Scanner Reports 6-12-17

Family reunion on Facebook. My mom said to me one day on the telephone that I could not be related to anyone in the family because I am the only one who doesn’t drink at all. I see how some of my family members drink on their Facebook pages. One can learn a lot about other people on Facebook. I’m sure I might get blocked by several if not all of my family members now, but that is OK. None of them claim to be related to me anyway. Things might be different if I had money or owned a bar. Over the weekend, one, who is a psychologist, said something to the effect of folks who have anxiety or depression use anti-depressants as a crutch, and that anxiety or depression is NOT a disease. I never thought of either as a disease either, but I take an anti-depressant for anxiety and don’t think of it as a crutch, though I’m sure some do. But it offended me because my relative has a crutch too, though none of my relatives, most of which use the same type crutch, would ever admit to it. They would not find it one bit funny either, but I think it is. My crutch is much cheaper than their crutch. HA! Anyway, I got offended and offended a couple of them. The wonderful thing about Facebook is you can post articles about alcoholism, and there is nothing anyone can do about it going through the feed, unless they block you. Which sometimes happens too late. I know it was immature of me, but sometimes these things are necessary to let others know they have crossed the line, even if they did not mention you by name at all, nor you them.
I bet some of my Facebook friends wondered what was going on. I used to watch Jerry Springer shows to get my family reunion fixes in, but now all I have to do is get on Facebook. I must have been adopted.

Here is your Scanner Reports, FRYday:
•The first call I heard FRYday morning was a request for a Spanish speaking rape crisis counselor at the police station, so I assumed there was a rape investigation in the City on Friday morning.
•Burglary suspect in the Alano Club parking lot crime committed in the 800 Block of State Street, suspect captured by Santa Barbara Police in the 100 block of East Cota.
•Medical call, fall victim with a hip injury, 300 block of West Pedregosa.
•Suspicious subject walking around the neighborhood Salinas Street at Salinas Place.
•Suspicious circumstances, broken window, damaged door, in the 500 block of Chapala.
•Highway 101 south of Highway One, bicyclist down, major head injuries. I hope they are recovering from this accident; one of the AIDS riders. A little while later, another bicyclist fell down and got road rash.
•Medical call for an unresponsive subject on the beach in the 100 block of West Cabrillo.
•Medical call for another unresponsive subject in the 1900 block of San Pasqual.
•Medical call, unknown type, Garden Court.
•Drunk subject disturbing inside Tri County Produce, then went out into the street to disturb others. Good thing my cousin wasn’t driving by, he might have mistaken him for a protester and ran him over.
•Another drunk subject walking in traffic, Storke at Hollister.
•Stolen white Range Rover, 2100 block of Red Rose.
•Domestic, couple bearing each other up, 831 State Street.
•Check the welfare of a Black Forester in the 600 block of Ward Drive. Someone pushed the On Call button.
•Keep the Peace while a subject picks up personal property in the 400 block of Ellwood Beach.
•Medical call, subject down next to a walker, first block of East Haley.
•Check on several subjects drinking in McKenzie Park, 3000 block of State Street.
•Wires down, 1100 block of Indio Muerto.
•Suspicious subjects refusing to leave in the 300 block of Chapala, but they did.
•Medical call, County Jail.
•Episode by subject who had been drinking, 6600 block of Albrago.
•Assault, male kicked female, in the 200 block of West Ortega.
•Medical, man down, 500 block of West Main in Santa Maria.
•Pedestrian in the roadway, 300 block of State Street.
•Suicidal subject in the area, first block of South Milpas.
•On Cliff Drive, RP’s husband is punching himself in the face. She says he’s suicidal.
•Attempted theft of a bicycle outside the Press Room, 15 East Ortega.

Scanner Reports, Saturday:
•Non-injury hit and run, 1800 block of Loma, suspect vehicle in the neighbor’s driveway; a silver Mercedes.
•Domestic, 1500 block of State Street, female inside of store. Male is outside in the parking lot sitting in a silver BMW. She has a restraining order on him.
•SBPD was looking for a subject in a rental truck in the morning, not sure why, north end of the city.
•Medical call, choking with partial obstruction, 200 block of South Milpas. I went out there to see if someone needed the Heimlich maneuver, but the subject was OK.
•Medical call for an unconscious subject at the East Beach Grill.
•Found bicycle, Calle Real at North Fairview.
•Injured coyote on Roblar, bad injuries. My understanding is the coyote had to be put to sleep. I hate those calls. Animal Rescue Team responded.
•Subject with a metal pipe swinging the pipe and yelling at people at Surf Beach.
•Domestic in the area of the 600 block of West De La Guerra.
•Small aircraft down near Rincon Trail.
•Drunk at Cottage.
•Shoplifter at Rite Aid, 199 North Fairview, tried to run over reporting party. Not very smart to have a license plate on the vehicle and use it as a get a way vehicle.
•Reckless vehicle, white 2 door Honda, 101 southbound at Carrillo, registered in Goleta.
•Subject refusing to leave church in the 900 block of San Andres.
•Fall victim, head injury, 1020 Cliff, Cliff View Terrace.
•Medical call at the Bacara, 8300 block of Hollister.
•Parking violation, 2981 Cliff Drive at the Boat House Restaurant.
•Parking violation, 617 Garden Street.
•Check the welfare of a dog in a grey van parked on the street, State at Gutierrez.
•Several fire companies, medics, law enforcement and air support looking for a vehicle accident 3 miles east of East Camino Cielo from Highway 154 on Gibraltar. They never found it, but they searched big time!
•Loud car washing in the 500 block of Myrtle.
•Domestic between mother and a son, the son told the other son he had a gun and it was loaded. It turned out to be an air soft pistol.
•Illegal burn, bonfire, 300 block of Argon Circle.
•As I was konking out, I heard something about a car driving into a sinkhole on Orcutt-Garey.

Scanner Reports, Sunday:
•Loud cleaning crew disturbing in the 3400 block of Richland.
•Water main break, possible sinkhole. It was on Voluntario, but I missed the cross street, maybe Cacique.
•Medical call, fall victim, 2900 block of Puesta Del Sol.
•Public Works call for property clean up in City Lot 11. They were busy on Sunday what with clean ups and the water main break.
•Some guy, possibly drunk, was trying to get into peoples’ houses in the 400 block of Bath; first pounding on doors, then trying door handles. Police responded Code 3 (lights and sirens). Everything was OK after that.
•Naked code drunk, MTD at 1020 Chapala, wma 60’s.
•Medical call seizures, 4000 block of State Street.
•Medical call, fall victim on Ocean View first block.
•Drunk female, 2800 block of State Street, says someone hit her and ran off.
•Domestic, 1000 block of Garden.
•Drunk female at the Casino alone.
•Alcohol overdose on the 600 block of “O” Street.
•Gas odor, no problem found, Garden at Valerio.
•Medical call, first block of West Cabrillo, at the Harborview Inn.
•SBPD attempting to locate an assault with a deadly weapon suspect, 1100 block of Mercedes Lane.
•Three injury vehicle accident with a pregnant female involved, Highway 101 southbound at Sheffield.
•Domestic, 1000 block of Quail Ridge.
•Naked male WMA 60’S at MTD 1020 Chapala, Public Works responding for cleanup.

Well, that is all outta me for now. Have a great Monday. Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Jonathan, C.J., Brad, Billy, Carl, Stan, Kent, Elmo, Walter, Fred, Magruder, Cory, Edwin, Don, Rambo Sherry, Isabelle, Jerry, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, and Chris willing, we will see you on Happy Wednesday. Later, Roger


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