Valentine’s Day Poems

By an edhat reader

Don’t want to go gift shopping for crummy diamonds or slop down your usual romantic dinner this Valentine’s Day? For this Valentine’s day, write a poem to your loved one and show them you’ve shared it with the world. What better way to express your feelings AND work on your rhyming skills ‘n chill?

You might write an, “In loving memory of…”

You can even write something a la ‘missed connections’, “Stella! Stella! Wherefore art thou, Stella?”

And at midnight on Valentine’s day’s night, the Fairies of Love will grant the greatest poet the heart of their beloved.  

Here’s what I came up with:

— dedicated to my muse —

If you were but a half-rhyme so very sublime

I’d be a poem one couplet short of its line

Or is it a rhyme without a doublet to couplet?

After all, a poem is a home for a rhyme romantically inclined

In my home of a poem for your rhyme that has roamed, yours intertwines with mine

Coupletted about that time I nubletted your earlobe, whisperin’, “Oh baby, oh baby, yeah!”

Remember that time? 

Neither do I, but it makes a nice rhyme

And the thought is so very sublime


If any other edhatters are poets, share your poems in the comment section!


Written by Ghostdancer

What do you think?


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