Scanner Reports 7-15-20

By Roger the Scanner Guy

A couple of weeks ago there was a vegetation fire reported alongside the railroad tracks near Castillo Street. As firefighters were putting it out they were told that a woman was walking along the tracks lighting fires, in all they put out 3 fires. The woman was described as having shoulder-length brown hair in her 20’s, a reader shared in the comments that there was a homeless female in another camp near the freeway around Carrillo, I think they said. Around that time was the first in many months was the southbound 101 at Fairview fire, it was put out. The next day on a Saturday there was another fire reported at the Fairview site. A possible rekindling or what? A neighbor reported to firefighters on that Saturday that they witnessed a female leaving the scene of the Saturday, fire she had brown hair, glasses, was in her 20’s and resembled a librarian. She was associated with a purple or blue car parked at McDonald’s. Last I heard she was walking between a laundromat and another building.

I’m wondering if any of these fires are suspicious in nature? Is there someone out there lighting these fires intentionally? Whether this is the case or not, many people have expressed concern about the overgrown brush along the freeway, the railroad tracks, and some of our roads. How come it is not being cleared out? I know some areas and camps are being cleaned up and it’s slow going, why not just hire a large group of temporary workers and give it a good clean out, there are many Folks out of work right now young and strong willing to social distance and work. I have questions, I hope someone has answers. In the old days this would not be an issue. When I first got here many years ago I remember much of the area being cleared and cleaned out once in a while. If we did not have so much brush there would be less of a chance of warming and cooking fires getting out of control also. Clearing these areas could save some taxpayers money, money that could be used housing the Homeless. HERE are YOUR SCANNER REPORTS.

Scanner Reports, Monday:

  • There was a report of a special needs child running on the Northbound Salinas street onramp to highway 101 Northbound on MONday Morning. He wasn’t on the onramp but behind the sound wall then on the Northbound side next to the fence then all over the neighborhood before police caught up to him and turned him over to his mother, 13 year old male.
  • Medical call Anacapa at Haley.
  • Vehicle Fire at the highway 246 Roundabout.
  • Gas leak on Foxenwood Lane 4400 Block.
  • Child crying female adult yelling Check the Welfare 200 Block of Ellwood Beach Drive.
  • Premises Check La Mesa Park.
  • Heard there was a gunshot victim somewhere in Goleta he was on a bicycle riding away from responders on a bike path near San Miguel shirtless wearing khaki pants then they said he might have been shot with a BBGun. Later on they caught up with him at Walnut Place and Walnut Lane.
  • Somewheres in the county a black Ford Explorer was stolen the keys were left inside.
  • 242pc Assault investigation occurred at  Macy’s 3800 Block of State street victim at the Rose garden with a head injury.
  • Vegetation Fire highway 101 Southbound just passed Fairview.
  • Gold colored Honda Accord ripped off 900 Block of East DLG
  • Turnpike off ramp vehicle fire 101 Southbound branches in back of trailer on fire.
  • Hilton Hotel guest Missing 633 East Cabrillo actually sounded like someone who was arrested the other day.Unusual activity on his account hmmmmmmm..
  • Med Call 2100 Block of Santa Barbara street.
  • Code 40, Drunk at McDonalds 29 North Milpas street.
  • Folks not getting along because they can no longer get a Bong in the 200 Block of West DLG.
  • 2 Vehicle accident highway 101 Southbound South of Storke Road. Pregnant female in the vehicle that was hit. I hope she is ok transported to the hospital.
  • A gathering of males talking loud and drinking alcohol in front of a residence in the 500 Block of West Sola
  • 1046 CVR at Starbucks transient yelling at customers while holding a metal pipe.
  • 242pc At the SkatePark sounded like more than one on one.
  • 211 Strong Arm Robbery at Martinetti’s Liquor Store in the 200 Block of West Montecito suspect HMA in his 20’s 5’5, 180lbs clean-shaven lite colored shirt, shorts, navy ball cap, Athletic top over his shirt last seen Westbound on the tracks with a group of others carrying backpacks and skateboards taken was alcohol.
  • Check the welfare of a female crying in Oak Park, Alamar side wearing a pink top.
  • 415 2 Males yelling at Motel 6  3505 State street.
  • Suspicious male looking into backyards 400 Block of Corona Del Mar, WMA  grey shirt, grey cap.
  • Burglary investigation 20 East Cota.
  • Minor injury traffic accident Carrillo at Castillo.


Scanner Reports, Tuesday:

  • A subject kept calling 911 over and over, he was at the bus stop at 2403 Castillo. the police caught up with him elsewhere when they asked him why he keeps calling 911? He said he likes talking to the dispatchers and that he was going to call them again..They asked him not to then asked the dispatchers to note the number of times he calls. I have not heard any more calls for service from him
  • Elder Abuse investigation occurred in the 1200 Block of Punta Gorda.
  • Medical call 600 Block of West Juinipero.
  • Center Divider Fire in the area of Fairview or Patterson on the 101.
  • Medical call 1200 Block of Vernonica Springs Road.
  • Smoke check highway 101 at Patterson.
  • Check the Welfare of someone not heard from in a couple days on Winchester Drive.
  • Village Way at Hollister 2 Vehicle accident.
  • Female in Labor County Parking lot 345 Camino Del Remido.
  • Female kicking a fence in the 4200 Block of Pozo Circle possible vandalism.
  • Vegetation Fire highway 101 at highway 154 in Buellton at Jonata Park.
  • 459pc to a vehicle unlocked 222 North Milpas street Trader Joes suspect vehicle silver Nissan registered 1100 Block of East Guterrez.
  • 415pc Unknown type males yelling “Call 911!” in the area 600 Block of West Ortega was on Sutton though possible dog fight.
  • 310 North Milpas Medical call.- Premises check Anapamu foot bridge.
  • Medical call 100 Block of Brandon in Goleta.
  • Med call Mission at 4th for a subject who possibly fell out of a truck.
  • Medical call 800 Block of North Milpas street.
  • A male wearing a pink hat and a pink shirt poured beer on the reporting party at the Boathouse restaurant 2981 Cliff Drive I can’t remember why? Maybe the R.P. Called him Pinkie, I would have.
  • Premises check Alameda Park West.


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