Power Outages on Wednesday Night?

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Update by the City of Goleta

While the City of Goleta is getting reports that power has been restored for most of the area, there may still be traffic intersections that are dark or flashing. If you encounter any, please treat it as a four-way stop and proceed with caution.

Report any issues to City Assist at http://cityofgoleta.org/cityassist.

Traffic Lights Out in Western Goleta due to Power Outage

The City is aware of a power outage in Western Goleta and wants to notify residents that there are several traffic signals in the area that are dark as a result. If you approach a signal that is not operating, it should be considered a four-way stop. Please proceed with caution.

Edhat readers report power outages throughout the Santa Barbara South Coast on Wednesday evening

Below are reports from edhat readers:

  • Power out off Kellogg in Goleta.
  • Anyone else experiencing lights flickering until a full outage? Happened here in Goleta around 6:00 p.m.
  • 6:05 p.m. outage near Dos Pueblos High
  • Power outage in Goleta 2/7/24 starting about 6:15pm. There’s been a power outage in Goleta. I’m out at Winchester Canyon Road and my friend works at Home Depot. The power went out from here to there. As far as I know it’s still out. Home Depot is running on generators.

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  1. While my husband was stationed over seas I wanted to get a job. I was there with a visa to be in the country but still took awhile to get a working visa. Other countries hold to there laws could you imagin a country with no laws. So kudos to us UC system for watching out for our citizens and keeping jobs for legal documented people.

  2. Our entire neighborhood (The Bluffs, southwest of Ellwood School, immediately west of Butterly Preserve) went dark at about 6:10 PM. Power hiccuped back on for about 5 seconds, then stayed off. I tried to use my Verizon-connected cell phone, at first to log into SCE’s website to see whether SCE had noticed that they had cut power to us. However, no one in our household could get to the Internet via our Verizon cell services. (Our cable modem and WiFi routers are not battery-backed, and Cox Cable eventually started sending “helpful” texts stating that they were having an outage in our area – after power and connectivity had been restored.) So, I texted a friend in Thousand Oaks, and asked him to look at the SCE website for known outages. He scoured the site, and found absolutely no mention of the outage – 35 minutes after the outage started! I gave him our SCE info (physical address), and he submitted an outage report. He also managed to find the emergency phone # for SCE, and provide it to me. By that time, the power had been out for about 50 minutes, and I went for a walk around my neighborhood to make sure that it was, indeed, not just our house. This neighborhood is “Dark Skies” compliant, so there are no street lights, the exterior house lights are required to be very low-lumen, and residents are discouraged from leaving those lights on for long periods at night. (The extent to which the “Dark Skies” initiative compromises residential safety is a discussion for other time.) All the exterior lights extinguished (except solar/battery-powered low-lumen path lighting), except for one house whose exterior lights were brightly lit (no generator noise, so probably a Tesla battery wall or similar). Also, I think I heard a generator running a block away, where I did not end up walking. Across the street, I saw the lights were all on at Mariposa retirement home; they may be required to maintain and use a generator, or maybe their power had been restored by then. After concluding that the power was indeed out to the 60-odd houses in our neighborhood, I walked toward home. About 100 yards from home, the power returned, and the exterior lights at a lot of houses came on, confirming that the power had been out throughout the neighborhood – and SCE had refused to acknowledge it probably despite many calls from customers who could actually contact SCE to report the outages. From this and previous experience, it has become clear to me that SCE’s service in this area is awful: They cause many of the outages themselves, while trying to maintain or repair circuits that should not be directly related to the areas in which they cause the outages. They refuse to acknowledge many unplanned outages until well after the outages have been resolved. And, they never give detailed answers about the causes of the outages. Not unexpected in these times of decreasing quality of service, but still disappointing.

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