So Cal Gas Bill Increase?

By an edhat reader

Curious if anyone else received their Gas Bill this month and experienced a massive increase over last year.

Cost per therm in December22 was $1.05329 and now for January cost per therm is $3.44892. Bill was $169.65 for 43therms.


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    • Hey COAST – grow up. Also, that doesn’t make any sense. Why would I stop posting comments if I was heating with charcoal or wood? Do you think the internet runs on gas? Maybe invest in a book on how to be funny? Hint – if you have to explain your “joke” or whatever that was, then it wasn’t very good.

  1. At his very moment per:
    Renewables are supplying just 19% of CA’s electrical needs while natural gas and imports are supplying 60%. That’s only electricity, and direct heating using natural gas or petroleum products for transportation are not included. CA has a long way to go before renewables can supplant energy usage is this state. We’ll run out of places for windmills and open space for solar before we can power all of this state energy needs.

  2. There is only one word for SocaGas: fraud. Gas price nationally has come down almost 3 folds from high. The gigantic jump in the recent bill with very minimal use is puzzling and outrageous. Whatever reason they gave is BS at best, only points to bad planning on their part with the customers money already collected. Don’t they plan with our money and avoid this? Isn’t that what all the rate increase year after year for? What have they done with that?

  3. Back in 2020, the cost per therm was in the neighborhood of $0.20-0.40 per therm. Upon taking office, Joe Biden shut down the keystone xl pipeline along with scores of other oil and gas projects. Now we’re paying the price on our bills and we have a diminished ability to provide critical energy supplies to our allies in Europe to help them cope with their dependence on Russian gas. We need to ramp up our energy production!

  4. Of course, this triggered all the carbon shills, but it’s just one more hint that burning stuff provided by industries that you already heavily subsidize in many ways that are not so obvious doesn’t mean that they won’t gouge you at every opportunity. Carbon-free renewable, sustainable energy is cheaper, safer, and produces more jobs. Follow the facts, not the propaganda.

  5. SoCalGas from time to time do what I consider fraud: they don’t bother to read your gas meter. They instead guess what it would be based on national usage.
    This year there was a big cold snap across the county but not in SB. So what do they do? They guess that people in mild climates used as much gas as people in arctic climates and they charge you for gas you never used!
    My gas home heater, where 90% of my bill always is, was broken in November and December 2022 and turned off (and not leaking). I used portable electric heater.s and a coat. Did the gas usage usage on my bill drop 90%? No, they said my usage increased 300% in November and 400% in December! This has nothing to do with the price of natural gas going up. It’s fraudulent meter guessing instead of reading it.
    Later on they say “oops” and your bill plunges as they credit people the hundreds of millions of dollars in overcharges. They need a class action lawsuit to stop this forced borrowing of our money., especially during the holidays.

  6. I certainly appreciate the research you have shared. I will say that I am very skeptical of one paragraph, though. The part about California being at the end of the pipeline just doesn’t ring true. Gas prices have shot up from Seattle to Sarasota and from Bangor to San buena Ventura. The prices have shot up in Texas which is supposedly at the beginning of the pipeline. California is also a gas producer by the way.
    We are now living half way across the country from Santa Barbara and in our rural area propane works much better than natural gas. In the past year and a half we have watched liquid propane go from $1.27 per gallon to almost $3.50 though is is back below three bucks last I checked. I was smart/lucky enough to buy a couple thousand gallons for future delivery in summer of 2020 before the election but this winter is going to cost us more to be sure. Wish I had done the same with gasoline which went from $1.36 (remote area so always 10% higher) to $3.72 since 2020. It was down to $2.50 for a while but it’s now back over $3.00.
    I feel for our friends in the frozen north who literally can’t survive the sub zero winter without their heat and for most, solar and heat pumps aren’t a viable option and if it were, spending a hundred grand on a system to heat a farmhouse and a small barn is out of the question.

  7. And out US oil reserve is being sold to Other countries.
    We pretty much all have been forced to get smart meters for gas which there should be no estimates they should know the exact amount used. Our electric is not a smart meter and the do estimate every other month.
    We were out of town 3 months our gas bills stayed as if we were home.go figure they have to idea why

    • Anyone who thinks it’s possible to end the use of carbon fuels rapidly without drastic negative consequences for the lower and middle class is a “climate shill” tainted by propaganda. And that’s just in the United States. If you try and do that globally, which would be required if meaningful change to our planet was the goal, It would create mass famine and political instability, erase all the gains undeveloped countries have made over the past 50 years, and cause more death than a changing climate ever would. Gradual means as more green generation comes online, the dirtiest forms like coal are eliminated. Nat gas, being the cleanest and abundant, is a critically necessary bridge to get there while making significant C02 reeducations without impact the global quality of life. I’m sure this poster @ 10:53 must drive an electric car charged by solar panels on their home, with electric only cooking/heating, forgos the use of plastics and grows their own food (can’t have those diesel trucks and farm equipment getting the food to the grocery store) – otherwise just another climate shill spreading FUD.

  8. Think your household energy bills are high now? Just wait until the three major energy taxes in the Inflation Reduction Act hit your wallet. The first is a regressive tax on American oil and gas development. The tax will drive up the cost of household energy bills. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the natural gas tax will increase taxes by $6.5 billion.

  9. There are practical alternatives to the increasingly high costs of natural gas and electricity. A fireplace will heat your house, and a wood stove will do so even more efficiently. If you have a source of free or low cost wood to burn, it’s a no brainer. The first service is giving out permits to collect firewood at no cost. This is a great way to get some low cost heat and do some good for the forest at the same time. Another option is burning other low cost fuels. Unwanted papers, magazines, and books can be had at no cost and will provide lots of free heat. Another readily available and very practical source of heat is waste oil. Below is a link to a video explaining how to convert a wood stove to run on waste oil which can be obtained in large quantities at no cost from auto repair shops or other sources. Whatever you burn, make sure your setup is safe and do your best to keep it running hot and clean to minimize smoke. Hopefully we can get prices for clean burning natural gas down soon so there is no incentive to use alternative fuels. Until then, if you need to stay warm and can’t afford the crazy bills, burn what you can.
    Firewood collection permits:
    DIY waste oil heater:

    • CHIP OF SB: Burn wood, waste paper, waste oil. Yeah, why not? Who gives a rat’s ass about air quality? Please step into the 21st century. It is a known fact that wood stoves and wood-burning fireplaces are inefficient heat sources and spew toxic particulate matter into the air. This includes waste oil:
      “When fossil fuels are burned, they release large amounts of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into the air. Greenhouse gases trap heat in our atmosphere, causing global warming. ”

    • 4:50, I think natural gas is the best choice for home heating because it’s clean burning and abundant. We need to produce more natural gas and improve our infrastructure so it becomes cost effective again. Firewood is also an excellent source of energy. Dead wood in forest lands is destined to burn when the next wildfire occurs. Why not harvest it and utilize its energy by burning it in a wood stove? This seems like an obvious win-win for the forest and those who use the wood. One could make a compelling argument that electric heaters would be economical and environmentally friendly if they were run on nuclear power, and that could well be a long term solution. However, implementing energy policies that choke off the supply of natural gas and squeeze the poor with higher energy bills because people think it will make the air colder is hypocritical and just plain crazy. China produced a record amount of coal in the last year (and burned it) and has been rapidly increasing its coal production. This is how China generates the energy to make a substantial portion of the products we buy, including solar panels. Shafting the poor with higher bills while buying low cost imported products built with coal power is just plain wrong. If you buy Chinese (coal) products, you have no right to criticize someone for burning firewood, garbage, or waste oil to take some of sting out of their heating bills.

    • BS on your BS! You know naught. We’ve planted 100’s of trees and are Carbon neutral with wood heat. I harvest Eucs at 4-5 years when about 8″ at the base. They re-sprout and the cycle continues. We also plant many non-firewood trees in our reforestation efforts. Whether Nat gas or electricity from nat gas, that is unsustainable fossil Carbon release. Global reforestation is the answer, not going without.

    • Agricultural/brush burning can also be used as a way to sequester Carbon. Rather than turning brush into ash and CO2, as is common globally, by utilizing pyrolytic (oxygen deprived combustion) combustion techniques, we convert our waste brush to bio-char. Bio-char has been used for thousands of years for better soil/crops and lasts many centuries in the soil, locking up the Carbon. Permaculture Rules! The solutions to many of our problems are far more simple than our complex societal minds would allow us to entertain. K.I.S.S. and learn from the old ways 😉

    • @12:30, You are wrong. Deforestation continues.THAT is the problem!!!! I agree that reforestation may not be able to offset the Carbon released by millions of years fossil fuel burn (coal, oil, gas), but it completely offsets wood heat, 100%. Sustainable permaculture rocks! We have never lived better or more affordably.

    • There seems to be a pervasive lack of understanding about how plants form wood and how wood decomposes. Plants use solar energy to absorb carbon from the CO2 in the air and turn it into wood. This stores the solar energy in the wood. Whether the wood decomposes, rots, gets eaten by termites, or burns in the next wildfire the energy stored in it is released and every molecule of CO2 that was absorbed in order to form the wood is returned to the air from which it came in the form of CO2. Therefore forests are carbon neutral. The living trees absorb CO2 and form wood, and the dead trees decompose or burn and release CO2 at the same rate it is absorbed by the living trees. Forests do not have some kind of magical power to pull CO2 out of the air and make it disappear from the earth. That’s not how chemistry works. Every molecule of CO2 must be accounted for in the formation and the decomposition of wood. This means that it makes no difference whether a dead tree falls over and gets eaten by termites in the forest or gets chopped up and burned in a fireplace. Either way, every molecule of CO2 that tree absorbed while it was alive will be returned to the air.

    • @2:30 tell that to the State of CA. Newsom signed legislation requiring utilities to buy power from biomass power plants and our state has more biomass power plants than any other. and

    • Thank you Chip for a good explanation of the Carbon Cycle, that the ignorant might learn something. I would add that the use of biochar DOES sequester Carbon in the ground for centuries or millennia. It also makes the soil more healthy and productive as Humans have known for millennia. (we forget though)

  10. The same way Obama increased fed taxes to pay for ObamaCare you will see Newsom create some new CA tax to subsidize failed policies to regulate utilities. Follow the money – which party in CA do the large utility commissions donate too? Yep – Dems. So who ends up paying – the makers, the tax payers – who benefits? The takers and non-tax payers. I am not concerned with the wealthier people who can absorb this higher cost. The middle class who pay taxes get screwed.

  11. Our gas bill went up about 200% and our electricity bill just more than double the usual amount. We have a big pile of wood on the side of our house and are now forced to use it in our fireplace to keep us warm/toasty. Several of our neighbors are doing the same thing, and I suspect that more and more folks will be doing the same. It’s actually comforting to have the fireplace working again…make us feel like we are in control and not the utility companies! Next week we are having dried/split firewood delivered from Paso Robles, which should last us a couple of months and certainly through this cold snap.
    Here is how I look at it: If Leonardo, George, Ellen, Oprah, Harry/Meghan, former VP Gore, and the thousands of “elite” eco-flyers who attended Davos can fly private all the time, I can burn a couple of logs….actually, more than a few logs.

  12. So everyone is just accepting this? Seriously? I live in a 600 sq ft rental and my bill was almost $300. I cannot afford this and I’m fairly well paid for this area! And, I have a shared meter and I get a credit and now I don’t think that credit is enough but I am not comfortable approaching it as I don’t want to rock the boat or create a situation where my LL increases my rent or something. This together with gas and food prices, I don’t know how much longer I can sustain this.

  13. Biden sets the tone on the national position on fossil fuels. His position on natural gas use does effect pricing indirectly because the gas market is a futures market. Which means that Sempra and SC Gas had to buy gas back in 2022 for delivery today at the price at that point in time. Here is a chart: Keep in mind that the futures market is so buyers like SC gas can plan ahead with their purchases. The can’t say OMG Santa Barbra is almost out of gas,, we need to buy more, the anticipate usage based on years of data and purchase gas for Future delivery months in advance
    Biden can directly impact the futures market by denying infrastructure upgrades to pipelines and by denying permits to build new ones. Think of pipelines like the highway. The old highway was two lane and was fine until population growth (demand) pushed us to go to four lanes, now we are building six lanes because you can only fit so much volume through a two lane highway

  14. It seems like CA is becoming a place that is only habitable by the wealthy elites. Nothing is being done to help the average working shmoe. We were supposed to get gas rebates back in October, what happened to those? We never got ours. Now these insane heating and electric bills and nothing, not a peep, from the governor or our attorney general. If someone can explain this to me without political finger pointing then please do because other places in this nation are NOT experiencing the pain at the pump or in their homes like we are here.

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