Restaurant Wars: Santa Barbara vs Monterey

By an edhat reader

There are more important issues in life, but some of my friends and I wonder if it seems restaurants are better in the Monterey area than Santa Barbara and why that might be? Any thoughts on that Edhat readers?


Written by greg

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  1. It is true that Santa Barbara is an historic restaurant desert. It has a lot to do with the lack of decently trained or motivated wait staff and a general attitude of “take it or leave it.” I have long been of the opinion that there are no decent CA restaurants south of Santa Clara County. There is just something about the lack of dedication to the craft down here. There are occasional good dining sites but they seldom last unfortunately.

  2. You have absolutely zero clue the constant challenges restaurateurs and their employees face. It is extremely hard work and your comment is an insult to all of them. In addition to taking their work for granted I bet you’re a horrible tipper too.

  3. VOICE – something we can agree on for once. Saying they “don’t try hard” is not only wrong, but insulting. I’ve had amazing experiences at many restaurants here in town. People, including wait staff, treat you as you treat them. 12:32 sounds like a server’s worst nightmare.

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