Scanner Reports 2-21-18

By Roger the Scanner Guy

I guess I’m not allowed to comment on other articles or pictures. I can look but not touch, if I dare comment I’m immediately deleted and banished to the corner after all everyone knows what a thin skinned jerk I am. All of this is becoming very comical to me, it reminds me of this thing friends used to say about me in AA. Many years ago they had a saying there “Some are sicker than others.” My friends used to say “Some are sicker than others then there’s Byrd.” Byrd was my nickname. Big Bird to be exact, but I just liked to be called Byrd some of you here guessed I was Byrd you were correct. I left Byrd back in AA the last time I was there over 15 years ago now. I used to go to the Alano Club at Garden and Cota all my meetings were there, once in a while I went elsewhere but I loved the Alano Club the best because it had been a church before it was the Alano Club, an old Church with those beautiful wood floors, we used to have in most old structures in the Day.

When my friends said “Some are sicker than others then there’s Byrd.” I took it to heart, it hurt my feelings,(I have feelings ya know). Some people don’t, I’m glad I’m not one of them. I used to think that I was sicker in the head then everyone in AA, then I got to know some of the other members personally even moved in with a couple and HOLY BALONEY!!! I was not the Sickest one there! In fact I was quite sane compared to “Some of the sicker than others.” I quit AA not because of that but because it really wasn’t for me. I stayed there a long time thinking it was and felt like a failure that I couldn’t make a go of it at the last house on the block, the next house to me was Death and I was headed there but before I could get there I found the place I was supposed to be at all along and I’m there now. I have a lot of old friends from AA we still speak, different strokes for different folks not everyone fits in the same place, yet. I think we are all headed there sometimes, the same place.

This comment thing is really funny, you try and say something and other people who don’t like you can DOWN VOTE you anonymously. The only thing that pisses me off is that SOME PEOPLE that vote me down when I’m really trying to say something, trying to explain are some of the same people that are curious about things going on when they hear sirens, or see something questionable where they want to know what is going on. I have no use for Ass Hats in my life but then I am one it’s a NO WIN Situation. Funny thing though there’s this movie it’s got Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner in it, it’s a Western I like Westerns always have. I always get the name messed up I think it’s called “Open Range” or something like it there is one part of the movie where Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner round up the bad guys and put them in jail then every morning where they wake them up they give them their Breakfast Chloroform knocking them out. The prisoners always make this moaning sound. It’s the same sound I think some of the “Haters of Roger” make when they read some of my comments, the more some of my comments are voted down the more collective moans I imagine and the more I laugh thinking about it.

Here are your Scanner Reports, Enjoy your Chloroform 🙂 MONday-MONday:

  • Non injury accident one party is Uninsured 600 Block of West Arrellaga.
  • Medical call for a Fall victim La Mesa Park, public accident.
  • First Block of West Pedregosa 10851 Stolen vehicle.
  • Rape on the beach in Santa Barbara overnight victim hospitalized with traumatic injuries.
  • Santa Maria missed the exact location heard a park near the Tyco building possibly 600 Block of West Foster HMA Exposing himself to children in the park.
  • Harassment, Calle Real near Dexter been going on along time, I have been harassed by someone for 40 years maybe I should press charges I keep thinking they are going to stop someday. lol.
  • 415 Male yelling 2000 Block of Chapala one reporting party reported shots heard but I think they thought it was fireworks and there was no more about it.
  • Someone went to the bathroom on a building in the 3900 Block of State street a big white man wearing Camo in his 50’s.
  • Suspicious red car in the 3400 Block of Manzana an 2003 Nissan with expired tags and 2 people in it been there a week registered out of Lompoc.
  • Tree down on wires 123 East Micheltorena.
  • 415 Subject harassing others at Greyhound 224 Chapala.
  • Check the welfare of a subject laying in the dirt near McDonalds 1100 Block of Casitas Pass.
  • Shoplifter running through DLG Plaza after stealing boxers, and socks from a store on State street I’m pretty sure he got caught around the corner.
  • Ill subject medical call 40 South Milpas near the Roundabout.
  • Check the welfare of a man in a wheelchair in the CVS Parking lot in the 5800 Block of Calle Real.
  • Turnpike at Calle Real box of screws spilled in the road way.
  • Check the Welfare of a man down in the Rose Bush that would hurt 200 Block of West Constance.
  • Tip Jar thief,  a regular Tip Jar thief in Market Place strikes again trespassing and 484 Petty Theft 7004 Market Place that sucks people work real hard for their money only to get ripped off. I had a job once where I got tips at the end of the night 10.00 bucks came in real handy when it was all you had before payday. I feel for those who get robbed by some Lazy Punk
  • 400 East Victoria man yelling and beginning to Strip maybe he is looking for a job, or tips.
  • Domestic Violence Male named Cameron beating up a gal  with an infant in her arms in the 4400 Block of Hollister reporting party did not actually see the beating only a raised fist and hear the woman yell..”Don’t!” but there are the male is on probation for 273.5 Domestic Violence he ran away before the police got there because he is not afraid to abuse a woman but men who don’t scare him Chicken headed Jackass!
  • Small fire in a residence in the 700 Block of Moreno Full SB City Fire response
  • BBQ Fire contained to the BBQ 100 Block of West Arrellaga there was a Full fire response there also.


Scanner Reports, Tuesday:

  • AMR Transport of an elderly female from Modoc and Verconia Springs.
  • Smoke odor inside a residence in the 300 Block of Cannon Drive engine 4 responded I did not hear anything about a fire.
  • Suspicious circumstances open door at Fed Ex in the 1000 Block of State street.
  • Juvenile with a knife at Maple High School in Lompoc he had to be physically detained and I believe he was arrested.
  • Suicidal subject who wants to shoot themselves but has no gun North Side of Santa Barbara.
  • SBPD attempt to locate a subject in the first block of East Victoria.
  • 415 Subject disturbing and yelling at the MTD Station on Chapala street.
  • Suicidal subject at the iHop in the 1700 Block of State street wants to shoot themselves but doesn’t have a gun.
  • Domestic  Violence investigation 1600 Block of Grand.
  • Suspicious circumstances 600 Block of East Ortega 2 subjects are suspicious in a suspicious vehicle HMA and BMA hanging out. I thought that park was all cleaned up another political promise down the tubes I hear things in Ortega Park all the time.
  • 29 East Guiterrez street Palm Tree Fire engines one and two responded.
  • Subject with a broken ankle in the 3700 Block of Modoc at Val Verde.
  • 245 Assault with a weapon two thugs beat a victim with baseball bats in River Park at the Riverbed.
  • Palm Tree Fire Alisos and Carpinteria street engine 2 responded.
  • Medical Emergency at the county jail 4436 Calle Real.
  • Suspicious Circumstances at SBCC 721  Cliff drive
  • Fall victim from a roof in the 500 Block of North Milpas injuries.
  • There was no palm tree on fire at 29 East Guiterrez it was the palm tree fire at Alisos and Carpinteria.
  • Fall victim at the Best Western in the driveway 336 West Cabrillo.
  • Fall victim CostCo 1700 Block of South Broadway.
  • Medical call for a subject who has been Pepper Sprayed in the 900 Block of South Broadway.
  • 5150 Transport from Cottage to PHF.


I really hate politics since I voted in the last election I got 8 years to bitch and moan about the subject if I want even then it’s not voting that gives me license to bitch, paying just one cent in tax gives me license to bitch. Politicians are bigger crooks than crooks in my Scanner Reports, they con the Public into representing them and then they rip them off with a big smile on their face. I hate politicians, the only one I like is Hal Conklin, if we ever run out of food I’m eating the rest just so you know. Have a great WEDnesday…Peter, Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Clancy, Midnight, Merlin, Thomicina, Fish Head One, Poncho, Jerry, Jonathan, C.J. Walter, Fred, Brad, Billy, Carl, Kent, Stan, ELMO, Patrick, Christy, Diana, Jim, Rambo, Sherry, Bommy, Poppy,David Cox, Poe, Bengy, Ricky, Marty, Cop John, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Isabelle, Jerry, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Tom Petty, and Chris willing we will see you on FRYday.  Later,  Roger


Written by Roger

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  1. Roger, I don’t understand how anyone can just get a comment deleted out of hate or spite and then we can’t read it to make our own judgement. The old way was better when comments got sent to limbo but we could see what reason there was for them being deleted. These “Roger haters” as you call them are just feeling an ego boost to their own low self esteem. Big bad oafs!

  2. I know they are punks it’s cool better they get their anger out on me then go home and beat the wife, and kids, kick the dog. I kind of like it when people hate me it makes me feel good in a sick way I guess I’m just kinky I’m in so much pain right now if someone punched me I’d probably feel better….I don’t know why we can’t see the deleted comments I have no say there it doesn’t matter to me some of these comments I can’t understand anyway guess I’m a big dummy…Should change the name to Big Dummies Scanner Reports give some of the haters a boner.

  3. When people could see deleted comments, a big stew would happen, “why deleted” “the nanny blah blah”. Edhat is the ONLY resource in Santa Barbara that allows comments. To me, the current system works. No need to see what has gone away. You can please some of the people some of the time. There’s no perfect system. The one we have now actually does work. The Management Team at Edaht has chosen well. Thank you.

  4. Roger, SpaceX launch this morning from Vandenberg was exciting! I was looking through binoculars and pretty sure I saw a missile practice launch, too, by the folks in our air defense. It came across the pathway from right to left. Don’t mess with us N. Korea, we’re on it. Anybody else see that?

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