Fritz Olenberger)

By edhat staff

Surfers celebrated their wins at the 38th annual Rincon Classic this past weekend.

Over 200 surfers competed at the famous Carpinteria surf spot sponsored by Channel Islands Surfboards. The competition brought out some big names in the surfing world including three-time world champion Tom Curren, WCT stand out Conner Coffin, WQS stand out and traveling pro Parker Coffin, free surfing phenomenon Dane Reynolds, 2017 North American Pro Champion Kilian Garland, three-time National Champion Jak Ziets.

Coffin reclaimed his pro division title for the fifth time. He also won in 2019, 2016, 2015, and 2013. Coffin, a Santa Barbara local, is currently on the World Surfing League’s Championship Tour and ranked 20th overall in 2019.

Other winners include:

  • Men’s Division: Nic Lamb
  • Women’s Division: Shaya Alexander
  • Masters: Javi Moreno
  • Grand Masters: Britt Merrick
  • Legends: Steve Hanson
  • Longboard: Vince Felix
  • Boys: Koa Modisette
  • Boys U14: Jak Ziets
  • Boys U17: Babe Swierkocki
  • Girls U17: Makena Burke


Complete results can be found at

Photos: Fritz Olenberger

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  1. I like the idea of a contest for local residents. It seems most people have a great time at this contest. That said, the glaring lack of opportunities for females to surf in divisions for girls and women demonstrates how out of touch Surf Happens is regarding women and surfing. There was more than 20 hours of surf time and only 80 minutes was designated to girls and women. This has been a problem for years with this contest. There are a lot of female surfers in SB who may not be into competition except for this contest, because it’s their home break. The excuse some of us have heard is that it was tried (many years ago) and there weren’t very many who responded. This is not a valid reason to never offer it again. “If you build it, they will come.” Take a chance and give the ladies of various ages their own categories. As it is now, women who are in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s+ have to surf in an open division with 20 year olds. If there are only have 3 or 4 enter the first year, who cares? (Unless it’s all about the money, then I understand why Surf Happens won’t do it.)
    The Rincon Classic has value and virtues. Unfortunately it’s also a poor role model for young girls – actually anyone – because it doesn’t support the promotion of girls and womens surfing. Contest directors, you’re missing a wonderful opportunity to lead in this arena, and I encourage you to make changes and do the right thing in the future. Honor the women who surf Rincon and carve out a few more slots for the ladies. Everyone will benefit with this change.

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