Scanner Reports 11-29-17

By Roger the Scanner Guy

When I left home the 2nd time after getting the boot from the Navy and being told to go home by the FBI as I was a witness against my will in a theft case, I took Wood Jesus with me. I wasn’t leaving him in my Moms bedroom so he could witness all that sinning that went on in there, among other places in the home. All these years I have moved around I took wood Jesus with me, he is now on top of my shelf overlooking my desk. I think I’m going to decorate him this year, he wants a small gas mask for Christmas I don’t know why? I am also going to get him a wreath to wear around his head or neck, I might have to make one. He should be done up, I feel blessed with the wood Jesus up there on the shelf like an Elf.

Belinda told me she snatched an antique picture off the wall when she left home, a lithograph I think. I ruined it trying to get a look at it. Oh well easy come Easy go. I googled it and the original was worth bucks, I hope it wasn’t the original. Either way with wood Jesus on my shelf I don’t have to go to confession I just tell wood Jesus everything. Neighbors look at me awfully strange with they see me talking to him don’t know why?

Saw something on the internet about folks tying scarfs to trees for the houseless and poor to pick up, wrap up, and keep warm. That is a good idea, I’ll do a little bit as I like to order cheap clothing in hopes some of it will fit, especially with socks that are not always the case so I give things away. I usually give the socks to working folks like Security Guards. they don’t make a lot of moola and they work. Some of em even end up getting mixed up in confrontations like Robert over there on South Milpas by Rite Aide, and that other Security Guard I got into it with by Trader Joes, poor guy. Security guards don’t make enough money to protect peoples property with their lives anyway it’s nice to do things for others.

Sure was cold  Monday night, about froze my feet off trying to get some shut-eye, gotta wash my blankeys for Christmas and clean my little place hard to do when your hurting all the time but it has to be done so what the Hay.

Here are your Scanner Reports, MONdayMONday:

  • Traffic accident possible injuries 4306 West Central Lompoc.
  • Traffic Accident Westbound 154 a half mile East of the entrance to Lake Cachuma vehicle over the side.
  • Fight 200 Block of Oceano one hit the other in the face with a shovel, I bet that hurt
  • Suspicious circumstances 1200 Block of Cacique open door no one home.
  • 5 Subjects in the alleyway of the Canary Hotel 31 West Carrillo harassing passersby.
  • Non injury accident highway 101 S.B. North of Las Positas between a motorcycle and a black Mercedes.
  • Premise check Ortega Park.
  • Code 40, Drunk in his 70’s refusing to leave a business in that block. Turned out he was younger than Roger Thanks Dispatch. Later on I went to Rite Aide and a young man in his 60’s told me I looked good for 70. I’m 59 Fifty Nine People!
  • Smoke on the Cliffs Hendrys Beach natural seepage reported.
  • Medical emergency for an Unconscious subject in the 5400 Block of Carpinteria Ave.
  • 242 On Ellwood Beach Road victim beaten with a ceramic fish, I wonder if it was a gold one?
  • Vegetarian fire 650 Highway 246.
  • Threats investigation subject threatened to burn down a building 1500 Block of West Main in Santa Maria.
  • Threats investigation Santa Barbara High School.
  • Truck vs hydrant Mission at State street hydrant lost.
  • Theft of a jacket from Ross Dress for Less in 5 points per employee at Pet Co who was informed by the thief that he took his jacket from there.
  • SBPD on a group near 15 East Haley.
  • Possible UI on meth subject with a knife in the 600 Block of Del Monte.
  • Code 2 Medics for a code 40, Drunk Haley at Olive.
  • Fall victim First Block of South Voluntario.
  • Trespassing 400 Block of Rose Avenue.
  • 5150 Male yelling he was going to kill others 1800 Block of State street.
  • Drunk female yelling a Little Caesars 21 North Milpas I usually only yell at him in the bathroom.
  • Assault at the Art Museum Anapamu at State streets 2 Females fighting over a male. need I say more?
  • Medical call for an Unresponsive drunk in the 200 Block of West Haley.
  • Never heard the was a 211 Robbery but heard dispatch telling acouple officers that a subject matching the description of their robbery suspect was heading East on Gutierrez.


Scanner Reports, Tuesday

  • Subject possibly trying to light his hair on fire 1040 Coast Village Road near Vons last seen walking East with the police following on Coast Village Road.
  • Medical AMR Stand By at GVJH, not sure why?
  • Electrical fire Structure response 2900 Block of Najoqui Ave. in Los Olivos.
  • State street Ballet Premise check.
  • Subject at CVS In the 5700 Block of Calle Real aggressive toward passer bys and unable to walk.
  • 3900 Block of Stacy Lane fall victim.
  • Medical on the Mesa subject passed away rest in peace.
  • Domestic I’m not going to say where it was but a father was throwing his Sons ashes all around the home, sad Poor family.
  • AWOL subject from Changing Faces.
  • Trespassing subject at El Carrillo 315 West Carrillo.
  • Unconscious subject 400 Block of South McClellan.
  • Kid pulled fire alarm at Santa Barbara Junior High, I never did that.
  • Medical call 2600 Block of Morrell Road.
  • Subject 400 Block of Rose Ave subject on scene known to carry a weapon.
  • Subject at a Bus Stop near an Albertsons and a Starbucks exposing himself county call they did not say where but I’m going to say highway 246.
  • Verbal 415 Argument at the Bus Stop in the 5400 Block of Hollister.
  • Subject refusing to leave an  address in the 1900 Block of Cliff Drive.
  • Subject down check the welfare 700 Block of East Guiterrez.
  • Subject possibly under the influence of ? Refusing to leave GVCH   HMA wearing a suit.
  • Possible 10851 recovery 200 Block of North Salinas grey sedan license plate on vehicle checks out stolen vehicle.
  • Elderly female walking Southbound on the 101 wearing a purple shirt.
  • 415 Unknown type SBJR 700 Block of East Cota.


Will that is all outta me for now Have a Great WEDnesday…..Peter, Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Fish Head One, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Brad, Billy, Jonathan, C.J., Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Magruder, Don, Cory, Edwin, Rambo, Sherry,Patrick,Christy, Diana, Jim, Bommy, Poppy, Marty, Cop John, Poe, David Cox, Isabelle, Jerry, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Tom Petty, and Chris willing we will see you on FRYday. Later, Roger


Written by Roger

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