Squirrely Caption Contest Winner Announced!

Update by the edhat staff

The dedicated staff of edhat.com went round and round on the “funniest” caption for the squirrel photo captured by Bill Etling. 

There were three finalist but in the end, there can only be one.

Congratulations to BjGreen for contributing the winning caption: “This Airbnb is for the birds!” We love a good double entendre

Other finalists include:

  • “That last Manhattan at Harry’s was a big mistake,” by Tropical John
  • “I confess. I squirreled away the important documents in the trunk’s basement. Lock me up at animal rescue, if they have air conditioning,” by Rob Dylan

Congrats again to Betsy! You have won yourself the choice between a super soft edhat t-shirt or an edhat bag.

By the edhat staff

Edhat reader Bill Etling captured a photo of this squirrel in the Santa Ynez Valley attempting to beat the 106 degree weather.

We’ve decided to run another Caption Contest with this squirrely photo. See the details below:

Caption Contest Rules

  • You must have an edhat account [They’re FREE! Sign up here.]
  • Enter your caption in the comment section below, usernames must be shown. 
  • One caption per account
  • Captions must be posted by noon on Wednesday, September 14.
  • Ed will determine the winning caption, upvotes do help.
  • Winner will receive a prize!


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