Should People be Allowed to Reoccupy Montecito?

At least 21 people died in the January 9 mudslide in Montecito. Santa Barbara County government officials have stated that future slides are possible. Should Montecito be closed off to human habitation and the people and businesses be relocated to safer areas?


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  1. Some commenters are talking like Montecito is this death-trap precarious guaranteed danger-zone that only a fool would live in. Hardly. It’s like any other place in the world that is in proximity to hills. Wildfires can happen anywhere in the world, and when they happen near hills (whether it be in rich or poor areas of Haiti, Italy, or Japan), there is a risk of natural disaster. If we declare an “off limits” to habitation of any area with a POSSIBILITY of disaster (and poor countries/areas are more likely to suffer such disasters), then we will quickly run out of land for the world’s 7 billion inhabitants even more than we already are.

  2. As for property lines/boundaries, they are all under GPS now. As for the public cost of cleanup, the cleanup on the properties themselves are paid for by the land owners. Do you think they use public tax dollars to pump the mud out of Oprah’s yard?? Nope. Public funds pay to clear the streets and highways n Montecito, yes, because they are PUBLIC streets used by the public (everyone from Oprah to her gardeners, and you & me). Also, consider the amount of property taxes that are paid by the owners of the huge estates, compared to what you & i pay. There’s a reason for that.

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