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  1. @Ms. Gaviota- Witty, most “workers” who don’t qualify or accept government handouts for housing and such, do this thing called “commuting”… Yeah, it’s a sacrifice. but it’s the only way to bump up to homeownership. It gets tiresome listening to all the whiners about housing costs- GTFO and get a life somewhere else- It’s not our responsibility as taxpayers to supply your SB lifestyle… I’d love to live in the Malibu Colony, but it ain’t in my means.

  2. CW it must be past your naptime. What really gets annoying are the smug entitled types like you that assume every one is looking for a handout. I will not elaborate on the many special tax breaks that the real estate industry gets. Safe to say that they love their gubment cheese. The cost of housing is an unavoidable expense. Your in home car giver that lives in Lompoc has to drive about two hour per day to service you. Say they do that five times a week. At $15 an hour, that makes the opportunity cost of that commute $600 per month. I know that you get sleepy with all this figuring so I will simplify the gas, insurance, depreciation and maintenance costs for that drive . That months worth of driving is about 1,080 miles, multiplied by the the current IRS mileage reimbursement rate of $ .585 per mile, means a cost of $629. So costs your diaper changer over $1,200 per month to make that commute. At that point they can choose to work closer to home or charge you more for their services. Then you can whine about the extra cost or change your own diapers. The high price of housing adds to the cost of many many good and services are around here.

  3. @Ms Gaviota (again)
    I KNOW, I did that commute for 20 yrs as I first bought a crap house and fixed it up in Santa Maria while working in SB. Then sold it 2 yrs later and upgraded and bought in Orcutt, TWICE. Then finally bought a 700sq ft SB “house”… BTW, I’m still 25 yrs from diapers pal… BUT, I do feel the pain of those who have to pay BIDEN’s and the Green Democratic agenda’s high fuel costs now… The lower income and service workers who are supposed to be represented by the East Coast Liberal Green Progressives are paying the price for their BS ideology… Vote accordingly.

  4. There is no birthright in the US. In fact, this is one of the main reasons our country was founded. To escape birthright land ownership and religious oppression. However, we as a nation are losing our freedom from oppressive ignoramuses AKA, “the church”, as the Rightwing ideologues continue to embrace and enforce christian nationalism and theological rule. At least we’re not excluded from owning property because we were not born into a certain family… yet.

  5. It’s not sad at all.
    We make choices. Your choice was to sell your Montecito home, and have lots of free time. That was a fair trade you made.
    My choice was to work my ass off so I can live by the beach. I’m not going to complain about all the vacations I didn’t take, or the new cars I never bought.

  6. I’m glad this thread came up because we’ve heard from some great posters who realize you can’t expect the government to “afford” YOU a home in Santa Barbara, or anywhere else (think Manhattan, San Francisco, Aspen, you name it…).
    One way to do it – work very hard, make sacrifices along the way (new car, expensive vacays, the latest phones, purses, lattes at Starbucks every day…I don’t think so) and invest in your own abilities to afford a home.
    Another option – realize that this rat race isn’t for you (if that’s you, because everyone’s different) and move elsewhere, where as one previous poster said it well, things are different in a very good way. I’ve seen it in Arizona, Utah, and Colorado, for example. People (total strangers technically) say hi to each other, wave, smile. They don’t go cutthroat at the stoplight, the freeway, the line at … stores.
    I don’t care how long someone’s lived here, there is no entitlement to that individual more than there is to the person who just showed up here yesterday. If the latter is willing to work harder than you to make it work here, well, they’ll deserve what they can earn.
    Everyone, everyone has choices to make.

  7. No one is guaranteed the “right” to live wherever they please. Some places are crazy expensive b/c they are so desireable. SB is one. So is Manhattan, much of the Bay area and Seattle, but greater SB is a much smaller area so there are fewer close-in work arounds. Cleveland on the other hand……

  8. This is false. CA property tax assessments do not rise significantly unless there is a transfer of ownership. If there was a transfer, you either purchased the house or inherited in order to receive its tax liability. Sounds like you inherited the house and now live off the proceeds… so what are you whining about exactly?

  9. Robinson should sell his fictional island. And move to a place with facilities. And water or food.
    Normal people who not able to afford a place, settle elsewhere. ie in trailers, apts, older hoods, etc
    And move to low rent states and cities. and work to pay bills.
    Only in SB and LA do Governments try to house the helpless. What would China do???
    These helpless folks left their homes to come here. And Lib cities not enforce laws on litter or on
    camping, etc. And to make matters worse, they bring in the eager ones from other countries to keep the housing costs high. and at least they not homeless – or get government payments to relocate. there are many places with empty housing problems. I can see a win-win?

  10. Weird how you lay blame at “the church” and Rightwing ideologues when here in CA where we have a single part rule that isn’t influenced by either of those. You’re right though, we are losing our freedom from oppressive ignoramuses’, you just haven’t yet realized yet who those ignoramuses are.

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