SBUSD and CSEA Exchange Proposals for Shift and Floater Premium Pay

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CSEA Proposes New Contract Language for Working out of Class and

This is Santa Barbara Unified School District’s (SBUSD) sixth Negotiations Update for successor contract negotiations between the District and the California School Employee Association (CSEA). The District will distribute the Negotiations Update after meetings with CSEA to inform our community on the progress of negotiations.

SBUSD and CSEA Discuss the Concept of Adding Mediation as a Formal Step in the Grievance Process
The current grievance process does not include a formal step for mediation. CSEA’s initial proposal today proposed language that would add a formal mediation step to the grievance process. SBUSD agreed with CSEA that adding a mediation step will improve the grievance process and increase the chance of resolving grievances without the need for arbitration.

SBUSD proposed in its counter proposal that there be an added step for mediation but in the same mediation session, if there is no resolution, the mediator will become the arbitrator and make a binding decision. This puts mediation and arbitration in the same step in the process, saving both time and money. CSEA will review SBUSD’s counter proposal.

CSEA Makes Initial Proposal for Changing Shift Premium Pay
After receiving the proposals to change shift differential and floater premium from 5% premium rather than the current set amount, the District made a counter offer to accept a new criteria for the shift differential definition so that it would apply to any employee whose shift ends after 7pm. The District did not accept changing the premium to the 5% but is open to negotiating further regarding the set amount of the stipend.

CSEA Proposes New Contract Language for Working out of Class and Reclassification
CSEA made an initial proposal for a new article that would contain language on both the work out of class and reclassification process. Both topics are a part of the current contract but exist in different places within the contract. Current contract language specifies that to receive work out of class pay the employee must have worked out of their classification for at least 5 days. CSEA is proposing that there be no 5 day criteria in order for an employee to be paid for work out of class.

CSEA also proposed a new process for reclassification and SBUSD needs to review that proposal further.

Next Steps:
The next negotiation sessions are on April 26, May 9, and May 15.

Dr. John Becchio, Assistant Superintendent Human Resources
Kim Hernandez, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
ShaKenya Edison, Assistant Superintendent of Student and Family Services
Tara Wise, Classified Personnel Manager
Ed Gomez, Santa Barbara High School Assistant Principal


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