Scanner Reports 6-28-17

I’m so bummed out over the Gibraltar accident, I have nothing to say. I’m sorry someone lost their loved ones, Rest in Peace.

Here is your Scanner Reports, Monday:

•Unruly passenger on the Amtrak train.
•Vehicle accident, 101 NB between Santa Maria and Betteravia.
•Solo vehicle accident into four parked cars, 615 West Carrillo.
•Man down bleeding at Friendship Manor.
•Medical call back of the IRC county jail.
•Fall victim from last night, victim still on the ground from night before, in a residence on the Mesa.
•Check the welfare of children left alone, 5900 block of Hickory.
•Medical call, 132 Harbor Way, seizures.
•Marina 4,132 Harbor Way, subject is bothering the fire personnel of Engine 6.
•Medical call on Roscoe Way.
•Suicidal man jumps on hood of a car in the Big 5 parking lot.
•Someone got punched and had seizures in the 200 block of Constance.
•Shoplifting from Albertsons 1018 Casitas Pass.
•101 SB near Hot Springs, motorcyclist down, non-injury but they said injury. They always do that, say it’s injury, then get there and it’s not.
•Goleta Beach someone stung by a sting ray, OUCH!!!
•Women stealing pallets, 222 North Milpas.
•Medical call front of the country jail.

Scanner Reports, Tuesday:

•SBPD Public Relations contact, 200 block of East Gutierrez.
•Suspicious red station wagon, 1900 block of Chapala, not sure why he was suspicious but sounded like a camper.
•Subject sleeping outdoors, 400 block of Por La Mar.
•Subject with a knife, left area, Chase Palm Park, dark skinned male wearing a blanket, riding a white bicycle. Request was just to check the area for him.
•Wires down, Arrellaga at State Street, cable wires.
•Three subjects running from two subjects, Highway 101, Garden on-ramp area.
•Check the welfare of a male laying in the bike lane near Union Sugar in the 2900 Block of Betteravia in Santa Maria.
•Shoplifting at the Home Improvement Center, 415 East Gutierrez, WMA 30’s black cap grey pants.
•Vandalism of a windshield wiper Chapala at West Figueroa, two subjects arguing, one broke the otter’s windshield wiper, suspect BMA in his 50’s with a suitcase.
•Drunk driver white Honda Patterson at University female driver.
•State and Mission, bicyclist down, possible injury.
•SBSO report at the station on a possible child abuse.
•Premise check, 13 &1400 block of Euclid.
•Premise check Vera Cruz Park.
•Camper 1700 block of East Cabrillo.
•Under the influence subject can hardly walk and talking to himself, 5000 block of San Lorenzo.
•Possible suicidal subject behind Saks, BMA in a wheelchair.
•Illegal dumping, transient living in an RV, 400 block of North Salsipuedes, dumping his trash and peeing on the side of the MTD Building.
•Fire in the oven, 6500 block of Del Playa in a residence.
•Help look for a missing vehicle State and Gutierrez, 2015 white Mustang.
•Possible brandishing of weapon at In and Out in the 4800 block of Calle Real. Subject had a knife in a leather sheath in his pants, he lifted his shirt and brandished it toward the reporting party.
•Possible medical call for a subject who feels like he is going to have a seizure, 900 block of North Milpas.

I was listening to the “vehicle over the side” accident on Monday evening and at first wondering if the vehicle over the side was just another old wreck. When it was determined not to be, I was wondering what happened. Then I heard there was five patients, a call for another ambulance. Then I heard someone say something about possible deaths. I wasn’t sure if there were deaths or not. Even if I knew for sure I did not want to be the one to report them. I pretty much reported everything I heard and went to bed. I was shocked to hear it was a DUI accident, though it sounds like a common explanation. Many accidents are DUI involved. People always bitch and moan over those police checkpoints, thinking they are good drivers under the influence. This guy Brandon thought that too; look where he is at and where he is going to be staying awhile. Tuesday morning, I heard a call that a relative of one of the victims that was killed in that accident. Wanted a deputy to call them about their loved one who is now deceased. Their loved one will never be coming home again. They will never hold each other, be able to say “I love you” to one another. It’s over because of drinking and driving. The passengers might have been drunk too, they probably were, and they made the wrong choice by getting in that car with their friend. He killed them though. It’s not really considered murder, but he knowingly got behind the wheel of that car and killed his two friends, maybe a third. If nothing else, THINK before you get behind the wheel of a vehicle drunk or high. THINK. Because your whole life can change in an instant. For those of you who are passengers, don’t get in a vehicle with someone who is drinking alcohol or under the influence of drugs or weed. The small chance is not worth the large price that you might have to pay getting in a vehicle with an impaired driver. Have a Great Happy Wednesday. Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Clancy, Jerry, Poncho, Elmo, Jonathan, C.J., Walter, Fred, Magruger, Don, Cory, Edwin, Sherry, Rambo Carl, Stan, Kent, Brad, Billy, Isabelle, Jerry, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, and Chris willing, we will see you on FRYday. Later, Roger


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