Scanner Reports 7-21-19

Well hello, it’s FRYday. That is basically how I feel, fried. And not the good way. Baked would be better. Someone made a comment the other day about these “Missing at Risk” folks, and I second that. Is everyone who is missing considered “Missing at Risk” runaways? Folks that take off for a few days? Old folks who wander off to the Farmer’s Market getting off track a couple hours? Someone who has had enough and needs a vacation a couple days? I can never runaway again. Someone calls the police and media, and suddenly I’m “Missing at Risk”.  I’m not complaining it’s probably a good thing. It seems like a new thing, a new way of finding people quickly, even those who don’t want to be found.

When I was a runaway kid I never wanted to be found, even when it saved my life. Had someone not called the police I would have most certainly not survived the night. It was eight below zero and I had frost bite on my leg. I was lucky, but did not feel lucky, and still tried to get away. Now that I’m older, I will most likely run away at some point. As I age, where will I hide if everyone’s looking? Maybe I ought to order a muu muu in my size and some makeup, so if I want to get away at some point the police would never think it was me, an ugly old fat bearded woman. I could be someone’s grandmother. I bet some of the local “Missing at Risk” folks don’t want to be found; they just want to take a break, feel the freedom. Remember the freedom? Everyone has felt freedom at some point in their lives. Freedom is free, or it was till warmongers put conditions on it and said it wasn’t. Better to not listen to them. Feel the freedom and shut off other people’s anger. They need a break, a vacation, they need to get a way. I doubt if anyone would ever report me as missing at risk. The cat might call in, “meow, meow, meow”. He’d really be asking for food, “The fat man took off and forgot to feed me. Yea, he’s wearing a muu muu with flowers on it and has a beard. Looks like a plump ZZ Top. Have him pick up some Fancy Feast, yea, the gravy kind, maybe some liver and dry stuff, something good. Not that no grain crap!” The only time I’m missing is when someone wants something.

Remember frozen candy bars in the freezer? Almond Joy, Hershey, Reeses, Chunky, Mounds, Mars? I remember when a frozen candy bar was a dime, and a soda pop 15 cents. On hot summer days when freedom was free, and so was air to breathe, water to drink, you went outside to play with your friends and didn’t go home till way after dark, and you were not “Missing at Risk”. Times have changed. Will they ever change back? Hard to say. At least we can be free in our thoughts.

Here is your Scanner Reports, Wednesday:

  • Burglary to a vehicle on Ocean View.
  • Subject disturbing customers in the 5700 block of Calle Real. I don’t like these idiots who ask you for money you tell them, no I don’t have enough for you, just for me, and they get mad. They act like you ought to give them your money.
  • Medical call, dog bite, La Cumbre Junior High, 2200 block of Modoc.
  • Neighbor brandished a .12 gauge shotgun and fired a shot in another neighbor’s yard over construction noise. Scary way to get one’s point across, 1200 block of West Mountain Drive.
  • Suicide attempt on the west side.
  • Vehicle accident, Highway 101 southbound, Storke off ramp.
  • Youngster with a broken arm, 1400 Block of West Valerio.
  • Hazardous condition, telephone pole leaning toward the street, 3400 block of Foothill.
  • Fall victim, 200 block of Lee Drive.
  • Possible structure fire, 700 block of Mercury Ave in Lompoc.
  • Illegal burn smoke check on Jalama and Highway One.
  • Hollister at Glen Annie, female in her 50’s backed into a vehicle, got out of her vehicle, threw a soda can at the victim then drove off.
  • Stolen vehicle investigation, 1200 block of Cacique.
  • Stolen vehicles recovery, 1800 block of Castillo, and Indio Muerto at Voluntario.
  • WMA wearing black shorts out of control in front of the Faulding, banging on windows, yelling.
  • Medical call, Alta Lucero, 3880 Via Lucero.
  • Felony hit and run, someone’s foot run over by a truck. That would hurt.
  • Indecent exposure, WMA in his 60’s at the Cabrillo Bath House.
  • Premises check, 1400 block of Shoreline.
  • Not much to go on, reckless driver in a tan or bronze vehicle brandished an unknown weapon, WMA, possible DUI, Highway 101 and Hollister.
  • Pickpocket of a wallet at Albertsons on Calle Real. Suspect WMA wearing a black backpack.

Scanner Reports, Thursday:

  • SBPD was on a group at Parking Lot 12.
  • There was a domestic at The Marc, 3885 State Street. The boyfriend of the R.P. took her car keys and some other things. For some reason, I think they should remake the soap opera, Santa Barbara, and The Marc can be in there too.
  • Reckless Honda pulled over by CHP, Valero Gas, 134 South Milpas.
  • Fire reported out in a trash can, State Street at Victoria.
  • Medical unknown type in the 2000 block of Green Lane.
  • Heroin OD in a backyard in Orcutt, last I heard was CPR.
  • Medical for an unresponsive subject at Alta Lucero, 3880 Via Lucero.
  • Suspicious jerk with a bow and arrow possibly shooting birds at Goleta Beach.
  • Premises check East Beach.
  • Non injury accident involving an MTD Bus, Yananoli at Santa Barbara Streets.
  • Felony hit and run, Bath at Victoria Streets, vehicle vs pedestrian.
  • Medical for an unconscious subject in the 300 block of Ellwood Beach Road, unresponsive overdose.
  • Traffic stop 222 North Milpas, gray Tundra.
  • SBSO and Animal Control on scene to take a dog into custody for attacking a horse, and its owner in on warrants, 700 block of Camino Del Sur.
  • Medical for a fall victim at Maravilla.
  • One in custody, 1100 Miramonte and I don’t know why.
  • 1800 block of Stanwood, insult to injury; a residence got broken into and their car got ripped off.
  • Garden Street at Highway 101 off or onramp, tree and brush fire twice.

Well what the heck? Somehow I get the feeling that things are going to be the same in 2019 as they are now. Oh well. Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Jonathan, C.J. Rambo, Sherry, Carl, Stan, Kent, Edwin, Elmo, Magruder, Don, Cory, Walter, Fred, Brad, Billy, Diana, Jim, Isabelle, Jerry, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, and Chris willing, we will see you on Monday. Later, Roger


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