Rules On Gatherings?

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There is a house on our block that consistently has gatherings. It does not look like anyone is currently living there so it may be an Air BnB although we are not sure. These are gatherings of people partying, not wearing masks, etc. They may even be out of town. I thought that there was recent rules passed about this ? If so is there any recourse or is the only recourse calling in a noise complaint?


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  1. Call Dispatch about noise from the party. You can do this anonymously (805-882-8900). Then report this to and Send photos and or video with noise. Create a record and state that you think it is a illegal vacation rental. Nothing will change unless you report it. The more you report it the greater the chance that City Attorney will get involved. – Be sure report to the police and City to create a record.

  2. LOL! Exactly, CMC. It’s like the ‘guidelines’ with signage for East Beach where this morning there were four or 5 camper tents from last night, dogs on the beach and 3 tall RVs parked along Cabrillo; plus a group set up with a grill, etc. for a party breakfast near the restrooms. One can feel sorry for the motels/hotels along Cabrillo that lost out on the business for this 3-day weekend: the rules of ‘closing’ the beaches seemed to make sense until it was clear they were not being enforced, at least not in the morning.

  3. If its private property and away from you, what do you care? Covid19 isnt a tool for you to use karen powers, get a life. Now when you see them doing this on public property or general open social gatherings, let em have it.

  4. People were concerned about the beach closure this weekend, and I heard that lifeguards were breaking up groups congregating at Leadbetter. But this afternoon I saw that people had set up tents, canopies and such at West Beach and were clearly not following the rules. My point is: the authorities are not rigorously enforcing the Covid-suppression rules. Not on the beach, anyway. Seems unlikely they will shut down a relatively small house party.

  5. You could always make yourself even more mad and drive to the beach. Hundred of people on Cabrillo today if not thousands.
    People on the beach with umbrellas lounging/picnicking everywhere like a normal day. Closed beach? What closed beach? The police didn’t seem to mind either so I doubt you are going to get them to storm trooper your neighbors house. Good luck.

  6. SBCountylocal: You are incredibly naive. Read the comments from so many who have tried to do as you suggest and met stone walls and diffuse responses. There is a policy not to notice the rentals and parties and other nuisance acts and one suspects this is because the elected people believe these are their support, not the people inconvenienced and worse by these greedy actors.

  7. Health rules do not have the force of law unless local agencies pass ordinances, and this starts with the State, where the ‘rules’ are by the Governor’s proclamation, not any act of the legislature. I don’t know what the City has done in this regard, but it sounds like nothing; therefore police can’t do more than enforce regular noise and public nuisance rules.

  8. I’m sorry but this is really very funny. They are not next door and clearly not disturbing you directly but the idea that they are doing things that you don’t approve of is clearly galling to you. Isn’t there a name for that?

  9. Calling the city or county ( don’t waste your time they don’t do squat about the pandemic guidelines) they’re not sure what their purpose is ? They are hoping that the the people will self govern( ya right especially the ones from LA)

  10. Talk to them? face to face!
    Are you on Nextdoor? Enlist them. Or talk to your neighbors. Again, face to face. ===============
    If you’re in the city, contact your council member. Harass THEM. And/or your county supervisor. And keep calling in noise complaints — IF THEY’RE VALID. =================================
    Then? Play dirty. Harass the party house with a sound battle. Well, I could, if I chose to. Not next door? Do you know the neighbors who ARE next door? Enlist them. You do need some equipment to play this game. It probably pisses off other neighbors. But maybe you could fight as a group. ================================================================
    It’s not a totally lost cause. Keep pushing the sound complaint. Otherwise? Oh well. Stay safe, hibernate.

  11. 804, can you remind me who is running for the November election and how we can vote for someone else? I don’t think we are electing them this time, but don’t let facts get in the way of your enthusiasm. 714, when dealing with the City, make sure you get names and document your interactions with all staff, including any refusal to respond to an unlawful gathering. CC: your council member and the mayor. CC: Paul Casey. Keep at it, and the squeaky wheel will get the grease.

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