Scanner Reports 7-17-19

There sure are a lot of drunk drivers out there. Some people blame the homeless for all the problems we have here. It’s not them, it’s all it’s all the drunks. If we did not have alcohol in this city, all the bars and liquor stores were to close, the jail would be empty. And that is the Dog’s honest truth! There is too many drunks in this town; drunk drivers, abusive drunks beating their wives, husbands, kids, drunks committing sex offenses, crimes, arson, burglary. If they were to take a census of everyone locked up in the jail that broke the law, they would find over 75 percent at least that did it under the influence of alcohol. I guess ten grand isn’t enough of a fine for first timer drunk driver. Those fines should be jacked up to fifty grand or 18 months in prison, first offense. That would slow down these idiots from getting behind the wheel to drive. Make it for everyone, not just the regular citizens but public figures too. I hear one out there gets special treatment almost every time. It’s not going to help nothing. Pretty soon their kids are going to be without a parent. Drinking kills, it don’t make you healthy. Wanna be healthy, drink smoothies, wheat grass, spinach, beets, and bananas, lay off the booze. That only gets you in trouble, or dead.

I was thinkin the other day about this place I used to go as a kid. I sure do miss it. It was in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was a coffee house, I doubt it’s there anymore, it was in this section of town called The Landing, a one block section of Old Fort Wayne. It was called The Blue Mountain Coffee House. It was made of pine, it was beautiful. Folks would show up and play music mostly Folk I wish there was a place like that out here, I might leave the house more. I have never found another place exactly like it. Muddy Waters was a little like it.

Sure are a lot of ants around, can’t seem to get rid of them for nothing. They just keep coming back like sober folks going to an AA meeting.

Here is your scanner reports, Monday:

  • Keep the peace while a subject picks up property, 200 block of Santa Anita.
  • Medical call at the labor line for a subject who feels like he has been drugged.
  • Drinkers in the bushes, 914 Carpinteria Street.
  • Vehicle accident rollover, Brown at Betteravia in Santa Maria.
  • Stolen auto investigation, 3700 block of Gregory Way.
  • Injured hiker, lower trail Cold Springs Trail, knee injury.
  • Trespasser on Lynda Road 300 Block.
  • Investigation of disturbance, 200 Block of North Alisos.
  • 4400 block of Radcliff, juvenile with a bean stuck in his nose.
  • Injury accident motorcyclist down Gaviota Rest Stop, motorcyclist cut off by a blue semi.
  • Vegetation fire Zaca Station Road at Foxen Canyon Road, kept to just under 50 acres.
  • Drunk driver in a grey Volvo wagon, south on Hollister from Los Carneros, driving slow, braking, flipping off other drivers, yelling at them.
  • Non injury accident, Los Olivos at Laguna.
  • Shots heard, 1900 block of Highway 246.
  • Fight involving juveniles behind University Plaza in the 7100 block of Hollister.
  • Possible H&S activity at Rudy’s on West Montecito.
  • Drunk driver in a grey Chevy in the parking lot of Hotel Indigo, 121 State Street, WMA.
  • Report of a BFA screaming, yelling for help, south of Hollister on Fairview.
  • Juveniles causing problems in the swimming pool at the Pepper Tree.
  • Medical call for a fainter, 1200 block of Liberty.
  • Bath Street at Arrellaga, domestic, woman yelling for help then crying.

Scanner Reports, Tuesday:

  • Check the welfare of an elderly female, 1900 block of Highway 246, wandering near a crosswalk, back and forth.
  • Medical call, chest pains, 900 block of Ward Drive.
  • SBPD was on a group of subjects near the ballfield in Pershing Park.
  • Fireworks on Dearborne in Goleta.
  • Female screaming near a church, Patterson at Overpass.
  • 1500 block of DLV, subject refusing to open up for SBSO and County Probation, so they breeched the door and took him in custody, SBPD also involved.
  • Fall victim off or near a telephone pole, 46 Helena Ave, full City fire response.
  • Medical call, 29 South Milpas, subject with laceration to the back of his head, ended up transported by a private vehicle.
  • Assault at Casa Esperanza, report of a black male with a bicycle beating up a Hispanic female wrapped in a blanket in front of Casa. I wonder why no one stopped it they only called it in. They have security there.
  • Vehicle vs pedestrian, injury accident Santa Barbara at Cota Streets.
  • Suspicious vehicle fled area of suspicious circumstances, blue hatchback parked at the bottom of Rufugio Road, something involving a white pickup truck, two guys in a hatchback that took off quick and got away. Of course they forgot about their license plate.
  • Camper in a ditch, dead end of Olive at Montecito Streets.
  • Report of a child molestation in Santa Barbara County.
  • Drunk driver in a 4-door gold Mercedes with a for sale sign on it, parked near Cota and State Street, was reportedly walking in traffic, wearing a red hat.
  • Non injury hit and run involving subject in a white VW, 1st East Carrillo.
  • Subject with warrant in the 900 block of State Street.

It’s too bad we don’t all have computer chips in us that could somehow alert law enforcement when we drive under the influence. It’d be easier to catch the drunk driving creeps that way. Well, have a wonderful weekend. Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Carl, Kent, Stan, Brad, Billy, Fred, Walter, Jonathan, C.J., Rambo, Sherry, Isabelle, Jerry, Elmo,, Jim, Diana, Magruder, Cody, Edwin, Don, Cop John, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, and Chris willing, we will see you on Monday. Later, Roger


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