What has improved?

By Greg

In about the last dozen years what in the Santa Barbara area has improved?



Written by greg

What do you think?


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  1. No one here is saying anything positive about the tourist industry and how good it is to halve to live next to an VRBO ,or the floating turds that bring a bitty bit of taxes in a city that has a budget bigger than some counties.
    Think about it.

  2. Here are some items that I would say improve SB:
    – Firing up the desal plant and required infrastructure to deliver the water.
    – Expediting the process for construction of ADUs, which increases the number of available units to rent/buy. (does not mean “affordable” …. just means that more people with $$$ can live here)
    – Hydration stations at Shoreline and Alameda Parks.
    – Converting the majority of downtown State Street to eliminate polluting vehicle traffic and making it pedestrian/bicycle friendly (have to say I don’t like the racing cyclists who speed mercilessly through that area).
    – Converting local hotels to house homeless to provide some dignity in their lives.
    – Electing a mayor who, by all accounts, actually cares about all sectors of our city.
    – Increased number of world-class bicycle paths.
    – Allowing cruise ships to grace our shores and bring in badly needed jobs and money for businesses and city coffers.
    – Continued development of the Funk Zone.
    – Dog playground at MacKenzie Park.
    – Plans for a pool at Ortega Park.
    – Converting Plaza de Vera Cruz Park to a useable space.

  3. housing, no too much approval of high density housing
    traffic, no thats not better cuz of ^
    crime, no that hasn’t improved
    shopping, yes if you like the impact of big box stores
    water, no, with the approval of all the high density housing that has not improved
    desal plant- city can’t decide to turn it on or leave it off
    Pot cultivation, SB county is #1 in the NATION – Thanks Das

  4. Positives: they got rid of the stoplights, widened the freeway through Goleta, built Camino Real, built the desal plant (twice!), improved sewage treatment, built and/or upgraded several bikepaths, got rid of the Summerland oil rigs, and closed State St. to cars.
    Negatives: Homelessness is way, way up, downtown retail is on the ropes, the freeway still sucks through Montecito, and Jasper’s is gone.

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