Super Long Sub Sandwich?

By an edhat reader

Does anyone know if a local deli makes those super long, 5 foot sub sandwiches for large gatherings? I’d love to surprise my staff with a party and want to support local.



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  1. this still baffles me. you’re on the internet. it’s a virtual world full of information, but yet you come to edhat and post a question here? how about doing it yourself? not trying to be mean!! i’m totally serious. i just find it weird AF that you would spend the time posting here and not just searching for yourself. i just took three seconds and searched this on google and added in ‘santa barbara’ i urge you to do the same and see the answers….

  2. You’ll need to confirm, but Subway used to sell them 6-foot sub sammidges. We bought one about 8 years ago and it was just fine (completely acceptable for a large party). My guess is that the one sold at Tino’s is made from multiple “baguettes” vs a single loaf from the Subway people. As a side note, you may consider having a six-foot burrito made (possibly Daniel’s Bakery on De la Vina or La Bella Rosa Bakery on San Andres).
    BTW, feel free to post your inquiries on Edhat as you will mostly get good recommendations from folks who have first-hand experience with those places. Google, as someone lazily recommended, guides you to places that pay Google to recommend. It’s amazing how many phony reviews are allowed to remain on the Googs.

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