SBUSD and CSEA Reach Two Tentative Agreements for Compensatory Time and Transfers

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SBUSD and CSEA Agree on Implementing a Formal Process for Tracking and Recording Compensatory Time Off (CTO)

This is Santa Barbara Unified School District’s (SBUSD) fifth Negotiations Update for successor contract negotiations between the District and the California School Employee Association (CSEA). The District will distribute the Negotiations Update after meetings with CSEA to inform our community on the progress of negotiations.

SBUSD and CSEA Reach Fifth Tentative Agreement on Compensatory Time Off (CTO)
The District and CSEA agreed to implement a formal process for recording and tracking CTO. A unit member who is approved for CTO in lieu of overtime pay will be allowed to accrue up to 40 hours of CTO. Submissions that exceed 40 hours shall be automatically paid out at the overtime rate.

SBUSD and CSEA Reach Sixth Tentative Agreement on Transfers
The District and CSEA agreed to update contract language on transfers. Five days notice will continue to be given before a transfer occurs. If the unit member is off contract (e.g., over the summer when the employee isn’t working), confirmation that the member is aware of the transfer must occur before the five-day clock begins.

Additionally, CSEA and the District agreed on transfer decisions to occur based on the
following priority order:

1. Needs of the district,
2. Special qualifications or circumstances,
3. Seniority.

Lastly, if a transfer will cause a unit member to lose shift differential pay, the transfer will
not be made without mutual agreement between the supervisor and the unit member,
unless the transfer is being made for a disciplinary reason.

CSEA Makes Initial Proposal for Changing Shift Premium Pay
At the end of the bargaining session, CSEA brought forward a proposal to provide qualifying unit members with a 5% shift differential pay, rather than the current amount of $108 per month. CSEA is proposing that shift differential pay apply to all members who work a regular shift that ends between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. The District will review the proposal and discuss it at a future negotiation session.

Next Steps:
The next negotiation sessions are on April 12, April 26, May 9, May 15.

Dr. John Becchio, Assistant Superintendent Human Resources
Kim Hernandez, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
ShaKenya Edison, Assistant Superintendent of Student and Family Services
Tara Wise, Classified Personnel Manager


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  1. This seems like stalling. How hard can it be to face the reality. Teachers are not getting paid competitively which has led to losing 100 a year for two years. All but one of our original cabinet works under the current Superintendent. Lots of institutional knowledge lost. Talks have been going on for a year but keep avoiding the inevitable .. pay teachers and paraeducators more. Don’t take it out on students since 60% cant read proficiently and only 21 % of all seniors are proficient in math. The elephant in the room is that this top down system hurts all our students and in particular our 5 vulnerable students subgroups who had mediocre, stagnant scores in literacy and math before this Superintendent. But since her reign we have lost all but one original cabinet, 100 teachers per year, a revolving door of para educators and painfully low A-g scores, math and literacy and soaring absentism just to name the surface. Our students and teachers are hurting and treading water under this incompentent, completely uncurious with a talent for driving unprecented numbers of committed employees away. When will we get a leader who leads. And a proactive system that focus on students and teachers first. Especially the students and there are thousands who did not get an appropriate education despite living in Santa Barbara. Time to get leaders that put unmet student needs above self interest and Louis Vuitton accessories.

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