E-Bike and Van Collide on Kellogg Ave

E-bike collided with a van on Kellogg Ave in Goleta on March 18, 2024 (Photo by Geo Duarte)

At 5:44 p.m. on Monday (March 18), witnesses reported a serious collision. A bike versus a van on Kellogg Ave in Goleta.

An E-Bike exiting a parking lot near the 500 block of Kellogg Avenue stuck the front corner bumper, mirror, and then the side of a black van traveling north on Kellogg. The female E-bike rider left quite a dent on right side of the older model van.

She is reportedly in her early 40’s, per witnesses. The woman was transported to a nearby hospital with very serious injuries. She thankfully was wearing a helmet.

No other details are known about the current condition of the e-bike rider.

The driver of the van was cleared, and left the scene soon after. The bicycle was taken into property storage at the Goleta Sheriff’s Department.

E-bike collided with a van on Kellogg Ave in Goleta on March 18, 2024 (Photo by Geo Duarte)
E-bike collided with a van on Kellogg Ave in Goleta on March 18, 2024 (Photo by Geo Duarte)

E-bike collided with a van on Kellogg Ave in Goleta on March 18, 2024 (Photo by Geo Duarte)

Geo Duarte

Written by Geo Duarte

Geo Duarte is a volunteer scanner reporter for edhat.com. More reports can be viewed on Geo's Instagram page @Xtek_Overload

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      • Look at the dent. Who struck Who. Plus 2 of them witnesses stated she came out flying and struck the side of the van. The angles show the van left their lane in an attempt to avoid the rider.

        Really watch any video if available from cameras. I am sure everyone is hoping the bike rider is going to be just fine.

        • I would LOVE to see video and talk to anyone that witnessed it. I’m assuming all witnesses were in the van? She would like to speak to them as well. . She definitely did not “fly” out of a parking lot. Shes not a child. She’s a middle aged professional Thats been commuting on that thing from Goleta to downtown SB for a year with no incident. She doesn’t even fully use the motor. She only uses pedal assist. People however do fly down Kellogg. I’ve almost been hit a couple of times just crossing on foot. It was more than likely an accident but to say she flew out of a parking lot and hit the van is ridiculous.

    • She’s not, but she will be eventually. We’re still trying to find out exactly what happened and why the sheriff’s deputy just took the van drivers statement as fact without talking to the victim. The deputy has yet to get back to us.

    • The van was going north on Kellogg. As per witnesses she came out of the driveway in the parking lot across from the Toyota dealership and slammed in to the front side and middle of the van. Look at the dents. He went over the median trying to avoid her. Thank god she had a helmet on. Two witnesses spoke to the Sheriff with similar accounts. He/ she who is already on a road has the right of way. Someone coming out of a driveway or parking spot or a lot must yield to traffic.

    • Agreed. The main reason I post about accidents such as this is to point out some of the serious dangers of E-Bike accidents. Please wear your helmets. In this case the regular Bike Helmet was not enough. Sounds like her cheek area was injured severely.

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