Suspicious Circumstances at SBUSD Office

By an edhat reader

SB Police are responding to the SBUSD (Santa Barbara Unified School District) offices at 720 Santa Barbara Street for a weird incident. 

Reporting party called dispatch and stated an unknown male walked into their office without pants on. Now in their office bathroom. Police responding. Haven’t heard anymore.


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  1. Bet you’re one of those who think attacking police officers while storming the Capitol was no big deal, huh. You might want to rethink your stance on who the soft-on-big-crimes ones really are. Also think about who’s enabling the most horrific big crime of all – slaughtering children in schools.

  2. Deflecting the causes and solutions of issues in our state with “but what about red states” doesn’t have the effect you think it does. Also, isn’t that your favorite type of fallacy… whataboutsim?

  3. You really don’t understand “deflection,” do you?
    Here you go though….. OK, so liberals may be more lax on crimes, but mental illness is different. Further, it’s not ONLY blue states who have crime so blaming all criminal activity in general on liberal leaders is really misplaced unless you can also show that there are no crimes in red states. Can you show that? Can you show that there are no people with mental illness in red states? If you can’t then it kind of invalidates your point that this specific incident was caused by liberal leaders.
    There. A long winded, yet completely same way of saying “no crazies with no pants in red states then?”

  4. …and you’d be so wrong. I voted for Hillary, telling you because you apparently assume too much. A lot of you do here. It’s a big problem in this country. Everyone’s the enemy. Your side vs my side stuff is what you’re into. Lots of folks are these days.
    And the clown who suggested I’m a gun lover is also completely clueless as well, for the same reason. Sorry, not ‘the clown’, I looked back it’s Chillin.

  5. Bottom line, far better he walked in a school district office without pants on than carrying an assault weapon. So your finger pointing at politicians on the left being “cool with crime” was laughable in the face of the horrific crimes the right enables.

  6. AGAIN- so you are going to sit there an claim, with a straight face, there are more mass shootings in France and Norway than there are in the US? Yes or no?
    Per capita doesn’t matter here. You’re flat out admitting that the stats may be true, but they don’t say what you think they say. Norway had ONE mass shooting (77 killed) between 2009 and 2015 and they rank #1. Do you seriously not see the flaw in using that stat to say they have the highest rate of mass shootings? Just answer, yes or no.

  7. DUKE – “giving up rights and letting the government do/take more” – Of course, I am not a fan of that either, but do you think we have a “right” to purchase AR-15s when we’re 18 years old with basically no questions asked? Do we need AR-15s? I just think we don’t and there’s no need for anyone, regardless of age to own one.

  8. I’ve been quite adamant that Ar-15’s (and the like) should be illegal, the age to buy guns should be 21, and we need to wildly restrict who can buy/have guns. So…I agree with you…and have been saying that for quite some time! Giving up rights (any) is no fun…But this is for the common good and it makes sense. This isn’t masking 6 year old’s at school, it actually logically makes sense.

  9. DUKE – oh I know we’ve been on the same page on this issue (and some others I think too). I’m just trying to get VOICE to admit that he doesn’t truly believe what he says his study says – that Norway and France have more mass shootings.

  10. If you actually had faith in the stats in the study you keep relying on, you’d answer the question. Your refusal to answer is what I expected….. proof that your own study really doesn’t say what you want it to say and you KNOW IT.

  11. VOICE – “Guns are number 2, cars are number 1” – Blatant, absolute and verifiable LIE.
    “For decades, auto accidents have been the leading cause of death among children, but in 2020 guns were the No. 1 cause, researchers say” —–
    “Since 2016, that gap has narrowed, and in 2020, firearm-related injuries became the leading cause of death in that age group” —–
    “Firearms became the leading cause of death for American children and teenagers in 2020, according to researchers who analyzed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data” —–
    Why do you insist on making FALSE claims as though they’re “fact” and then refuse to back them up?

  12. This is clearly Trump’s fault. Or Hilda’s. Or Lozano’s. Newsome? How about we blame Hillary? It’s gotta be somebody’s fault, blame the libs. Who’s the Chief of Police? His fault for sure…

  13. Please tell us how the right enabled an 18 year old to grow up without a father figure, in social isolation with few or no friends, living at his grandmothers house with a strung-out mom the grandparent just kicked out of the house.

  14. VOICE – “Please tell us how the right enabled an 18 year old to grow up without a father figure, in social isolation with few or no friends, living at his grandmothers house with a strung-out mom the grandparent just kicked out of the house.” —– Why? None of that matters. Had he not had a LEGALLY purchased AR-15 or any other gun, he wouldn’t have been able to kill that many people while holding off police that were too frightened to storm the classroom.

  15. Sacjon is right, Voice – Republicans enable these shooters by refusing to ban assault weapons, or at least to restrict them, that’s how! They claim mental illness is the cause, yet are against background checks. They claim shooters would get the guns illegally anyways – so why don’t they, then? Because it’s easier to just buy them from the local gun shop! This kid waited until he could buy them legally, didn’t he! As soon as he turned 18 he bought them when it was legal for him. Republicans claims Second Amendment rights, yet the Second Amendment clearly states “Well Regulated”, which Republicans refuse to do, while completely ignoring our Right to Life! Are you kidding with asking how they’re enabling these horrific incidents of slaughter?!! And don’t even start with the ridiculous arguments about a gun “doesn’t pull it’s own trigger” when you refuse to implement reasonable background checks or restrictions on who can pull that trigger. Or the one about “automobiles kill more people”, when automobiles serve a far more important function than killing people – unlike assault weapons whose only purpose is to kill numerous people in less than a minute. It’s time to ban these horrific weapons that have no business in the hands of common citizens who are not affiliated with a well regulated legal militia such as the National Guard.

  16. Sacjon and Lina, if you think “none of that matters” (my comment at 8:55) you will forever be putting band-aids on some of our society’s worst issues and never make meaningful progress towards stopping them. Lina, not enough space to put together a repose to that but it’s a lot of emotion and media/politician one-liners that doesn’t accurately reflect the detail or nuance required to properly discuss the issue. For example, can you define what is an ‘assault weapon’? , many would say protection is a purpose separate from ‘killing people’, and you added ‘legal’ where there is none in the 2A’s “well regulated militia”.

  17. VOICE – I’m saying none of that matters here as in, you are deliberately avoiding the ONE, SINGLE element of this tragedy that could have easily been altered – the purchase of a gun capable of killing masses within seconds and that is too frightening for even an entire police team to engage with. To say we need to focus the gun problem is not to ignore mental health concerns. Again, you refuse to accept that people are capable of doing two things at once.

  18. I also think many don’t realize how close we are to potentially needing this kind of protection. During the riots of 2021 there were large swaths of major cities where the police could not / would not come if you called 911, particularly in an fast enough manner to matter. We’re fortunate to be in the bubble of SB so we’re a step removed. But in the event of a large earthquake for example, with emergency personnel overloaded throughout SoCal, power has been off for days, grocery stores are rationing or empty, looting in LA which may very well creep up here, the police may not be able to respond when you’re hiding in your bedroom closet, with your wife and young kids, calling 911 to say there are three guys trying to break down your front door and one or more of them has a gun.

  19. VOICE – are you seriously going to say the police “would not come if you called 911” and acknowledge that the Uvalde police retreated from their duty and then say it is up to US to protect ourselves?? Are you freaking kidding? THAT IS THEIR JOB. Why are we paying them to refuse to protect us? THAT is the problem.
    And further…. are you really trying to say the teachers and kids should have been armed in Uvalde? WTF… I’m speechless honestly. Just absolutely freaking speechless.
    This victim blaming mentality is f*#&ing disgusting.

  20. So Sacjon, if the age to purchase a rifle was 21, would it have stopped him from doing it at 21? From doing it at 18 with a just-as-lethal shotgun? From inflicting death and destruction on others via any other means without a gun? How would his future children turned out? If he had grown up in a stable home with caring parents who actively and positively participated in the kids life, would he have done it then? If his high school had guidance counselors who were able to identify and assist social isolated and bullied individuals like himself, would have done it then? How would his future children turned out? You say do both, YES, but which one is a band-aid and which one is a solution?

  21. “which one is a band-aid and which one is a solution” – you assume any mental health issues could have been cured. That’s fallacious.
    If he had to be 21, these kids would be alive. Who knows what would have happened three years from now.
    Answer us this, then I’m done. Still dry heaving over your victim blaming. Why does NO OTHER COUNTRY have this problem? Is America the only civilized country with mental health issues?

  22. Why do you keep thinking no other country has this problem? Over 50 people were just killed two days ago in a mass shooting at a church in Africa. 20 in March in a mass shooting in Mexico. Russia last fall. Then there is is the Middle East…. Please educate yourself beyond the carefully scripted “information” spoon fed to you by the MSM.

  23. VOICE – “civilized country” – that means not third world dictatorships.
    Also, we’ve already discussed the flaws in that world population review report. If you are really going to say there are more mass shootings in other civilized/developed/whatever you want to call them countries, then we have nothing to discuss. You are the problem, not the victims’ lack of AR-15s.

  24. Alex, in many cities the police were not able to respond if called. That is not some far-flung low-probability event like a meteor, that actually happened. Large earthquakes have occurred in our lifetime and will again. We are not invincible, it only takes a day or two without food before chaos ensues. And my question about “what is a assualt weapon/rifle” is very on point to exactly what we’re proposing to ban, specifics and details matter! Prior “assault weapon” ban was based largely on cosmetic rather than functional features. Many erroneously believe an “assault rifle/weapon” is fully automatic.

  25. “Snopes waived bye to balanced fact checking years ago” – yet you cling desperately to the study by “Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), a pro-gun rights nonprofit run by economist John Lott.” LOL…… classic.

  26. “false claim that these things don’t happen in other countries either.” – never said that. I said other countries don’t have this same “problem.” That’s clearly confusing for you. Let me explain what “problem” I’m talking about:
    1. Problem that the #1 cause of death for children is GUNS.
    2. Problem that, despite what your flawed study says, the US far exceeds any developed country in the # of mass shootings.
    3. Problem that, despite the constant murder and tragedy, the US refuses to do anything about it.
    THESE are the problems that no other country has. And now, my final question:
    Do France and Norway have more mass shootings than the US?
    Until you answer that, we’re done here.

  27. Sacjon
    While you are correct about verifiable facts, you must not have read the whole studies on the 2020 numbers and why guns replaced cars as the leading cause of death in children 0-17 during year 2020
    Those numbers include suicides by firearm which were way up in 2020 and directly attributed to the pandemic/mental health as per the authors of the study.
    Those numbers reflect children being sequestered away from school congregating on the streets with older people. The study found number of 0-17 year olds shot in drive by shootings jumped due to the pandemic and surrounding behaviors.
    The NYT recently wrote an article explaining that nation wide 2 million students dropped out during the pandemic and did not return to school. That number is projected to return to normal, as is the car vs gun metric.
    I’m in favor of seatbelts, carseats for child safety. Also in favor of stricter laws on who can/cannot own a weapon. For example Hunter Biden lied on his affadavit regarding a gun purchase he made. He was a drug user and an addict but chose to lie on his application (a felony). Now that we know this, he should be required to surrender any and all firearms and be permanently banned from subsequent gun ownership.
    It shouldn’t matter if your Dad is the President of the USA, you shouldn’t own a gun after that egregious lie. There are pictures online of Hunter, smoking crack, holding a gun with his finger inside the trigger guard. I’m compassionate, he needs help, but he also should never be allowed to handle a firearm

  28. Whatever you want to call it, its a semi automatic rifle. Almost every firearm sold these day are semi automatics. So it is important to be able to tell gun owners what you are after when you say “Assault Weapon” and for them to see if your legal definition would be overly broad so as to include all semi automatic platforms.
    President Biden recently said he wanted to ban 9mm semi automatic handguns. Are those Assault Handguns? They have a medium high caliber round, they have a pistol grip, they are semi automatic and the magazines (large capacity) can carry 15 rounds.
    The difference is the rifle has a longer rifled barrel and a buffer spring and tube to mitigate recoil.
    Nobody is going to listen to you if you can’t define what you are talking about except an “Assault Weapon”

  29. DUKE – this isn’t about far right/left, it’s about verifiable facts. Guns are the #1 cause of death in children in the US. In addition, while one study may show Norway has the most mass shootings per capita, anyone with an honest concept of reasoning knows that doesn’t mean Norway (and France) have more mass shootings than the US. So, to try to downplay the horrific and UNIQUE problem the US has by hanging to the flawed study by a pro-gun group is simply disingenuous.
    I agree, the extremes of both sides make it hard. But these are simple, verifiable facts.

  30. You are correct, in 2020, exacerbated by our pandemic response, early release of violent felons, and allowing rioters to take over cities (lookup how man gun deaths in super gun restriction Chicago this year alone) firearms did beat over motor vehicles as the leading killer of kids. 2021 data still not in, but irrelevant to your false claim that these things don’t happen in other countries either. Shall I provide another link for an explanation of per capita? To claim my saying the opposite is a “lie” or “false claim” is simply your inability to argue and articulate. For example, over the past 5 years, 10 years, you would get a different answer than, to be specific, in 2020 alone, it was the leading cause. You never were one for details.

  31. DUKE – how is that not a “verifiable fact?” Just because VOICE was too lazy to look it up before his claim and assumed it was the same as before doesn’t mean it’s not verifiable. Heck, you verified it yourself!

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