Trader Joes in Carpinteria?

By an edhat reader

I heard a rumor that TJ’s is going to open a store in Carpinteria. Any truth to it?



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  1. A Trader Joe’s anywhere is a good thing.
    I hope this is true.
    I wish it would be in Summerland.
    Parking why would you question parking?
    I’m sure if it’s happening they have it all worked out. Now let’s hope for a Trader Joe’s .

  2. TJ has sort of outlived its purpose/utility. Back when the only store was in Pasadena it provided a refreshing attitude. Cheap wine, quality cheese, decent imports. For the past several years it has lived off of aging Boomers and a Vegans. When they started packaging their produce in plastic I cooled my ardor and really haven’t shopped there on a regular basis since.

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