Rocket Launch and YouTube Censorship?

By Robert Bernstein

Here is my video of the SpaceX Rocket Launch from Vandenberg on February 25, 2022 at 9:12AM.

My video was taken in Girsh Park in Goleta. Here was the scene as the rocket came into view above the local trees and houses.

The mission will launch 50 Starlink internet satellites.

Some of you may notice that this video is on Vimeo instead of on YouTube. That is because YouTube has mistakenly blocked me from uploading new videos. Why? Because of my coverage of the January 6 commemoration at the Courthouse. Assembly Member Steve Bennett was talking about the misinformation being spread about the 2020 election.

A bug in the YouTube algorithm decided the video had the opposite intention: That his talk was itself misinformation. Perhaps their algorithm is suffering from a severe irony deficiency?

Their “appeal” process declared within seconds that this ten minute video was indeed misinformation. Obviously, no human read my appeal or watched the video. Case closed. No further appeal possible.

If anyone knows an inside track to appeal YouTube wrongly blocking someone, please let me know.

This happened to me once before where they wrongly claimed I had “nudity” in my video. When I told a friend, he said the same thing happened to him. Because he had posted a video of the elephant seals at San Simeon. It seems funny until you realize that years of work are in danger of being destroyed.

I now return to the rocket launch! Here are some video frames that show the sequence of the rocket’s path and burnout of the first stage. We were very fortunate that the rocket was headed in our general direction!

If anyone is interested, here is the video that YouTube censored. Vimeo has no problem with it.

Bermant-Bennett 20220106-104 from Robert Bernstein on Vimeo.


Written by sbrobert

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  1. Its a feature, not a bug 🙂 Don’t question your high-tech overlords Robert. Sorry you were banned hope you find a way to get back on, getting wiped out like that after putting in all the work is a scary thought. Great pics and vid

  2. YouTube blocking new posts is actually a bigger problem than them deleting that one video. Thank you all for the kind words of support. I am genuinely seeking information on how to penetrate their fortress to reach a real human who can fix their mistake.
    SBSAND No you cannot create a new account. They consider that the most serious violation of all as it would undermine their iron fisted control.
    DON LUBACH Glad someone caught my mirthful comment amid my distress. Thank you for being my fan!
    These tech behemoths need to be regulated as a public utility or as a common carrier. There are in fact very few alternative options. For now I am using Vimeo which costs real money but may be less likely to cancel people due to buggy algorithms. I also already have years of content on YouTube and it is very disruptive to have content split up.
    Again, if anyone knows how to reach a real human to fix this serious bug, please do let me know! Thanks!

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