Scanner Reports 10-6-17

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Every time someone brings up gun control, the opposition brings up the murder rate in Chicago. There have been murders in Chicago and the ‘burbs since the beginning of time, not just now. No other time in history has the public had access to the news more than now, with computers, social media and everyone breaking news stories. There are murders everywhere, not just Chicago. Many murders are not reported as murders. Suspicious death is the new murder in towns like Santa Barbara, where the powers that be don't want to lose tourist dollars. What should be asked of these folks that talk about the murders in Chicago to justify their gun collections is, Do you live in Chicago? I was a violent son of a bitch as a kid; beaten into it. I left that area years ago. My life changed dramatically over the years, for the better. I have no doubt I would be dead or locked up somewhere had I not got the hell out of there.

Realistically, murder can happen anywhere, anytime. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more, with many people in possession of guns. There are many people who should not be allowed to have guns. Since there obviously is not going to be much of a change in gun control laws even after our newest mass homicide, there should be educational classes required for those wishing to own a gun. Many people don't know how to use a gun when they buy them. Many people buy guns out of fear. I used to have a roommate in Goleta who had five loaded guns in her home. She was a total drug addict. She pulled a gun on me because I looked at her as she was sitting at the kitchen table naked when I came home from work. I guess I should have worked another shift. Just like Chicago, I left real quick, left most of my things there, climbed out the window, went back to work and slept in my storage room at Montecito Shores. Moved into the Schooner on payday. Everyone in that house in Goleta was messed up in the head from drugs, or just nuts. And they all had guns except for me. In my opinion, people should be thoroughly checked out and educated before being allowed to own a gun. But it will probably never happen.

Here is your Scanner Reports, Wednesday:

  • Camper, 900 block of DLV on a patio.
  • Animal Control response on the 100 block of Bermante.
  • Minor injury accident in the Castillo Underpass, 300 block of Castillo.
  • Vandalism to a vehicle in the 900 block of San Pasqual.
  • Medical call, Mission Terrace, for an infection after surgery on a hip. The patient is also confused.
  • Suspicious vehicle, 1200 block of Shoreline.
  • Two juveniles suspiciously looking into vehicles, 1200 block of East DLG.
  • Keep the peace at a residence in the 1800 block of Garden. It got physical before the police got there, but stopped after they arrived.
  • Someone driving northbound on Hollister in Goleta yelled "Eastside Crazies.” SBSO was looking for the subject and the vehicle.
  • Medical emergency for an unresponsive subject at Three Pickles on East Canon Perdido.
  • Structure fire at Best Western on Carpinteria Avenue in Carpinteria, 4500 block.
  • Check the welfare of an unattended 5 year old kid who is stealing from Subway and 7-11 in the 1900 block of State Street.
  • Medical call, kid choking, 200 block of West North Street.
  • Medical call Quarantina and Mason.
  • Non-injury hit and run investigation, 1100 block of State Street.
  • Female thinks she is being followed, in the 1100 block of State Street.
  • Juveniles on West Figueroa, fighting.
  • Suicidal subject, 4400 block of Carpinteria Ave.
  • Unwanted guest in a residence on the 200 block of Miltada.
  • Domestic, 700 block of Garden Street.
  • Rollover traffic accident, Blosser and Carmen in Santa Maria.
  • Disturbance between two transients in Alameda Park.

Scanner Reports, Thursday:

  • Domestic, Yanonali at Chapala, or in the area.
  • Subject off their medication and crying, somewhere on Milpas Street.
  • I heard the sirens go out after I slipped up and turned the scanner off for some reason. I turned it on and heard this, “This is not a medical call. The owner was lying next to his dog after it got hit by a car.” Animal Control was on scene. It was on the East Side somewhere nearby. I cried for a long time after hearing it. Poor dog and poor man.
  • Subject threatening to stab the staff at La Cumbre Junior High on Modoc, no knife seen, 25 year-old WMA walking away carrying Trader Joe bags.
  • Chapala and Sola suspicious subject looking into vehicles wearing all black.
  • Abandoned mountain bike in the 400 block of West Montecito.
  • Someone was threatening to shoot white people at Pardell and Del Mar in IV.
  • Check the welfare of a male under a blanket in the 100 block of East Haley near Vera Cruz Park.
  • Vehicle fire at Highway 154 and Foothill.
  • Medical call for back pain in the 2600 Block of Chapala.
  • Highway 101 at North Patterson, vehicle fire, smoke coming from under the hood, people just sitting there in the car, a tan Toyota.
  • Low hanging wires 600 block of Bradbury.
  • 100 block of South Hope, commercial burglary.
  • Transient refusing to leave the City Yards, 400 block of East Yanonali, UI meth.
  • OD, 4436 Calle Real.
  • OD 300 block of Ellwood Beach Road.
  • Premises check, Vera Cruz Park.
  • Suspicious circumstances, S.B. Jr. High, 700 block of East Cota.
  • Airplane down, Santa Ynez Airport, non-injury.
  • 911 open line at an address in the first block of North Milpas, possible argument going on in the background.
  • Non-injury hit and run, Haley and Laguna, black Pontiac.
  • 400 block of Camino Del Remedio, subject pounding on the side of a motor home.
  • Code 40, Drunk transients in the 600 block of State Street.

Well that is all outta me for now. Hope you’re enjoying the full moon, enjoy the weekend. Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Fish Head one, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Brad, Billy, Jonathan, C.J., Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Patrick, Christy, Rambo, Sherry, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Diana, Jim, Marty, Cop John, Isabelle, Jerry, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, and Chris willing, we will see you on Monday. Later, Roger

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Ducky Oct 07, 2017 03:12 PM
Scanner Reports 10-6-17

I think if we had some comprehensive mental health care in this country/world, we wouldn't have a need for guns in the first place. Then again, the world is pretty "crazy-making" in and of itself...

Roger Oct 06, 2017 06:14 PM
Scanner Reports 10-6-17

I've had guns acouple times in my life once as a juvi on the streets a girl friend ripped off her Grandfather and gave me his gun to carry I was 15 years old. I had no idea what I was doing but I used the gun for protection on 2 guys who would not let us out of their vehicle. I pulled the gun a .38 on them made them pull over robbed them and as they were driving off I pointed the gun at the back window of the car and fired it I had no idea it was loaded. I never knew if I hit anyone they kept going they probably did not mess with kids anymore later on that day we were caught and taken to the Chicago Audy Home I was able to hide the gun in the police car but after my folks picked me up had them call the Illinois State police and tell them about the gun stashed between the seats. I fired a blank tear gas gun in someone's ear once almost killed them when I was a kid. I did stupid things with guns when I was a kid...I never really got into guns I had acouple guns in my car when I was an AA Sponsor because of suicidal homicidal friends. Never saw the need for one living out here but if I did have a need for one I'd go through the right channels to get one unless I had no choice and all hell was breaking loose...If you really want to kill you can use just about anything to do so but too many nuts across the country have access to guns and many are talking about civil wars and threatening others. It should be harder for those wackos to get a gun. Thank You for your comments.

Resident Oct 06, 2017 12:00 PM
Scanner Reports 10-6-17

Roger, I've owned guns since I was 11 (now 79) and have never committed a crime with any of them. That could also be said for the vast majority of all gun owners in this country. The idea expressed by many of outlawing all guns because of the high-profile atrocities like Vegas is however not the answer. As you say, people should be better checked out and educated before being allowed to own a gun. I think that most legitimate gun owners would agree with that and most already have.

jqb Oct 06, 2017 11:46 PM
Scanner Reports 10-6-17

"The idea expressed by many of outlawing all guns " Stop lying. Almost no one expresses that idea.

Fitness1 Oct 06, 2017 08:07 AM
Scanner Reports 10-6-17

For those who may not know, CA requires 1)Background check 2)10 day waiting period and 3)completion of an educational course and passage of a test on same before you can purchase a firearm. Must pass a hunter safety course before you can apply for a hunting license. Obviously these don't apply to those who steal guns, buy them illegally on the street, etc. Or those who pass the safety test but ignore the rules. (Idiots). Mine are locked in a safe, with additional locks on each. HOWEVER how this guy bought SO MANY and didn't raise any flags does concern me. That he bought so many weapons over a short period of time should NOT be allowed. There's NO justification (home defense, hunting) for this. Also, as we saw in Nice, France, where 86 died, someone with a truck and hate in their heart can inflict just as much-and more-death and grief. Switzerland has very high gun ownership with none of our problems. Why? What is the cultural difference? Israel is the same. Both of these countries have mandatory military service for all citizens. Think someone should do a study on this. We need answers.

a-1537851713 Oct 06, 2017 08:40 AM
Scanner Reports 10-6-17

I remember how the Tel Aviv nightlife looked like the Wild Wild West. I accessorized with a shiny little number from Colt and an M-16. The Israeli kids A-K all the way. A lot of people also move to the US to wait out conscription time.

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