Scanner Reports 3-29-19

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

I was in shock when I saw that Zack Warburg had been arrested for sex crimes involving minors, that was on Wednesday when I read it on Edhat. Now 24 hours later I am very angry that he used his position to gain access toward his victims. However, I do not blame the news outlets where his photographs were displayed, I doubt they knew what he was up to. I read the charges and became ill, it bought back bad experiences that happened to me as a kid especially when I read the age range of his victims 11 to 17 years old.

I was 12 the first time and the last time I was 19 .I became violent after being a victim of child abuse than sexual abuse. Recently I was contacted by the person I knew years ago that molested his own daughter, this was someone who had been a close friend for many years. I had no idea what he was doing to his own kid. I found out about it reading Edhat one morning in 2010. I wrote about him before saying I wanted NO CONTACT with him after he got out. No contact ever again. I ran into him as he was working in a fast food restaurant in the First block of North Milpas a few months ago. He did his time though in my opinion it wasn't enough. One day he asked if he could call me I said "Yes" but later wondered why I said Yes? I did, no matter, I would hear him out though when he called I did not answer the phone. After a few times of calling getting no answer he came over, we took a walk. He made amends to me for how his actions affected me and I accepted those amends but that does not mean I forgive him for what he did. He did his time, I have no right to give him any more time. He told me that his boss called him into work the other day and fired him after working at his job for a year.

Obviously, his boss discovered who he is and that is also part of the punishment of being a registered sex offender. The victims go through Hell the rest of their lives, their abuser is sentenced to the same by having to register as a sex offender, the plug can be pulled on their lives anytime. No one wants to hire them, or rent to them or live near them, they basically have no lives. If they break the law in any way even Jay Walking they can be violated and do more time. Robert was drunk when he molested his daughter he is sober now, hopefully, he will stay sober the rest of his life many offenders commit their crimes under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It does not give them an excuse to commit the crime. I think they have the desire to commit the offense and the alcohol and  or drugs make it easier for them to do so. I feel better about myself then I used to it takes a lot of work getting through the feelings of being a victim of molestation and rape to that of a survivor. As a survivor of molestation and rape, I am sorry for all of the victims of Zack Warburg that includes victims as well as employers, and friends. Here are your Scanner Reports.

Scanner Reports, Wednesday:

  • Highway 154 at 101 Northbound vehicle accident.
  • 459 Burglary attempt on Betty Drive.
  • Vandalism Parking lot 6 1200 Anacapa upper level SBPD found 3 subjects in the stairwell.
  • Truck into 2 parked cars which went into an auto parts building 5855 Hollister Goleta.
  • Fall victim 1300 Block of Western.
  • Check the Welfare of a subject in the 7500 Block of Cathedral Oaks.
  • 415 Family on Hickory street.
  • Burglary investigation to an apartment in the 500 Block of West Victoria.
  • 459 Audible Alarm at an address on DLG Plaza.
  • Premises check Oak Avenue.
  • 415 Transient disturbing at Starbucks 208 West Carrillo.
  • Public assist SBPD  ride to Cottage Hospital. State street at Gutierrez, 594pc Vandalism of a vehicle mirror and Urinating in public.
  • Mutual Aide call from Montecito on a structure Fire in the 400 Block of Hot Springs but it was canceled right away.
  • Med Call in the 3800 Block of State street for a choking victim who canceled 2 minutes later because they stopped choking.
  • Report of a suspicious subject on top of the Granada Garage with repelling equipment and possibly a bungee cord last seen in the stairwell. SBPD responded and found the Fire Department there but no one else.
  • 484 Theft Macys 3805 State street 2 Employees  detained.
  • WFA Transient harassing a BMA Transient and reporting party at the Art Museum 1130 State street.
  • Landlords Daughters Boyfriend vs Tennant in the 1000 Block of East Haley. One landlord is enough when the whole family comes after you your in deep poop!
  • 459 Burglary to a vehicle in the Coast Guard Lot 111 Harbor Way.
  • Theft investigation Vons 1040 Coast Village Road.
  • 459 To a vehicle that is a burglary at Gelsons 3305 State street.
  • Sexual Battery Juvenile victim Dutton at Micheltorena Mother was going to confront the suspect SBPD responded code 3 lights and sirens and contacted suspect in the 600 Block of East Micheltorena I heard no more about it.
  • HMA wearing a purple shirt on a skateboard about 20 years old.
  • WFA Transient ripped off a white sweatshirt from the Hilton gift shop 633 East Cabrillo.
  • BMA threatening an apartment manager and refusing to leave 329 East Carrillo


Scanner Reports, Thursday: 

  • 4 Subjects in a green sedan in the parking lot of  Taco Bell 821 North Milpas smoking Meth, SNOT for long!
  • Transient in a wheel chair refusing to leave McDonalds 1213 State street and doing H&S= Drugs.
  • Check on a subject in the Cacique street Underpass 900 Block of Cacique.
  • Glass on the Road and sidewalk North Side Hollister at Los Carones needs to be cleaned up.
  • Female yelling in the park Chase Palm Park Extention near the Ship Wreck.
  • Crush Cakes Tip Jar Thief number one, and number 2 came along a little bit later though I think they are both number 2.
  • Female refusing to leave Ralphs 100 West Carrillo trespassing.
  • SBPD to assist SBSO trying to locate a 459 Burglary suspect at Kids World in Alameda Park, heard they were also at Alice Keck.
  • Stephen P. Disturbing Anapamu and Santa Barbara streets.
  • Check the Welfare of someone not heard from in a few days 700 Block of Miramonte.
  • At Sansum clinic in Lompoc 1200 Block of H  Street a med call for a dog bite.
  • 415 Domestic female yelling things being thrown 400 Block of West Guiterrez in a residence.
  • Report of a possibly naked male near the Berryman in the 200 Block of West Montecito.
  • Suicide from a bridge by hanging 200 Block of West Montecito not the naked male police Officer said when they got there the naked male was there with them.
  • 417 pc Brandishing a knife at Rite Aide 35 South Milpas a female got caught stealing then pulled a knife on an employee possibly the manager in order to escape.
  • Overdose at Buena Vista Care Center 160 South Patterson overdose on Norco and Alcohol.
  • Med call ill subject 400 Block of East Ortega.
  • Transient blocking entrance to World Market refusing to leave 610 State street he was gone when police arrived.
  • 415 Subjects on Butterfly Beach being aggressive.
  • Vehicle accident Highway 101 Southbound at Fairview.


So on WEDnesday Joey rescued a baby bunny rabbit and brought him to me, he has brought me 4 Bunnies now in the past year or so. He let this one go outside so it took me some time to find it and I did, while I happen to be pulling weeds, not smoking them. Anyway I tried to let the little critter go in the area I thought Joey found him but it started to rain and the little Bunny did not want to go. So I brought him back in the house worried about the little guy. I called the Wildlife Care Network a nice woman Kirsten came and picked him up hopefully he will be released back here someday cute little feller. Thank You Kirsten and Thank You WildLife Care Network. Well Every Bunny Have a Wonderful Weekend. Peter, Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Tom Cat, Clancy, Tiger, Thomicina, Maxwell, Shadow, FREDDIE! Midnight, Merlin, Lola, PoPo, Tiny, Andy, Fish Head One, and Two, Denny Deem, Poncho, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Jonathan, C.J., Brad, Billy, Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Patrick, Cristy, Diana, Jim, Rambo, Sherry, Bommy, Poppy, June, Muskie, David Cox, Po, Marty, Cop John, Eddie, Bambi, Pat, Mavis, Bengie, Ricky, Lafayette, Ted, Willie, Debbie, Ken, Isabelle, Jerry, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Crazy Ed, LUCY! STOBE THE HOBO, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Tom Petty, and Chris Willing we will pee you on MONday-MONday.  Later,  Roger

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a-1553870753 Mar 29, 2019 07:45 AM
Scanner Reports 3-29-19

Roger, I looked at JP's twitter this morning. Not too far from you, the reopened country club w/movie theater. Interested in going there? "MONTECITO CLUB NOW OPEN after 3 years of renovations. $75-million project includes Jack Nichlaus Signature golf course, movie theater, bowling, pools, and views at iconic Santa Barbara perch."

a-1553872743 Mar 29, 2019 08:19 AM
Scanner Reports 3-29-19

Re: Montecito club..
I worked as security there back in the 80's.
Built around 1911 as a residence, it's elaborate & creepy..with dark, dripping corridors underground.
There are hidden closets & unseable doors unless one knows where to look.
Cool place.

a-1553877802 Mar 29, 2019 09:43 AM
Scanner Reports 3-29-19

Ty Warner, owner of the Montecito Country Club, wanted to make the best country club in the world. The best that Beanie Babies can buy...

Roger Mar 29, 2019 10:30 AM
Scanner Reports 3-29-19

I would love to go there after I get better with my feet and swipe someones dentures CindaRogerella don't look or move so good right now. I saw JP on Facebook..:)

sbmermaid Mar 29, 2019 07:52 PM
Scanner Reports 3-29-19

Roger, do you have any info on what is going on at 843/845 Weldon Road, Santa Barbara Mesa. 3 cop cars including the SBCounty Sheriff car. This is a residential area, SBCC student house. Any info is appreciated. Hope no one is hurt.

a-1553915177 Mar 29, 2019 08:06 PM
Scanner Reports 3-29-19

Nope sorry not listed I was ,listening to the stand off call thought I heard Weldon Road on another channel but the street was all I heard.

sbmermaid Mar 29, 2019 08:12 PM
Scanner Reports 3-29-19

Thanks anyway! Let me know if you hear anything. No sirens, no maybe mental health incident?

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