Scanner Reports 7-15-19

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Love that song Monday-Monday by the Mamas and the Papas. Over the Weekend I heard a call on West Arrellaga that someone was refusing to leave a residence and the Reporting Party wanted them out. They said the person was from “Craiglist” and I thought “that’s not good, not good at all.” At first it sounded like the reporting party took someone in but more than likely they rented the person a room and if that is the case it could be a civil problem, not a criminal matter, but for the reporting party it’s a nightmare. Sounds like they just rented to The roommate from hell.

When it was time to me to move out of one place back in the early 80’s I wanted to do it right and find a nice place so I went to Roommate Referrals and paid 50.00 Dollars for a list of rooms as that was all my budget would allow. I found one quickly in the area of Turnpike and Hollister for 450.00 a month it was on top a 2 car garage, huge room furnished with a King sized bed, a dresser, and a desk, the windows were such that when opened air always came through fresh and cool. There was a shared kitchen, bathroom, and a built-in swimming pool in the back. I was not there very long because my roommates were from Hell all of them. Everyone there had a gun. I found a loaded .357 Magnum in my dresser that the last guy left behind. No one was there when I moved in Friday night. I was given a key a couple days before and told I would have the place to myself that weekend. I should have grabbed my money back and ran! I got all my stuff moved in with the loaded gun in the bottom drawer, looked at the pool but did not go in, cooked dinner cleaned up went into my room reading then fell asleep. I heard pounding, loud pounding and yelling it was coming from downstairs the front door. Still dark I went downstairs, the clock on the wall read 3 am I said “Hello who is it?” and heard back “Open the door you sumabitch!!!” I did there was a big thick guy in his 40’s screaming at me “Your doing her now huh? She likes em young where is she?” I was 22 years old bout ready to crap my britches I had no idea who this guy was but realized they knew he was coming and left for the weekend, everyone was gone except for me.

The guy was yelling then he started swinging on me I had no idea what to do so I rushed him we both went out the door tripping down the stairs and into a bush filled with stickers. I jumped up ran for the phone called 911 they got there quick took the guy away. We woke up everyone in the neighborhood. The next morning I met David another roommate who was sitting in a chair in the corner of the living room peeking out the drapes, he had a chrome plated .38 Smith and Wesson on his lap. After introducing himself to me he said “If you see anyone messing with my car out” there pointing at an old 75 Chevy Nova let me know and I’ll shoot them.” OK  I said then turned around and headed up to my room where I spent the rest of the weekend. I went to work Monday I worked at Montecito Shores off Olive Mill Road as a janitor after work I took the bus home walked in the Land lady was sitting in the kitchen naked as a Jay Bird and being a young man I did look but should not have. I got some food then went to my room a couple minutes later she knocked at my door. I answered and she was pointing a loaded gun at me below the belt…”Don’t get any funny ideas,” She said As soon as she left I shut the door grabbed a few things climbed out the window and did a hang drop the HELL outta there.

I know about RoomMates from Hell this story I told to a woman who put parts of it in her book. I tell it better as she just moved things around a bit. Best Room Mate you can get is a Fur Baby. I had more roommates through the years, several women, I was involved with but after a couple years there were mutual breakups. I moved in with others but the roommate thing never worked out for me. RoomMates are really weird and it’s a skill to find the right one. When I lived alone I took many people in through the years out of the many I took in  2 was OK.  One of them was Belinda if you have to get a Room Mate don’t get them from Craiglist,  It’s better to get a Dog, or a Cat and an extra job. HERE are YOUR SCANNER REPORTS.

Scanner Reports, Friday:

  • Leash Violation Alice Keck Memorial Gardens Park
  • Premises check Bohnett Park
  • Broken bottles and blood at Leadbetter Beach picnic area Public Works called in for clean up
  • Fall from a Horse, Code Blue Highway 154 near the 246 Roundabout at Camp 4 Ranch
  • 594pc Vandalism 2000 Block of Chino transient destroying an historical marker
  • Check the Welfare of a female behind the bathrooms at Dwight Murphy possibly having some kind of Mental issue
  • Med call Unconscious male in a Honda 200 Block of East Harbor Blvd. Ventura.
  • Vehicle vs Pedestrian 1400 Block of East Los Angeles Ventura.
  • BOLO Subject Under the influence of drugs wearing white near Hitchcock and State street.
  • Vehicle vs Pedestrian 600 Block of Cooper Road, Ventura.
  • Wires arcing in the 2400 Block of State street.
  • Fall victim 4000 Block of State street.
  • Check the Welfare of a subject calling in for them self in the 200 Block of East Haley.
  • 20002pc Non injury hit and run Micheltorena at DLV.
  • Non injury accident involving a county vehicle Chapala at Victoria.
  • 459 Burglary to a residence 500 Block of Red Rose.
  • 459 Burglary investigation in the Lobby of the Police Station.
  • Non injury hit and run long term parking at the Airport 500 Block of Fowler Road.
  • Transients taking over the bus benches 29 South Milpas called in by Carl’s Junior Security Guard 7 South Milpas.
  • 273.5 Domestic Violence 500 Block of Wentworth Husband Assaulted wife.
  • 242 Assault a female transient punched someone riding the Land Shark as they went by near State street and Cabrillo suspect North on State street.
  • 415 Loud Wedding Speech at 1315 State street Anonymous reporting potty.


Scanner Reports, Saturday:

  • Very suspicious red pickup truck in reporting parties driveway in the 22100 Block of Cliff Drive.
  • House Guest from Craiglist refusing to leave 500 Block of West Arrellaga. I usually say “Will you can either go out the window or the door it’s your choice.” Another one of my favorite Clint Eastwood sayings.
  • Drunk clear for the Sober center at Cottage Hospital.
  • 415 Subject yelling inside Ralphs 100 Block of West Carrillo.
  • 300 Block of Laguna on a group of campers that is a trouble spot lately.
  • Subject with warrants on the bus bench at the Airport.
  • Subject refusing to leave the Modern Laundry 1015 DLV.
  • Subject challenging passerbys to fight 1900 Block of Red Rose.
  • Petty Theft Foodland 1501 San Andres.
  • Lewd Conduct HMA Tan pants, brown shirt 40 East Anapamu
  • Theft investigation at PATH 816 Cacique.
  • 415 “Yeller” in the 800 Block of Anacapa
  • Illegal Burn Ellwood Bluffs heard they responded at least twice, Fire Department.
  • Engine 5 and Medics respond to a Male down outside Cottage ER 320 W. Pueblo.
  • Reckless Driver crashed into at least one car maybe more at Marketplace area of Storke and Hollister in Goleta.
  • Vegetation Fire Harris Grade 4000-4500 Blocks on a Hillside near a Fire House.
  • 415 Neighbors in the 1400 Block of Castillo.
  • Premises check La Cumbre Junior High.
  • Premises check Monroe School.
  • Report of two little old ladies smoking THE WEED in a silver SUV near Chase Palm Park Extention the reporting potty is afraid their marijuana smoke will affect children a couple hundred feet away. I think it affected me a half mile away.
  • Vandalism to the parking structure at Cottage Hospital.
  • 415 Subject refusing to leave an address in the 100 Block of Powers.
  • Premises check at Cleveland School on APS.
  • Vehicle theft 1100 Block of Chino.
  • Domestic violence 300 Block of West Mission.
  • Female naked from the waist down trying to get into vehicles in the 3900 Block of State street Big 5 Sporting Goods.
  • Code 2 Medics at the Library
  • Female took a Dump in DLG Plaza
  • Juveniles hanging out of the Cacique Foot Bridge 1200 Block of Cacique.
  • Illegal Burn smoldering log between Santa Barbara Shores and the Ellwood Bluffs possibly on the beach.
  • 417pc Brandishing knives 600 Block of Paseo Nuevo group of juveniles 2 knives seen by reporting party juvenile gang types left before police arrived.
  • Shoplifter at Macys in custody at Macys 3805 State street.


Scanner Reports, Sunday: 

  • Unknown if injury traffic accident turned out to be non injury with heavy vehicle damage Islay at Chapala.
  • Structure Fire response 5700 Block of Dawson in Goleta unknown if there was a fire.
  • Juvenile with a warrant 1300 Block of Carpinteria Ave in Santa Barbara.
  • Subject who made in an illegal entry in the Marina 3 restrooms stopped by Harbor Patrol they requested assistance from the SBPD.
  • Med call Sting Ray injury in the parking lot of Tri County Produce.
  • Short Vehicle Pursuit in the area of Calle Real at Wye Road female driver stopped in the middle of the road code 3 back up arrived heard no more.
  • Suspicious vehicles 100 Block of South Hope 2 vans one a U-Haul van never heard why they were suspicious.
  • Med call MTD 1020 Chapala street
  • 415 Domestic over Child Custody 1900 Block of Cliff Drive male refusing to give the 1800 Month old Child back to the mother she he is walking away holding the kid as the Mother is asking for their child back.
  • Male Under the influence yelling at 21 West Guiterrez.
  • Med Call Unconscious male at the winery 200 Block of Stearns Wharf.
  • Premises check Franklin School.
  • Male harassing female Check the Welfare of the female in the 1100 Block of DLV.
  • Premises check Cleveland School.
  • Possible vandalism on the RR Tracks between Las Positas and Mission tagging.
  • Vehicle vs Pedestrian Camino Real MarketPlace.
  • Suspicious subject following reporting party in the 1000 Block of Castillo HMA late 60’s might have been involved in a recent theft.- Pile of clothing in the Number one Lane of highway 101 Southbound, North of Carrillo.
  • 2 Vehicle non injury accident highway 101 Southbound North of Milpas street.
  • Premises check Washington School 290 Lighthouse.


Will that is all outta me for now Have a Wonderful MONday-MONday… Peter, Molly, Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Shadow, FREDDIE!, Maxwell, Midnight, Merlin, Lola, PoPo, Tom Cat, Clancy, Tiger, Tomicina, Tiny, Andy, Fish Heads One, and Two, Poncho, Denny, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Jonathan, C.J., Brad, Billy, Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Patrick, Christy, Diana, Jim, Rambo, Sherry, Ross, Bommy, Poppy, June, Muskie, Eddie, Bambi, Bengie, Ricky, Lafayette, Ted, Mark, Willie, Mrs. MacArthur, Marty, Cop John, David Cox, Po, Pat, Mavis, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Crazy Ed, Debbie, Ken, Isabelle, Jerry, LUCY! STOBIE THE HOBO, John Hancock,  Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, John Havlick, Ron Santo, Tom Petty, and Chris Willing we will see you on WEDnesday.  Later,  Roger


Written by Roger

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