Scanner Reports 6-9-17

The other day I was looking through my Sunday LA Times, reading some of the articles. After I read it give it to my neighbor, Jim. I go for the coupons, save ten bucks or so a month on the shampoo and soaps over at Rite Aid. This week I was checking out the coupons and noticed that one company that sells tuna has flavored tuna and coupons for two cans. They got Jalapeno, Lemon and Pepper, Sun Dried Tomato, Chipotle, Lemon Sesame, and Ginger, Sriracha, and Spicy Thai Chili flavored tunas. This is the same company where a man was accidently pressure cooked into 12,000 pounds of tuna in one of their ovens. I just cannot bring myself to use that coupon. They have replaced all the ovens and cleaned everything up; there is no trace of the poor guy who was cooked. There were some fake news reports stating the guy was cooked than packaged in cans with the tuna. I had eaten some of the tuna around that time and never noticed a difference in taste. As soon as it was discovered the worker was missing, he was found in the oven so the poor guy wasn’t packaged in the tuna at all.
I worked for a company years ago that packaged thin meats, and a worker was dragged into the slicer. What I heard from other workers is that they pulled the victim out of the slicers, hosed it off and put it back to work thin slicing meats. Back then there wasn’t as many regulations as there are now. Thank the Good Dog for safety regulations and unions too. The tuna company had to pay out over 6 million dollars in fines, and the family of the man killed only got 1.5 million. They should have got a lot more.

Here is your Scanner Reports, Wednesday:

•Premise check in an Alley Way behind 1107 State Street.
•Vehicle accident in the Castillo underpass, non-injury.
•Burglary to a business, Tri County Blinds in the 3600 block of State Street.
•Injury accident, vehicle vs pedestrian, 2100 block of State Street.
•Fall victim head injury 2300 block of Bath Street.
•Medical call, Val Verde Quail Lodge, unknown type.
•Possible burglary, commercial business, 1 North Calle Caesar Chavez.
•Medical call, Pershing Park, seizures.
•Check the welfare of a female in the alleyway behind 7-11 State and Mission.
•Domestic, 1700 block of Grand.
•Medical call county jail.
•Vegetation fire, 1800 block of Fletcher Way, Santa Ynez.
•Subject exposed himself to his neighbor, 200 block of West Cota. Sometimes I think better of Mooning the neighbors.
•Traffic accident, Santa Barbara and Canon Perdido Streets.
•Man down in the area of Hollister and Storke, medical call.
•Smoke alarm going off in the 4900 block of Carpinteria Ave in Carpinteria.
•Probation search in the 300 block of North Alisos.
•Possible drug activity near a silver vehicle in the 400 block of West Islay.
•Elderly fall victim, Cacique and Milpas, medical call.
•Public assist to cut a bike lock at 22 Anacapa Street.
•Burglary to a vehicle in the 4600 block of Carpinteria Ave in Carpinteria.
•Report of a stray dog at Canon Perdido and Vine Streets, and another at Car Stereo Guys, 100 block of South Milpas.
•Check the Welfare of a dog tied to a pole in the 800 block of Santa Barbara Street.
•Former patient refusing to leave GVCH.

Scanner reports, Thursday:

•7600 block of Hollister, graffiti to Ellwood School.
•Noise complaint on Drake Drive.
•Several vehicles parked in NO PARKING because of construction work, 315 West Micheltorena.
•Premises check behind 1221 State Street.
•Medical call, Santa Barbara Tennis Club, 8 year old kid with his finger stuck in a lounge chair.
•Medical call, 200 block of West Canon Perdido, subject down.
•Subject waving around a stick and grabbing his crotch. SBSO call, whereabouts unknown.
•Medical call at County Jail.
•Hazmat incident Camino Calma at Red Rose, yellow and white powder found in car found to be non-toxic.
•Medical call, head injury, Earl Warren Showgrounds.
•Medical call, fall victim, Chapala and Ortega.
•Medical call, county jail.
•Fight, juveniles, Lot 9, 906 Anacapa.
•Engine 2 on a Hazmat Call for raw sewage, 1000 block of East Haley.
•Theft investigation, Antique Alley, 706 State. Female with blond hair was being pursued by an employee; not sure if she was ever caught.
•Hazardous condition, a Mylar balloon stuck in wires, Sycamore Lane at East Yanonali.
•Allergic reaction to being stung by a sea animal, Cabrillo at the beach somewhere.
•Report of a vegetation fire, Happy Canyon at Baseline.

Will that is all outta me for now. Have a wonderful Thank Dog it’s FRYday. Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Carl, Stan, Kent, Elmo, Rambo, Sherry, Walter, Fred, Cory, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Elmo, C.J. Jonathan, Isabelle, Jerry, Brad, Billy, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, and Chris willing, we will see you on Monday. Later, Roger


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