Scanner Reports 6-26-17

Well another Monday, the weekend after the Solstice Parade. I haven’t been to one of those in many years, though I’m sure they are fun. I’ve never been much for going out unless I’m drunk, then everyone wishes I stayed home. The last time I ever went to any of our town’s celebrations was many years ago, sneaking into the Mercado during the Fiesta Parade for a couple tortas, then running home to hide. I’m sorry to some of you that I am this way. I ought to be ashamed of myself living in a tourist town and being a hermit. Along with the Scanner Reports, I ought to be writing reviews of all the wonderful things we have here in Santa Barbara. Well there is the Spearmint Rhino, I had a good time there once. From what I gathered, I don’t listen to the scanner all night, this weekend seemed pretty much like all the others. Then again when the heavy stuff happens, and it does even here, the powers that be find ways to keep them quiet. But from what I heard, pretty much the same things I heard last weekend. I like it better mellower, even though it may not really be that way but that is what we hear. Out of sight, out of mind.

Here is your Scanner Reports, FRYday:

•Suspicious subjects jumped a fence into a yard where there is bicycles, Olive at Gutierrez. 2 HMAs, one riding a black bike, the other a green bike. Did not hear if they got anything after riding away.
•Medical call, leg laceration from a fall, 500 block of Bath. Sucks getting older, sometimes when you fall bones pop out. It hurts like hell when they put them back in. Sometimes too older folks don’t heal from falls.
•Assault with a weapon occurred in Lompoc reported here, victim transported to Cottage from the 400 block of Chapala.
•Prowler, 6500 block of Cordova, daylight, HMA looking into vehicles.
•Subject refusing to leave PATH 816 Cacique.
•Roomies not getting along, 200 block of Oceano.
•Indecent exposure, HMA wearing a grey jacket and a black backpack. Nothing was said about pants. Walking south on Anacapa from DLG.
•Suspicious white male wandering into the street, Grand at Pedregosa, possibly under the influence.
•Male swatting imaginary bugs, 1400 block of East Cabrillo.
•Suicidal subject north side of town, wants to overdose or slit their wrists.
•Uber driver and passenger not getting along, passenger refusing to get out, 2600 block of DLV.
•Several transients playing catch in the roadway, First block of South Milpas Street.
•50 Year old Drunk son arguing with his mother is locked in his room, west side.
•Sherell at Vega in Goleta, assault, 2 HMAs and a pit bull, attacked victim also a HMA, one against 3.
•Report of a vehicle over the side, 3000 block of Gibraltar. Seems like this is reported every few days and is usually an old wreck that has gone over the side of Gibraltar in the past, all of which have giant “X’s” painted on
the hood in orange or white. Maybe someone ought to somehow find a way to bring those vehicles back up instead of responding to past crashes over and over again.
•Unresponsive male down next to the Loading Dock, 2973 State Street.
•Wedding party taking photos on the railroad tracks, 200 block of West Montecito.
•Medical call for an elderly fall victim at the Sheffield Reservoir.
•Drunk subject at the Linden Ave Amtrak station in downtown Carpinteria.
•Medical call possible overdose 300 block of West Alamar.
•Heroin overdose, 800 block of East Cota.
•Hazard investigation for a strange chemical odor in the area of 500 North Quarantina.
•Heroin overdose, possible death, bathroom of a gas station, 100 block of West Carrillo. Victim transported to Cottage Hospital, unsure if they survived.
•Wallet taken by 2 Middle Eastern men, one in a blue coat the other wearing a grey coat, downtown Santa Barbara.
•Soledad at Quinientos, two on one assault.
•Suspicious subject on a bicycle near storage containers at Santa Barbara Motorsports in the 6400 block of Hollister.

Scanner Reports, Saturday:

•There was a felony suspect running around near the Casino Saturday morning after committing hit and run in a possible stolen vehicle. Last I heard he was running south toward the airport.
•After that, a fella called County Dispatch and said he killed everyone in the house and he was waiting at Turnpike Shell with his son for the Sheriff to arrive. No one was dead at home, everyone was on the front lawn
waiting for him to come back. He was drunk.
•Ellwood Bluffs transients camping with warming fires near homes.
•Suspicious medical call, 400 block of Ellwood Beach Road.
•Missing at-risk female juvenile from County of Santa Barbara, 5’9/ 200 pounds, 17 years old, dreadlocks. Suspected to be somewhere on State Street with a guitar.
•Report of a dozen people fighting upper Manning Park, 449 San Ysidro, never heard any more about it.
•Family fighting over a room for rent on East DLG. That sounds like a fun place to live.
•In the County, missed location, sexual assault.
•Missing at-risk 8 Year old autistic male, red shorts, blue shirt, Mario hat, his name is Sammy. Last seen at State and Figueroa.
•Traffic accident, Ortega and Olive.
•North side Santa Barbara, unresponsive female, suicide attempt.
•Medical call, Rescue Mission.
•On Oceanview in a back yard, illegal burn.
•Four juveniles on the roof of Ellwood School in the 7600 block of Hollister.
•State at Anapamu, transient passed out in the planter.
•Domestic in the 4500 block of Hollister.
•Intruder in residence on Oceanview, got away this time.
•Missing at-risk, male in his 40’s wearing jeans, Grateful Dead tee shirt and walking stick. Last seen 1400 hours at Alamada Park.
•Two suspicious males at the entrance to Parma Park, loitering, in the 2100 block of Stanwood.
•Domestic at Cachuma Lake, male punching female in the face, associated with a silver Camry, highway 154 at Lakeview.

Scanner Reports, Sunday:

•A case of trespassing on Sherwood in Santa Maria.
•Loud Music on Oceanview.
•Robbery investigation, 200 block of West Yananoli.
•Medical call on a boat, Harbor Patrol to transport, medics out. For difficulty breathing, 25 year old male.
•Traffic violation registration 100 Harbor Way.
•Man down, medical call, 5100 block of Hollister.
•Rollover traffic accident, white Jag, from 101 to Calle Real, possibly from the off-ramp, one injury.
•Medical call, 2nd floor American Self Storage, unresponsive code blue male, unknown if he survived.
•Check the welfare of a male down next to a cart Nopalitos at Cacique. He was A-OK.
•Two vehicle accident, 2800 Santa Maria Way, three injuries.
•Robbery overnight, female dumped in Winchester Canyon, Goleta.
•Medical call, unresponsive male at Casa Esperanza, code blue. He passed away – rest in peace.
•Check the welfare of a male down, San Remo at Grove Lane, he was sleeping.
•Medical call, 3800 State Street at Macys, 3rd floor, seizures.
•Medical call, 29 North Milpas for a subject detoxing.
•Medical call, 500 East Boone, for a headache.
•Non-injury hit and run, Highway 101 southbound at Santa Claus Lane on the off-ramp.
•Illegal burn, 500 block of Mercury, Lompoc.
•Man called in, said he was losing his mind, west side. Personal vehicle transport to hospital.
•Road rage between several people, motorcyclists and vehicles, subjects blocking 500 block of West Carrillo.
•Fall victim on Flora Vista, hip injury.

Was checking out the free stuff on Craigslist, and there was a small pitchfork there for anyone who is looking for one. Anyway, have a great Monday. Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, C.J., Jonathan, Walter, Fred, Elmo, Edwin, Cory, Magruder, Don, Brad, Billy, Rambo, Sherry, Isabelle, Jerry, Carl, Stan, Kent, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, and Chris willing, we will see you on Wednesday. Later, Roger


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