Scanner Reports 10-5-18

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

This Kavanaugh thing brings up a lot of old stuff from the Days of being Dazed and Confused. If this should be a lesson to anyone it should make High School kids think about how they treat others and their actions in their young lives; especially now in this age of technology. The way they act or treat someone else might come up again at a later date in their lives, and it may be something they are not proud of. If they should be in a position like Kavanaugh, all hell could break loose in their lives.

I thought about his saying that it put his life through hell being accused of sexual assault. He should have thought about that before getting drunk with his friends. The hell he speaks of, I think, is what his family and friends must be thinking of him. He has always been known as a straight shooter, so the embarrassment in his mind is coming from the fact that someone has pulled out the rug from under. And he has landed flat on his face. His life can be ruined, but  I doubt that it will be actually be ruined. It might be damaged. The GOP will carry him through after all he is one of theirs and gangs take care of their own.

Back in 2004, the three men who were portrayed in the movie "Dazed and Confused" sued it's Filmmaker Richard Linklater because they "Suffered Ridicule and Embarrassment because of the characters based on them in the movie" (Source NBC News Today Show 10/9/2004) The filmmaker did use their real names which is a No-No. If he hadn't done that then I don't think he would have been sued. Still, it brings up our actions in the early years of our lives and how our lives might be affected later on.

I remember being a kid, and I was an angry kid, I did all kinds of shit not so long ago. I had a lot of old friends from my hometown on Facebook and now I only have 2 LOL I remind many of them that they were young once and were not always Virgins and Virginettes like they tell their grandchildren. Some of those old friends treated me like crap and I told them 40 years ago "Payback is a Bitch." I'm glad I did not forget and I'm happy that at least now their family will get the much-needed therapy they always needed. The lesson here is simple: "DON'T DO THINGS WHEN YOU'RE YOUNG THAT YOU MIGHT BE SORRY FOR LATER ON." Here are your Scanner Reports: 

Scanner Reports, Wednesday:

  • Suspicious female going through items at the back of a building 26 West Mission.
  • 20002 Non-injury hit and run in the parking lot of the Habit 216 South Milpas.
  • 4 Teenagers smoking THE WEED in the 100 block of East Cota. 
  • 415 Domestic rolling in a car
  • 242 Assault physical male beating a female in a grey sedan down Quinientos from Soledad.
  • Check the welfare of a male down on the ground wearing a blue jacket 500 block of West Carrillo.
  • 415 Domestic
  • 209 State street near Amtrak far end of parking lot near the bridge. Male throwing beer cans at a female, Dump him.
  • 415 Male yelling in front of Men's Warehouse 700 block of State Street.
  • 6900 Block of Market Place in a white Lexus SUV. Female slumped over the wheel med call.
  • White van parked at the far end of El Sueno reporting party can smell H&S Coming from the van, Drug use.
  • Suicide by hanging within the City Limits of Santa Barbara. Rest in Peace.
  • A subject in traffic yelling, 600 Block of Anacapa.
  • Med-Call Unconscious female in a car 800 Block of Laguna.
  • Med-Call Fall victim at the Villa Santa Barbara 227 East Anapamu.
  • Suicide Attempt. Teen trying to physically run into traffic in the 1900 Block of State Street.
  • 417 Brandishing a knife near the Dolphin Fountain. Subject escaped Harbor Patrol. Heading north on State street but detained by SBPD.
  • Doggie on the loose from Saint Francis toward Ontario. A brown and white Boxer.
  • 415 Domestic male, under the influence of cocaine, is refusing to leave 600 Block of DLV.
  • Suspicious vehicle in the 400 Block of Allen Road. A black van.
  • Several drunks blocking the sidewalk Quinientos at Milpas.
  • 415 Neighbors 300 Block of West Mission.
  • Rape 220pc West Side.
  • Threats investigation 3000 Block of State street.
  • Subject 417 Brandishing a knife while walking South on State Street and yelling.
  • Possible Child Abuse in the 200 Block of South Voluntario.


Scanner Reports, Thursday:

  • First thing I heard today turning on the scanner was that someone was in custody and needed Medical clearance from Cottage. I don't know what they did, so this does not qualify as a call only the first thing I heard on Thursday Morning.
  • 415 Subject thinks others are following him in the 400 Block of Corona Del Mar. He was on a bicycle, other subjects were in a van. Later on, the police were again called concerning the bicyclist being 415 disturbing in the 400 Block of Corona Del Mar.
  • Prowler call in the 1200 Block of Cacique. Suspect black/grey hair, wearing shorts and a backpack. He got away.
  • 459 Burglary at Motel Room Hotel Milo 202 West Cabrillo. Beer was taken. Suspect standing outside the room with reporting party waiting for police.
  • Trespassed detained at the casino. 
  • Subject refusing to leave Hotel Santa Barbara 500 Block of State street.
  • Stray dialog heard on SBPD channel one PD Ch. "Oh pour me a diet coke." I don't know what kind of call it was, maybe they were talking in code.
  • Found property: a bicycle 801 Garden street.
  • 20002 Non-injury hit and run 5th at Oak streets in front of the Viking Hotel.
  • During the downpour, an officer reported Anacapa at Cabrillo streets were completely flooded.
  • Runaway female. Noahs Acerage prostitution possibly involved.
  • 20002 Non-injury hit and run investigation on Ninos. Reporting party elsewhere.
  • 459 Burglary to a residence in the 6500 Block of Picasso.
  • Checker unit was towing a vehicle with a subject sleeping inside of it. 700 Block of East Yanolli all was well, just a weird call.
  • Theft investigation at the Goleta Library on North Fairview.
  • SBSO had to go check on a guy who hadn't been seen in a few days with a history of alcoholism. He lives somewhere on Hollister. He was found alive, but with a possible alcohol overdose.
  • Non-injury accident 2100 Block of DLV. 
  • Suspicious circumstances. Older female with blue or pink hair spray-painting the ground at County Dump Road and Calle Real.
  • SBPD Officer attempting to locate a subject at MTD 1020 Chapala.
  • Shoplifter detained at Home Depot 6900 Block of Market Place.
  • 10851 Stolen motorcycle in the first block of West Pedrogosa. It is a dark blue 1982 Honda motorcycle.
  • 20002 Non-injury hit and run. Investigation at the station.


Wednesday was a bad day for me. I was supposed to go to the doctor, and I wanted to go to the doctor, but it was wet and every time I went outside I got wet and had to change my clothing. Then I slipped and pulled a muscle in my lower back so I never made it to see my doctor. I had to call and cancel right before the appointment feeling all guilty. No more going to the doctor on rainy days unless I have no choice. I love the rain, but Wednesday was a total bummer for me. Good thing I did not have to go Thursday morning, it really poured diet Cokes then! Have a great weekend...Saint Peter, Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Tom Cat, Clancy, Thomicina, Tiger, Midnight Merlin,,Lola, PoPo, Fish Head one and Two.- Poncho, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Jonathan, C.J., Brad, Billy, Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Patrick, Christy, Diana, Jim, Rambo, Sherry, Bommy, Poppy, June, Muskie, Pat, Mavis, David Cox, Po, Marty, Cop John,.Eddie, Bambi, Bengy, Ricky, Lafayette, Ted, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Isabelle, Jerry, Debbie, Ken, LUCY! John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Tom Petty, and Chris willing we will see you on Monday. Later, Roger

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Flicka Oct 05, 2018 10:18 AM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

To me, the scary thing about Kavanaugh becoming a Supreme Court Judge is that he thinks birth control is abortion. Doesn't sound too educated. Also, this "for life" appointment is crazy. People in their 80s aren't as "right on" as younger men/women. The "for life" was made when the average life span was 36 years old. In 1900 it was 47 years.

REX OF SB Oct 05, 2018 11:00 AM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

EXACTLY RIGHT, Flicka! Two things must be changed immediately: (1) term limits on US Supreme Court members; (2) abolish the Electoral College.

a-1538803823 Oct 05, 2018 10:30 PM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

Abolish the Electoral College? Do you even understand what it's for? Do you want large states deciding who is President? I don't. Unfair.

REX OF SB Oct 06, 2018 08:25 AM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

200 years ago the Electoral college might have been a good idea. Today, not so much. When a candidate wins by 3 million votes but can't win the election, it's time to change things. It's called "welcome to the 21st Century."

a-1538931242 Oct 07, 2018 09:54 AM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

You still don't understand the Electoral College REX. The "Candidate" who won by 3 million votes won in CA and NY mostly. That's the point. I don't want CA and NY deciding for me and the rest of the country. It's needed now more than ever. CA and NY have the dirtiest voter rolls in th country - more people vote than are eligible to.

a-1538931364 Oct 07, 2018 09:56 AM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

FLICKA - do you read anything? Did you read the decision EMILY's List v FEC? Kavanaugh ruled in favor of EMILY's List who is pro abortion. Stop being used by those who just want power and are lying to you and tricking you.

a-1539056842 Oct 08, 2018 08:47 PM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

Nasty. Do YOU read anything? Broaden your sources!

a-1538797315 Oct 05, 2018 08:41 PM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

"H&S" coming from the Van? Drug use ? What? So I looked it up: H & S is short for Health and Safety Code. H & S violation means use of a controlled substance. So . . . someone could smell crack? Meth?

a-1538798063 Oct 05, 2018 08:54 PM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

Roger. Hope your back is better and the doc appt gives good results.

Roger Oct 05, 2018 09:01 PM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

I fell down and hurt myself never made it but Thanks..H&S DRUGS NEVER SAID WHAT KIND MOST OF THE TIME IT'S WEED They just don't want to say.. Sorry about the caps..

Roger Oct 06, 2018 06:55 PM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

The other day I was crossing Cacique at Milpas some guy in a 1990 Diesal Dodge Ram Truck white almost ran he down as I was in the crosswalk and in the right of way. I was scared and angry and yelled a few choice words he drove off but alittle while ago I saw him in Hambuger Habits parking lot just sitting there he saw me and slowly pulled out staring I stared back he went North up Milpas anyway if I get nuked this guy probably did it. I'm in no shape to fight and will most likely eat it if he comes after me. He looked like a white guy wearing a cowboy hat. I'm not running away if something goes down nor am I calling the law I see no reason to at this point. Later I hope.

a-1538878184 Oct 06, 2018 07:09 PM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

Roger, road rage is real. Please don't yell at people anymore. It's not worth it. Too many people "under the influence of rage". Be safe.

a-1538931303 Oct 07, 2018 09:55 AM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

It's funny to me, Kavanaugh ruled in favor of EMILY's list - a prochoice, pro abortion womens rights nonprofit who donates to Democrats. Yet the media/congress trick people into hate and rage and thinking he's some radical anti choice man who will overturn Roe. Read EMILY's List v FEC and find out for yourselves, don't be a sheeple.

Flicka Oct 07, 2018 12:50 PM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

By the people who are lying to me and tricking me? Do you mean FOX News? I don't watch their made up reports.

a-1538951229 Oct 07, 2018 03:27 PM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

FLICKA what are you talking about? Why don't you read the decision yourself? It's in favor of EMILY's list. The case is EMILY's List v FEC. The decision was in 2009, by Kavanaugh.

a-1539057440 Oct 08, 2018 08:57 PM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

Why Don't YOU READ IT! It's all about $$$$ Of course he supported freedom of $$ in politics.

Roger Oct 07, 2018 05:18 PM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

Hillary had 3 million more votes but you can spew your bs it's still a free country.

Roger Oct 07, 2018 06:00 PM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

The Down voters are winning just wait till the council makes it law you can't buy alcohol after midnight UNhappy hour will be at

a-1539057322 Oct 08, 2018 08:55 PM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

To the Emily's list Poster: It's all about CONTRIBUTIONS. Has NOTHING to do with women's rights. Please read up on what you post.
"Because Kavanaugh was writing for the three-judge panel, it is hard to predict how he would resolve future campaign-finance questions as a justice solely on the basis of RNC. A year before RNC, Kavanaugh wrote another opinion addressing campaign contributions for a panel of the D.C. Circuit, in Emily’s List v. FEC. Emily’s List involved a challenge to FEC regulations that limited how nonprofit organizations could spend and solicit money toward advancing their organizations’ goals. The court concluded that nonprofits could make unlimited expenditures from their soft-money accounts, but that direct contributions from an organization to campaigns or political parties could be restricted to hard-money contributions only. Importantly, it distinguished the limits upheld by McConnell on political parties as unique to those entities and not applicable to nonprofit organizations because there was no evidence in the record that nonprofits have sold access to federal candidates or that a close connection between candidates and nonprofits exists. Because the FEC’s regulations were inconsistent with these principles, the court struck down all five challenged regulations. Judge Janice Rodgers Brown wrote separately, believing that the court did not need to reach the constitutional issues because the regulations exceeded the FEC’s statutory authority.

Again, there is not much that can be gleaned from Kavanaugh’s opinion for the majority in Emily’s List."

a-1539091764 Oct 09, 2018 06:29 AM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

Roger, thanks for your ongoing comments. I appreciate what you have to say. I'm doing my best to stay positive. Going to start doing some artwork to keep myself positive. Can't decide on colored pencils or magic markers. I think I'll start with 10 colors and a small sketch pad, very small. My brain will appreciate some beautiful colors, and a rest from mind-numbing thoughts. Art. It's what for dinner-time.

a-1539128457 Oct 09, 2018 04:40 PM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

I hope some of you read this. Please do read the article linked!
"The Senate these days can reach a majority, in fact, with the votes of senators representing 17 percent of the population."
"So two things are true: The possibility that a minority could control the country via the Senate was built into the Constitution, and also that this is happening with more regularity. That’s both because of how the population has shifted and how polarized Americans have become. If bills are passing with fewer votes, and smaller states that are increasingly dominated by one party are forming a majority of votes in the Senate, it means that fewer constituents will be behind those votes."
But at some point, Democrats may need to ask themselves why they are consistently on the short end of that setup. Is it because the system is inherently biased against a left-leaning political party? Or is it because they have been outmaneuvered at nearly every turn and failed to make sure they turned what has regularly been a majority of the votes for their side into actual political power?

It’s easy and cathartic to blame a rigged system. It’s probably much more fruitful to figure out why the other side has been able to work that system in a way you haven’t.
Worth a read!!

a-1539129897 Oct 09, 2018 05:04 PM
Scanner Reports 10-5-18

Another similar opinion:
the articles do cite facts and statistics.

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