What Would Fire Evacuations Look Like During COVID-19?

By an edhat reader

For people who are choosing to stay in their homes during the pandemic, how are you thinking about safety if there’s a mandatory evacuation for wildfire?

Is anyone rethinking evacuations for wildfires during this time of coronavirus?  How will Red Cross be prepared for safety?  What are hotels doing to keep rooms disinfected.  What about RVs, will they be available to rent?


Written by TWOSCOOPS

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  1. This is getting quite ridiculous. Instead of taking the role of the media and sowing the seeds of fear, why not empower people and encourage them to become self sufficient. Maybe they can do what they always should have done in regards to setting up a stash of emergency supplies at their home: Food, water, tent, sleeping bags, camp stove, single malt..etc. Treat it like earthquake preparation. Be able to survive for two weeks on your own without any restocking of supplies. Be Prepared! This is a more powerful message. Definitely more useful in the grand scheme of things.

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