Scanner Reports 9-27-17

Sometimes we screw up – we’re only human, right? It’s easy to screw up. It really don’t take much thought at all. What’s hard is working for things we want. I have a young friend who made a mistake recently. They went out and partied and thought they could drive themselves home, even though they were quite tipsy. Hell, everyone does it, ain’t no big deal, just a few drinks, only a few blocks home. Not sure they was involved in an accident, I suspect it, but they did go to jail overnight. Lousy place, huh? County Jail really ain’t all that great and there’s no Starbucks Coffee there, yet. You can’t do what you want in jail, sit and shit maybe, half the time they don’t leave you no paper. Just sitting in a box with bars on the front, or a metal door if you’re a nut like me. It’s been a long time since I was there, thank the Good Dog. Don’t want to either. One place I don’t miss one bit is the County Jail. The Mansion on the Hill.  Now you’re out, not talking to me, not even saying Hello ‘cause you know I’m Roger Dodger and everyone thinks I’m close to the cops. Hell most of them don’t even say Hello, but that don’t matter.

You have to do what you have to do to stay out of trouble and jail. You gotta dis your friends, you know, the ones either they haven’t got busted yet or they have and don’t care and they do it all anyway. Ain’t no big deal, dump them. If you hang out with them and you continue breaking the law, you run the risk of losing everything. But most importantly, yourself. And that ain’t no fun. Do the probation, drunk driving school, go to meetings. You might like what they have to say and decide you want to stay awhile. Not a bad bunch of folks; saved my ass a few times. Do what you have to do to get what you want to get. From what I have seen, it’s not all about being loaded all the time. You work a lot, go to school a lot, you have a kid and a partner and a decent place to live. Christmas is coming up and it’s always good to celebrate Christmas at home. It’s horrible to be locked up at Christmas. I have been there a couple times. Your kid would be wondering where you are. It’s just not worth losing your kids. I hope you do the right thing; I’m pretty sure you will.

Here is your Scanner Reports, Monday:

  • Vehicle vs pedestrian traffic accident, Carrillo and DLV.
  • Domestic, 2400 block of Castillo, ex-husband yelling in a parking lot.
  • Hit and run of a City of Carpinteria vehicle, Carpinteria Avenue at the City Hall, suspect an Asian female.
  • Aggressive panhandler at CVS Turnpike.
  • A hundred students protesting 4300 block of Constellation. SBSO, no show, called the principal instead.
  • Medical call for a fall victim at Cliff View Terrace.
  • CWS on scene at Righetti High School for a student assaulted at home.
  • Vehicle theft investigation, 2000 block of Red Rose.
  • Stolen vehicle recovered, 500 block of Calle Granada.
  • Medical call for a fall victim at the Hyatt, 1111 East Cabrillo.
  • Medical call on the MTD bus, Bath at Carrillo.
  • 139 acre vegetation fire near Santa Ynez Airport.
  • Accidental wrist laceration at PATH, 816 Cacique.
  • Report of a vehicle fire in the 1200 block of Coast Village Road, a black Tahoe.
  • APS on scene at the Best Western in the 300 block of West Cabrillo, with a 90 year old woman.
  • Smoke investigation Castillo underpass.
  • Theft investigation at Zodos in Goleta.
  • Assault with a subject down, 535 East Yanonali, across from the Rescue Mission. Fire department, medics, SBPD responded.
  • Theft investigation, 3800 block of La Cumbre Hills Lane.
  • Family domestic, 1500 block of Robbins.
  • Vandalism in the area of Victoria and State Streets.
  • Elevator rescue at the Marc, female trapped between floors. They got her out.
  • An 8 year-old kid ran away from home on the East Side, but came home right away. Sometimes the things at home seem worse than they are. In most cases, the streets are far worse.
  • Family domestic, 1900 block of Castillo.

Scanner Reports, Tuesday:

  • Slick report of drunk driver reported to be driving a white Saturn, pulls into a garage in the 400 block of West Pueblo.  That’s one way to give ‘em the slip.
  • Non-injury hit and run, white sedan suspect, Loma Alta and Cliff.
  • Overdose, 300 block of West Harding.
  • Code 2 medics for subject with chest pains, SBPD on scene.
  • Man down on a mattress near Burger King, probably sleeping, 120 South Nicholson.
  • Kid who was supposed to meet her mother at the Cottage Hospital Bus stop at 320 West Pueblo, missing. Five minutes later she showed up.
  • Domestic, 400 South Milpas, on the street.
  • Check the welfare of a female lying in a courtyard in the 1500 block of State Street. I think they called CARES.
  • Medical call, Figueroa at Garden Streets, panic attack.
  • Argument over a non-injury traffic accident, 150 South La Cumbre Lane.
  • Traffic accident, Corona Del Mar at Cabrillo.
  • Garden underpass, two vehicle injury accident.
  • Wires down after a semi runs into them, 700 block of East Montecito.
  • Family domestic, 1500 block of Robbins.
  • Medical call for an unconscious subject in the 500 block of West Canon Perdido.
  • SBPD Officer on a subject at Crown Liquor. I remember coming out of liquor stores and hoping a cop would not drive by.
  • Check the area, 200 block of West Montecito for a possibly suicidal subject wants to take the train.
  • BOLO on a missing person from Ventura County, last seen at the Chumash Casino. Female, born in 1963, driving a 2003 Ford F-150, gray with a dent in the back.
  • Assault investigation occurred in the 3800 block of State Street Monday evening at the police station in the lobby.
  • Westbound Hollister from Aero Camino, a stolen 1999 Toyota Corolla registered in Isla Vista.
  • Vehicle fire in the 5200 block of Hollister.
  • A transient threw a bottle at a Santa Barbara Parks Department employee at Alameda Park.
  • Smoke investigation east side, somewhere near Salinas, Milpas, off the 101 northbound. Source of smoke found coming from a backyard in the 200 block of South Salinas. A man was burning wood in his chimney, all was well. There was no fire even though there was smoke and you know what they say.

Anyway, that’s it for this edition of Roger’s Storytime. But stay tuned for the next episode on FRYday. Until then, remember, I forgot. Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, ELMO, Carl, Stan, Kent, Brad, Billy, Walter, Fred, C.J. Jonathan, Patrick, Christy, Rambo, Sherry, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Diana, Jim, Marty, Cop John, Isabelle, Jerry, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, and Chris willing, we will see you on FRYday. Later, Roger


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