Scanner Reports 9-18-17

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Hello, Good Morning. I hope most of you had a good weekend. I was strolling through the Milpas UNDERPANTS the other day and I noticed it was whiter than usual, almost blinding my eyes white. Brighter, cleaner, except the stains were still there and I wondered what happened. I felt as if something was wrong with my eyes or maybe the sun was up in such a way it was affecting the way the cement looked. It was kinda strange. Then on Sunday morning I saw an article on the internet that 16 People are dead and 421 ill in San Diego from a Hepatitis A outbreak. It said in the article that the streets are being bleached. I was hoping that this was fake news, then I opened up my LA Times opinion section and I read a little article called, The Public Toilet Shortage. The last couple paragraphs of the article stated: "Not having enough toilets and sanitary facilities is the precursor to a public health crisis. Witness what's been happening in San Diego, where an outbreak of Hepatitis A - a disease that spreads when people fail to wash their hands after going to the bathroom - has left 16 people dead and nearly 300 hospitalized. More than half afflicted are homeless people. Now the city is scrambling to erect industrial tents with beds and hygiene facilities. In Anaheim, city officials calculated that taking away a few port-a-potties along the Santa Ana River would reduce the number of homeless people camped there it has not.” Then this last paragraph: “You don't make homeless people vanish by refusing to provide toilets. You just end up with unsanitary conditions for everyone.” Well maybe some officials just want to cut down on the population a little, and what better way than to take out poor people. But sooner than later, the middle class are affected and a few wealthy people too. This is the first I have seen of this. Gentleman Jim told me the story has been floating around the internet several days now. Horrible, horrible, horrible. How come this is the first we have been hearing about it? It's bad enough there are not enough toilets out there for the public and the homeless, there's human feces all over the place there, here, everywhere. Where do homeless people go to the bathroom? San Diego is not that far away. Los Angeles even closer. Do we have any cases here in Santa Barbara yet? Is anything being done? Is this why the Milpas Underpass looks so clean? Has it been bleached? I'm sure some folks out there don't like what I got to say about this. "Why doesn't he mind his own business and Shut Up?" I don't mind my own business and shut up because anyone can get this and I care, so there.

Here is your Scanner Roni reports, FRYday:

  • Disturbance at the Mayor’s office, don't know why.
  • Drunk female yelling at Lazy Acres.
  • Sexual battery at SBCC West Campus, Suspect, HMA, got away for now, but not for long.
  • Domestic in the 900 Block of Obispo, ex-boyfriend refusing to leave.
  • Stolen vehicle found, 1700 block of Maple, a white Ford Focus.
  • Medical emergency West Campus SBCC, seizures.
  • Injury traffic accident involving two vehicles on Carrillo Hill.
  • 900 block of San Andres, injury vehicle accident.
  • Santa Claus Lane, old white haired white man wearing a hoodie and swinging a guitar, coming from the marsh area. I always thought Santa came from the North Pole.
  • Drinker, 29 South Milpas.
  • Medical emergency fall victim, Friendship Manor in I.V.
  • Overdose, 500 block of North "W" Street.
  • Suicidal subject, South San Antonio Road.
  • Reckless motorcyclist riding around Harding School, 1600 Robbins.
  • Stolen vehicle investigation, 20 David Love Place.
  • Domestic verbal, physical, threats of suicide etc.
  • 1200 block of East Valley Road in Montecito.
  • Underground transformer fire and outage, 21 West Victoria.
  • Fight at Dos Pueblos High School, four subjects involved.
  • Nogal at Hollister, serious accident, vehicle vs bicyclist major injuries.
  • Disturbance, 1100 block of East Cabrillo.
  • Campers in RV's on Santa Claus Lane.
  • Male yelling and a 5 year old child yelling at him to stop. Check the child’s welfare, in the 400 block of South Canada in an apartment.
  • Male transient passed out in the driveway of a business, 400 block of North Milpas.

Scanner Reports, Saturday:

  • Two bullies tried to steal a bicycle from a subject by intimidation. They got it for a minute and the victim fought for it, and in the end the two bullies got caught. At least one went to jail. The victim might have been injured.
  • One subject camping, the other disturbing, at Our Lady of Sorrows, 21 East Sola.
  • Vehicle vs a wall in the 1100 block of Sea Breeze.
  • Campers in the 1200 block of East Cabrillo.
  • Complaint of a possible broken jaw Leadbetter Beach, 800 block of Shoreline.
  • Suspicious circumstances, bloody clothing found 1100 block of East Cabrillo.
  • Fire alarms, no fire, 200 block of North Nopal.
  • Transient yelling at children and himself at the Ben Page Youth Center, 4500 block of Hollister.
  • Neighbors fighting over a barking dog, the reporting party complaining about the barking dog says if the police don't show up he is going to poison the barking dog.
  • Resisting arrest, assault on a police officer in the Milpas Underpass.
  • Assault victim first they said the subject was ill at the Biltmore, 1260 Channel Drive.
  • Subject yelling profanities at parents at McKinley School, BMA, possible transient, 350 Loma Alta.
  • Suspicious male posting signs, 602 Anacapa Street.
  • Check the welfare of a subject down on the sidewalk, First East Haley.
  • 500 block of East Ortega, 415 landlord/tenant. Former tenant refusing to leave.
  • Subject yelling and throwing things, under the influence of prescription drugs, inside a residence in the 7400 block of Hollister.
  • My good old Newhouse buddy on Via Real, Roy R., threatened to kill someone's cat. I don't like Roy very much anymore.
  • UBER driver ripped off for 2 bucks, calls police, and when they arrive he isn't where it happened and cancels call after they contact him because he has a fare, 200 block of West Canon Perdido.
  • Stabbing, Goleta Beach, three subjects arrested, more involved.
  • Stolen vehicle stopped by SBSO, subject detained for SBPD in the 3900 block of State Street.

Scanner Reports, Sunday:

  • Over on Santa Ana Ave in Lompoc, a vehicle was ripped off.
  • There was a high speed pursuit with a stolen grey 2015 Dodge Charger with the SBSO. Started in Carp, ended in Santa Barbara City. They called off the pursuit for safety reasons, don't know if they ever caught him.
  • A Dodge Neon was stolen from the Casino by two women.
  • Sandyland Reef Motel refused to give someone their room deposit back.
  • 400 block of Old Coast Highway, check the welfare of three children playing unattended.
  • Check the welfare of an elderly male in the 7000 block of Calle Real at the Heritage Market who had been drinking and didn't know how he got there.
  • Female being threatened by two males in Chase Palm Park. Dispatcher told her to go to the Visitors Center.
  • Roommates not getting along in the 600 block of Del Monte.
  • Medical emergency at the County Jail, 4436 Calle Real.
  • Francisco Drive, several vehicles had things taken from them.
  • Suspicious subject parked on the 2500 block of Hillcrest Drive for 3 hours in a silver pickup truck.
  • Assault, 1500 North H Street at the Albertsons. Staging fire department and medics till PD gets there.
  • Medical call for an ill subject in the 5300 block of Paseo Rio.
  • Drunk driver in a black Cadillac at Cacique and Milpas.
  • 6500 block of Segovia, someone says they have been receiving death threats from two people. I could not make out one name, but the other was clear as a bell; Hillary Clinton. Just what is she up to now?
  • Vehicle vs motorcycle, Highway 154 at Foothill, minor injuries.
  • Audible alarm in the 1100 block of Coast Village Road, no crime.
  • Theft of cigarettes from Albertsons in the 7100 block of Hollister. I remember when cigarettes tasted good and they cost 30 cents a pack.
  • Structure fire, 700 block Highway 246.
  • H & S Activity behind 524 State Street the Scientology building, two subjects smoking weed.

This is not the Roger Show. I don't care about having a life or being famous for doing the Scanner Reports. Sometimes I drink 42 cups of coffee and get motor finger with the keyboard, gabbing away. If you’re bothered by it, feel free to complain to Edhat and they will tell me to shut up. Have a great Monday. Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Brad, Billy, Jonathan C.J., Walter, Fred, ELMO, Carl, Stan, Kent, Rambo, Sherry, Marty, Cop John, Diana, Jim, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Patrick, Christy, Isabelle, Jerry, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, and Chris willing, we will see you on Wednesday.  Later, Roger

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a-1505751715 Sep 18, 2017 09:21 AM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

Roger; I enjoy reading your Scanner Reports and appreciate both your humor and reports.

laughing Sep 18, 2017 09:32 AM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

State street will be our Ground Zero for this Epidemic . Glad I still have A and B immunity . was required for work.

cbilly Sep 18, 2017 10:01 AM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

The people smoking weed behind the Scientology office must be getting ready for their free personality tests! "You are a stoner!"

cbilly Sep 18, 2017 10:03 AM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

I also like the winners you find at the Casino. Stealing a Dodge Neon? I guess they wanted to be inconspicuous and hide all their big winnings!

REX OF SB Sep 18, 2017 10:20 AM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

ROGER, I know you don't like it when people call you a journalist, but your observations and theory about the street bleaching are the markings of first-rate journalism. This is a topic I knew absolutely nothing about, and based on what you saw, I think your conclusions make perfect sense. I would love to hear from City officials about this, and whether, in fact, preventive measures are being taken to stop the spread of hepatitis and other diseases by the vagrants. Thank you for calling this to our attention.

NostraChumash Sep 18, 2017 10:51 AM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

You are one of my main reasons for reading edhat...for the Roger show.
You are a humble person, Human like the rest of us, who's found something he's very good at!..keep doing your reports your way & let the complainers complain.
I do a local radio show & not all listeners agree with my information, but what can I do?
Edhat is lucky to have you & should pay you well.

Bodyboarder73 Sep 18, 2017 12:48 PM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

The old white haired man swinging the guitar was just Santa on vacation and practicing for the next air guitar contest. Just relax please.

Sherl Sep 18, 2017 02:09 PM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

Roger: John and Ken the KFI Guys from 2 to 6 weekday afternoons have been on this San Diego mess for a week. When I first heard of this I instantly thought of the unsanitary conditions of the lower state street area and wondered why the County and State Health Departments haven't been on this problem. State street is worse then a third world country when it comes to human waste disposal. You wait, it is just a matter of time when Hep A gets here.

Roger Sep 18, 2017 03:55 PM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

I had Hep A years ago got it swimming on East Beach there were about 30 or so people that got it it was not like a mild flu with a low grade temp it was Turbo Browns 25 for 3 weeks...I know of surfers in Ventura who wash themselves down with peroxide everytime they come out of the water...I had not seen anything about it till the internet the other day I don't listen to the radio much anymore.Walked through Milpas again except for the stains squeaky clean...

Flicka Sep 18, 2017 05:46 PM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

Well, Roger, thanks for alerting us about Hep A. It is a nasty, preventable sickness. Hand washing is necessary but with no toilets or wash stations for the homeless it makes sense they can contact it, as can anyone who doesn't wash well whether home or in public.

Roger Sep 18, 2017 07:12 PM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

Thank you for all the nice comments kinda made my day...:)

yin yang Sep 19, 2017 12:20 PM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

Thanks for all the news, Roger. About your main topic, the outbreak has been going on quite a while; San Diego declared a health emergency on Sept. 3. It started TEN to ELEVEN months ago...

"The first cases linked to the outbreak were first reported in November. As of Friday [Sept. 3], more than 15 people in the area have died from hepatitis infections and more than 350 others have been sickened."
"We know that L.A. has had no local cases of hepatitis A related to the strain that we're seeing here in San Diego," so no need to freak out. Wash your hands all the time anyways and most clinics, hospitals and doctors test "baby boomers" for Hep C, which is symptom-less early on.
I read about this weeks ago. They actually REMOVED latrines that a private group brought in.
Took city weeks/months to provide hand washing stations.
What one thinks of homeless people is not the point here and now. This is a public health emergency. Toilets and sinks will help. They must be provided.

yin yang Sep 19, 2017 12:29 PM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

It was in Anaheim that donated Porta-Potties were removed. ---------------------------------------------------
Can't even keep these stories straight. :-(

yin yang Sep 19, 2017 12:31 PM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

The statistics, from LA Times
San Diego County’s hepatitis A outbreak shows no signs of slowing, according to the latest update released Tuesday by the county Health and Human Services Agency.

The outbreak’s death total rose to 16 — one more than last week’s total. The number of confirmed cases reached 421, up 23 from last week. The number of hospitalizations also pushed higher, rising to 292 from 279 the week before.

New numbers came one day after a city of San Diego contractor began a new sidewalk and street cleaning campaign that has workers using high-pressure sprayers to scour sidewalks with bleach-infused water capable of killing the hepatitis A virus.

The county declared a local public health emergency on Sept. 1, enhancing an ongoing vaccination campaign with the installation of hand-washing stations in locations where homeless residents, who have been hit hardest by the outbreak, gather.

Hand hygiene is a focus of the public health effort to stem the outbreak because the virus can spread when infected people don’t wash their hands well enough after going to the bathroom and then share food, drink or drugs; have sex; or have other close contact with an uninfected person.

In recent weeks, public health officials have said that, because the incubation period for hepatitis A ranges from 15 to 50 days, it may take several more months for any positive effects of the current sanitation campaign to be obvious.

yin yang Sep 19, 2017 12:39 PM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

link to LA Times stats -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Roger Sep 19, 2017 03:44 PM
Scanner Reports 9-18-17

I guess hopefully I don't have to worry about it I haven't had sex in 14 years thanks for the info Yin Yang I had gathered more info about it after the itinal shock that it started last November still I cannot remember ever seeing the Milpas Underpass so clean looking as if it had been bleached and I wonder if all of our local UNDERpasses have been cleaned this way.

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