Short-Term Rental Survey

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Did anyone else receive a somewhat anonymous email regarding short-term rentals in the City of Santa Barbara?

It was sent by "Santa Barbara Opinion Survey" and had no name or organization associated with it, making me question who has my personal email address. At the very least, aren't they supposed to state who they are and where they're from? 

Below is the email I received:

"Dear Resident
We are an independent public opinion research company that has been hired to conduct a public opinion survey to obtain feedback on key issues facing your neighborhood and identify residents’ concerns and priorities.
Your participation and responses to this survey will be completely confidential. The identity of individual respondents and their individual answers to survey questions will not be shared with anyone.
Thank you for participating in this important research. You can access the survey by simply clicking on the link here. If your email does not support links, cut and paste the entire link into your browser.
The survey will be available for you to take for five days, at which time this link will expire.
(Note: Please do not forward the survey link to others or share it 
to social media as it is personalized for each recipient of this invitation to ensure that the survey link will only work once.)"


I removed the link and also noticed they have an unsubscribe button, but still no info on who they are. Did anyone else get this?

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a-1517429020 Jan 31, 2018 12:03 PM
Short-Term Rental Survey

I got it too, thought it was spam. It's probably from the Independent. Somehow I got on their list and now get all kinds of annoying spam emails about deals or crap.

a-1517430065 Jan 31, 2018 12:21 PM
Short-Term Rental Survey

Your email address is not private....and neither are you text messages, phone conversations, email messages, online searches, card purchases...everywhere you carry your cell phone....tracked.

a-1517430618 Jan 31, 2018 12:30 PM
Short-Term Rental Survey

It's definitely from a pro-short term rental party. They want to overturn the city's rule on no vacation rentals less than 30 days in residential zones, and instead have these taxed like hotels.

a-1517503639 Feb 01, 2018 08:47 AM
Short-Term Rental Survey

Definitely a poll skewed to have the recipients answer in a way favorable to those in favor of short term rentals.

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