Scanner Reports 10-13-17

I realize Donald Trump and I have something in common; thin skin. I let things get to me. Not as much now as I used to, but it is there. I did not know what that meant at the time people were saying that about me. I thought it meant they thought I had thin skin physically. My skin was tough as thick leather once. You cannot be physically beaten down as much as I have and have thin skin; my skin is tough but has become thinner with age as everyone’s does. We all have thin skin. As far as being able to dish it out but not take it, I’m better at that game now.

So the other day I was walking around my ‘hood. I was crossing through the roundabout, headed toward Rabo Bank in the 900 block of Carpinteria Street when I noticed broken bottles and glass all over the sidewalk. I stood and stared at it a minute. I thought about going home, getting a broom and a dust pan, but needed to get things done so I moved on. As I crossed under the trees toward the bank, I heard objects falling from the trees. The trees were not fruit trees; the campers were throwing rocks at me. It’s a good thing for them they couldn’t throw. I moved on, went shopping at Trader Joes, headed back, went to Pet Co, and scored some stuff I didn’t need for ten cents, then headed for Rite Aid. Talking to Robert the Guard there, he told me that the campers by the bank threatened to beat him up. Things in that area have gotten worse since Trader Joes left. More problems at Rite Aid also, thefts and disturbances there. I was afraid for the dogs that get walked through there all the time on their way to the beach; their paws would get cut.  I know it really sucks getting a piece of glass stuck in my foot. At least I can pull it out, poor dog can’t. I went home and got my broom and dust pan, came back and swept it all up. I noticed within the pieces of glass burned wood too. Warming fires. As it gets cooler, we will have more of those. No one threw any rocks at me as I swept up their mess. I don’t mind if people camp as long as they clean up their mess.

I remember the last time a camp got cleaned up near my home. It was a horrible mess. The folks who cleaned it up? A couple of Santa Barbara’s Finest, along with members of the East Side Neighborhood Association. A couple of folks who were running for office were there walking their talk. Not many of those willing to get their hands dirty by cleaning up homeless camps. This particular camp had eight five gallon buckets of human feces in it. Cal Trans and the United States Navy were also involved in the cleanup; it was very nice of all of them. It’s all overgrown now. Now with winter coming, I would not doubt if it all gets burned out from warming fires. Well at least they won’t have to clean it till that happens.

I’m really  curious what store will be moving into Trader Joes’ old space I would really love a discount store of some type, like the Grocery Outlet or a 99 Cent Store. That way I could get my favorite 99 Cent cologne and save hundreds on Christmas gifts. I could get all my food for the month just 99 Cents. That would be great.

Here is your Scanner Reports, Wednesday:

  • SBPD on scene with a 5150, Carrillo and Chapala.
  • Subject disturbing at McDonalds, 29 North Milpas.
  • Medical call for a fall victim, male, 65 years old, 400 block of East DLG.
  • Keep the peace in the 1800 block of Garden Street while a contractor picks up his vehicle.
  • Medics for “Use of Force” on a subject across from the Casino at highway 246 and Edison. SBSO on scene.
  • Hit and run with no injuries, driver stumbling out of a vehicle, 100 block of La Venta.
  • Subjects pitching tents, Milpas side of Cabrillo Ball Field.
  • Burglary to a garage in the 200 block of West Cota.
  • 400 block of North Voluntario, a 50 year-old brother touched her face then left the residence on foot. Not sure what that means, sounds like the beginning of a story.
  • 600 block of Alamo Pintado, a shoplifter led police on a high speed pursuit all over the place and racked up a couple felonies and totaled his vehicle. I bet he had enough money in his pocket to buy what he ripped off.
  • Steven P. is yelling in the 1000 block of State Street.
  • Man beating on the windows of 7-11, 331 West Montecito, trying to start fights with customers.
  • Hatchet wound at El Cap State Park, transporting to hospital by personal vehicle.
  • Stolen Auto on El Sueno, white Volvo with green tape in the back window.
  • Two transients harassing passersby under a palm tree near Ralphs, 100 West Carrillo.
  • Report of a creep who took pictures of a reporting party’s daughter Wednesday morning on East Canon Perdido, without the parents’ permission, which may not be against the law as long as the kid is in public, but if it was my kid it would be.
  • Vehicle accident, Calle Real at San Mateo.
  • Vandalism at Golds Gym on West Carrillo.
  • Suspicious luggage left at a bus stop, Carpinteria Ave and Linden.
  • Trespasser in Rite Aid, 825 State Street.
  • Large white poodle running in the roadway, Olive at Laguna around 8:25pm.
  • Electric bicycle ripped off 1300 block of Shoreline.

Scanner Reports, Thursday:

There are many reasons why I hate knives, mostly from PTSD, but also when I cut the crap out of myself. I bought some sunflowers for my Belinda and had to put them in a vase, which I had to make from a cut up a water bottle. I cut myself up more making the damn thing; little cuts, the kind that bleed and bleed. I’m all duct taped up now.

  • Burglary to a vehicle, 217 East Gutierrez.
  • Campers, Santa Barbara Stone on Nopal, people sleeping on the side walk, in cars, on the street.
  • Premise check, 200 block of South Alisos.
  • Report of a female screaming in the 2400 block of Sycamore Canyon Road. Never found out why the woman was screaming over there, but someone heard it, so they called it in.
  • The suspicious male walking around Franklin School in the black trench coat is back. I did not post the first call on this guy. It’s funny how the police were so secretive about him, trying not to say any personal information about him. He was reported to be on the south side of the school and the reporting party, who is an official at the school, wanted contact. That was all I heard.
  • Meanwhile over on South Patterson, an ex-husband snuck into his ex-wife’s house and took pictures of her and her new boyfriend in bed. They were all supposed to be in court later on in the day. I guess he needed some dirt on her.  Some people should not get married.
  • Police stopped the suspicious subject wearing the trench coat a couple times; once in the 1300 block of East Mason.
  • Two transients yelling at passersby at CVS Pharmacy in the 2900 block of State Street.
  • I heard the SBPD run a couple for wants and warrants this morning. I did not catch the location. He was a registered arsonist and she was violent and had a jacket for assaulting a police officer. The perfect couple; they should get married.
  • Drunk guy was trying to board the Vista bus near the MTD station. They said he had taken off his clothing earlier.
  • At Calle Real and Glen Annie, a driver of a red Mini Cooper could not drive his car because he had been maced. I never heard how that happened, only that the fire department and medics were responding.
  • Julie C. was drunk in Alameda Park and trying to start a fight. I know her. She scares Roger.
  • Burglary to a vehicle, 4600 block of Pointe Plaza.
  • Female screaming for help in the 500 block of West Islay. This I believe was a domestic.
  • First block of Santa Ynez Street, squatter in vacant apartment he had recently moved out of. That just sounds sad.
  • Threats investigation, SBSO. The reporting party wants to talk about the crime over the phone, probably wants information before possibly pressing charges.
  • A woman reported that a male was following her in Montecito, in his vehicle; a light colored Toyota pickup truck with a camper shell. He was reported to be yelling at her, taking pictures and throwing bananas at her. He was last seen south on San Ysidro but this occurred at Hot Springs and East Valley Roads.
  • There was a report of a male riding a bicycle and carrying a rifle on Channel Drive, heading toward Cemetery Beach, he was never found.
  • Solo vehicle accident, truck on its side, small fire put out by a neighbor, driver was injured. On the First Block of Camino Alta, another street I have never heard of in the many years I have lived here.
  • Minor injury traffic accident in the 200 block of South Milpas.

My Kitty Dog bought something in here and it passed on. Now the only thing left is the odor; it’s pretty bad. I have to go through my little place in an attempt to find wherever it is. I did not find it today. It might be something I found before but did not clean up good enough. I love my cat, even though he does things like this. I have a friend who was sleeping with her mouth open and her cat dropped a mouse in her mouth in the middle of the night. The mouse was dead. Good thing too because she would have really freaked out had the kitty dropped a live mouse in her mouth. I’m glad Joey has never done that, he is a good boy.

Have a great weekend. Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Fish Head One, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Brad, Billy, Jonathan, C.J., Patrick, Christy, Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Rambo, Sherry, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Diana, Jim, Marty, Cop John, Isabelle, Jerry, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, and Chris willing, we will see you on Monday.  Later, Roger


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