Proposal Spots in SB

By an edhat reader

A friend from out of town is planning to propose to their partner in Santa Barbara next month. They asked me for tips on great locations to have a picnic that’s scenic and pop the question.

I had a few ideas for local beaches but am seeing if edhatters have other suggestions. Thanks all.


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  1. The Cemetery overlooking the Sea..
    When they ask, “Why have you brought me Here”?!..
    Say, I wanted you to see our view for all Eternity..
    Til Death-do-we-part..
    Then take a knee.
    Hey, it’s different.

  2. Is this for real? Do people really need to have a fancy location to propose? Why is a location important – isn’t it a commitment between two people that’s important? And I suppose the wedding will need to have an even larger fancier venue so the the thousands of photos will look fantastic. This entire concept is a joke.

  3. It seems to me that people answering this question have determined that the proposal will be accepted. Otherwise I can’t see how it is a good idea to trek out to a remote or hard to get back from site when the proposal has been rejected. Bound to be some tension. Much better to do it in a comfortable place that you both frequent and know.

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