Scanner Reports 11-1-17

By Roger the Scanner Guy

You can always tell when Election Day is nearby, the sweet smell of bull manure in the air. I was listening to the scanner Tuesday morning when I heard a 242 (assault) in progress. A male stated his girlfriend was hitting him in his vehicle, a blue Subaru in the parking lot of Big 5 in the 3900 Block of State street the phone then disconnected. Every time the police tried to call the number back the phone disconnected again so the responding police responded code 3, lights and sirens, thinking this male’s life was in danger. When the police got there the blue Subaru wasn’t there, anywhere they drove around the buildings and the mall nothing. I guess it was just another call where the male played a little control game in his dysfunctional relationship to regain control until she hits him again at the expense of taxpayers and the police who had many other calls on Tuesday morning but some idiots think their games are more important than other people lives. It’s too bad this person cannot be traced through their cell phone and be made to pay for this little game, “Oh he can” I guess maybe if he calls back some day really needing help the call might not be taken as seriously, why go code 3 if he is just going to be gone? They might have been parked nearby just watching all the action the lights, sirens, probably not sitting in a BLUE Subaru, probably a green Toyota, or a red Dodge. Who cares all in fun right? Maybe that person having a medical emergency at the same time cared and was hoping a responder would get there soon but they had to respond to this phoney call for help in the 3900 Block of State Street first.

Scanner Reports MONday:

  • Sexual Battery 700 Block of Loma Alta I don’t think they caught up with this grabber yet so be careful he escaped on a bicycle.
  • Domestic fight 200 Block of Ladera.
  • 1200 Block of Chapala parking Lot 5.
  • Vandalism investigation.
  • Suspicious circumstances subject holding a baby over a 2nd-floor outdoor railing at the Lemon Tree Motel 2019 State street. My dad held me outside a seat on the top of the Ferris Wheel at Riverview in Chicago and I turned out OK.
  • Transient down next to a crack pipe in the 1900 Block of State street. I think that would make a great travel advertisement poster for Santa Barbara.
  • Elings Park was where a police officer saw the couple wanted in robberies involving stolen vehicles as they were preparing to leave the park he was rounding up other units to capture the couple before they got away. It was very professional the way the police conducted this moving stake out through one side of Hope Ranch and outside the other where the police were waiting. After a short pursuit the crooks were captured and are both most likely enjoying a cold soy breakfast at Santa Barbara County Jail this morning.
  • Shoplifting at 7-11 on Milpas 400 Block North.
  • Here we are again another Stolen RV from thy blessed evening before involving a Domestic dispute in the 3900 Block of State street. The MALE ripped off the RV from the female calling her the next day from behind a bar on Cliff Drive. I could hear it now,”Oh Baby Love of my life I’m sooooooo sorry I promise I will never do it again, I love you.” making mushy kissing sounds in the phone with his nasty ass lips…..”I love you too honey where are you?”  Behind   Blankty, blank on Cliff Drive.”          ” I’ll be right there Dear don’t leave”                                     “I won’t my sweet Love Bunny.”………..2 Minutes later ” 911 What’s your emergency..”   Another soy breakfast in thy blessed Santa Barbara County Jail.  Heeheeheehee.
  • Medical call near Nordstroms for seizures.-
  • Juvenile with a warrant hanging out near Noahs Anchorage sounds like he was a runaway too pretty sure they picked him up.
  • A pair of code 40’s drunks a male and a female in front of CVS Pharmacy 336 North Milpas
  • SBPD on a subject 100 Block of Powers.
  • Theft of a purse from a residence 104 Los Aquaries from one of the apartments there
  • Somewhere on Highway 246 Road Rage passengers from a Honda got out and beat passengers of a BMW with bottles.
  • Domestic dispute – family 3900 Block of Silverleaf.
  • Suspicious subject climbed reporting parties back fence 1100 Block of Punta Gorda.
  • Subject refusing to leave GVCH.-
  • Head injury French Press parking lot SBPD on scene 500 Block of Anacapa.
  • Black Prius leaving the 1200 Block of Coast Village Road Drunk Driver vehicle registered in Los Angeles.-
  • Structure Fire report 2300 Block of Sweeney road.


Scanner Reports, Tuesday:

  • Premise check 1221 Chapala.
  • 202 East Cota premise check.
  • 236 East Cabrillo premises check.
  • Assault in a vehicle, male beaten up by his girlfriend Unable to Locate, phoney call 3900 Block of State street.
  • Subject preventing jurors from entering courthouse 1100 Block of Santa Barbara street.
  • Transient Carrillo and State street female.
  • West Main and Obisbo vehicle accident.
  • 1600 Block of Cliff Drive premises check.
  • Cacique and Milpas Transients blocking the sidewalk.
  • 900 Block of Chapala drinkers in the parking lot.
  • 1400 Block of San Miguel burglary to a vehicle.
  • 5900 Block of Encina Burglary.
  • Cambridge and Cathedral Oaks RV with Ohio Plates blocking.
  • Traumatic injury UCSB Campus building 504.
  • Trespassing investigation 33 East Micheltorena.
  • Deputy hears male yelling “I’m going to kill you!” 7400 Block of Hollister, I did not hear any more so he probably did not mean it.
  • Traumatic injury 5300 Block of Hollister.
  • Transient carrying a baseball bat 300 Block of East Cabrillo in Chase Palm Park
  • Subject was at the DoubleTree then Cabrillo Ball Field caused a disturbance at the Double Tree 600 Block of East Cabrillo.
  • Subject threatening to assault people in the 100 Block of North Milpas SBPD caught up with him at Cacique and Milpas.
  • Stolen car, Keys left in running vehicle 100 Block of East Ortega 2010 Black Toyota Hylander.
  • Wires down 1600 Block of DLV.
  • 100 Block of West Calle Crespas subject who hasn’t been seen in a few days found dead in an apartment, had 2 dogs going to the county shelter calls like this break my heart.

That does it for me poor dogs I hope someone adopts them both out I would if I could. Have a great WEDnesday… Peter,Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Fish Head One, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Brad, Billy, Jonathan, C.J., Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Patrick, Christy, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Rambo, Sherry, Diana, Jim, Marty, Cop John, Isabelle, Jerry, David Cox, Poe, John Hancock, Michey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Tom Petty, and Chris Willing we will see you on FRYday.  Later,  Roger


Written by Roger

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