Scanner Reports 7-24-19

By Roger the Scanner Guy

There used to be a Tow Company here in town years ago, when your car got towed everything in your car magically disappeared it was like magic. I had a vehicle towed once when I was a security guard, this company was the on-call tow company at the time they towed the car a couple weeks later after the owner got their car back. I was informed I was a suspect in the theft of all its contents, the Tow truck driver told the police that he saw me take everything. Boy! Was I angry, looking back I did not know that this tow company at the time was thieving from vehicles but after hearing that the tow truck driver said he saw me stealing from the vehicle I knew they were and I wasted no time driving over to their office and letting them know they were messing with the wrong 5150! The tow company came clean said they might have misplaced somethings from the vehicle and paid the owner back, I was cleared.

A few years later I moved down here 200 Block of South Milpas and the owner of that company and a couple of her grown kids were my neighbors for a bit. After some time the owner had a stroke and went to a nursing home, one of the kids overdosed and passed away. There was one left, the tow truck driver. He could not pay the rent himself and he was terminally ill he had to find another place to live. He told me he had a lot of antiques and things that belonged to the family he could sell: Tools, Baseball cards, stereo’s, clothing, Furniture, books, camping equipment, guitars, just about anything one could imagine. He had an upstairs room filled with all of this stuff he wanted me to sell it for him. I knew that it was all stolen goods taken from peoples vehicles over the years. I was not about to become involved in selling the items for this guy. As time went on he became sicker he needed someone to take care of him. He took a couple homeless guys in to help him out, I think they were on meth, they cleaned him out and took off there was nothing left. The place was clean, just an old chair, TV set, clothes on his back. The guy had nothing he would just sit there and watch TV, he hadn’t paid rent in months his landlord had a heart of gold and did not even ask though time was running out. The place was being fixed up for the new tenants whoever they might be. It came as no surprise one morning when the painter showed up to paint the place he found the Tow Truck driver Dead sitting there his lifeless, eyes staring at Regis and Kathy Lee on channel 3. One of those dusty old memories that pop into my head once in a while  Here are your scanner reports…

Scanner Reports, Monday:

  • 459 Audible Alarm 2000 Block of Mission Ridge Road
  • Premises check DLG Plaza
  • 415pc Loud Music 2400 Block of DLV
  • 10851pc Stolen motorcycle 400 Block of West Padre
  • Overdose 300 Block of South Voluntario
  • Subject casing vehicles 500 Block of Ninos HMA 25-30 Ball cap, blue jeans, black tee shirt
  • Premises check Public Library 40 East Anapamu
  • Check the welfare of a subject on the ground blocking the driveway Quinientos at Allure, I thought that was an alley with a street name
  • Check the Welfare of a juvenile running in the street in front of PATH 816 Cacique
  • 1130 Indio Muerto 459 Burglary to a residence
  • 594pc 1400 Block of Chino Vandalism
  • Copter 308 Transport to Cottage from Lompoc Airport for a juvenile with a possible head injury
  • Female refusing to leave Starbucks in the 3900 Block of State street.
  • 314pc Indecent exposure female walking North on State street orange shirt tired around her waist
  • Tree down on a vehicle 6700 Block of Abrego
  • 459 Burglary to a residence 2900 Block of Serena Road subject wearing a uniform walked around home came out carrying several bags
  • Check the Welfare of a surfer several hundred yards off shore that does not look as if he is in distress off the Miramar they probably want him to move off their section of ocean.
  • San Andres at Carillo male in a gold Toyota threw a brick at someone. Heard something about a guy in a gold toyota TUESday also.
  • Stolen vehicle investigation 1800 Block of Mira Vista
  • Threats investigation 800 Block of DLV.
  • 200 Block of East Anapamu some kind of Abuse, not sure but it sounded like Animal Abuse.
  • 1400 Block of Robbins stolen vehicle investigation.
  • Suspicious circumstances investigation 1200 Block of CVR
  • Med call Fall victim at Oak Cottages 1820 DLV.

I lived on that property long.long ago my Land Ladies name was Anita she used to make killer lemonade we’d sit on her front porch and she’d tell me stories of growing up in Texas, I don’t remember any of them she had a 1963 Buick Riveria in the garage in perfect condition it had 22,000 Miles on it that was back in 1985ish or so. I miss my early days in Santa Barbara.

Scanner Reports, Tuesday:

  • 2100 Block of Castillo Probation check.
  • Camper refusing to leave the Public Library 40 East Animal Poo.
  • Probation Check 900 Block of West Mission.
  • Premises check Bohnett Park.
  • Injured Kitty in the street 700 Block of North Alisos, breaks my old heart, poor kitty.
  • 594pc Vandalism 500 Block of West Figueroa.
  • Probation check 200 Block of West Haley
  • 242 Assault victim hit in the mouth and his cell phone was taken 1000 Block of Castillo by a black couple.
  • Code 40 or UI Male exposing himself behind the bakery 201 South Milpas.
  • 200 South Milpas at the 76 Station female  being stalked or followed by a male report.
  • Subject with warrants 200 Block of South Milpas. I was in my house and staying there.
  • Subject refusing to leave 617 Garden street.
  • Check the Welfare of a child left in a vehicle for 15 minutes in the 100 Block of North La Cumbre SBPD had all personal info on the vehicle.
  • Premises check McKenzie Park
  • Premises check East Side Park.
  • Check the welfare of a man down in Parking Lot 3 1000 Block of Chapala male in his 70’s, wearing grey jeans and a red sweater.
  • Premises check Oak Park.
  • Naked female at the Shoreline Cafe wearing a long sleeve grey shirt and nothing underneath.
  • Fall victim head injury Mission Terrace 623 Junipero
  • Found Property 1200 Block of Santa Barbara street.
  • 400 Block of East DLG 459 Burglary to a residence.
  • 415pc Neighbors in the 2500 Block of Anacapa
  • 4000 Block of Constellation in Santa Maria Structure Fire response to an address in that block.


Will that is all outta me for now kinda hot out there might want to drink some water…Peter, Molly, Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Midnight, Merlin, Tom Cat, Clancy, Tomicina, Tiger, Shadow, FREDDIE!,Maxwell, Lola, PoPo, Tiny, Andy, Fish Heads, One, and Two, Poncho, Denny, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Jonathan, C.J., Brad, Billy, Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Patrick, Christy, Diana, Jim, Ross, Rambo, Sherry,, Eddie, Bambi, Lafayette, Ted,  Pat, Mavis, Mrs. MacArthur, David Cox, Po, Marty, Cop John, Bommy, Poppy, June, Muskie, Bengie, Ricky, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Crazy Ed, Mark, Willie, Debbie, Ken, Isabelle, Jerry, LUCY! STOBE THE HOBO, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, John Havlick, Ron Santo, Tom Petty, and Chris Willing we will see you on FRYday.  Later,  Roger


Written by Roger

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  1. Oh God some of the comments around here get me this heat must be frying my brain like eggs…. I liked the Old Gal FLICKA She was crazy and with those 2 big dogs. I almost bought a Nova off them once for 600 Bucks wish I would have now….You know what my heaven would be like that when we die we go back to the best years of our lives in Santa Barbara. I can close my eyes and be there in my mind….Thank You for your comments. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Roger, for the tow truck story. I knew the owner and her kids. Never liked the 2 older ones you mention but the younger ones (different Dad)are wonderful people and still friends with me, and my children

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