Perfect Wavestorm

By Tom Modugno of Goleta Surfing

January 2021 brought waves on top of waves for weeks straight.

And while we did get some decent rainfall at the end of the month, most of January was fine weather and clean conditions.

Clean conditions, solid surf and nobody going to school or work made for a perfect storm of sorts.

A Wavestorm, if you will. Thousands of surfers of all shapes, sizes and abilities rushing to the beaches to score some of the California Dream, many of them with the new board of choice, from Costco.

Making the Drop In as common as a cutback. 

Most every spot was crowded, most every day.

And folks from all around the state seemed to want to surf good old Goleta.

The irony was that all the swells that were pounding Central and Southern California were just barely creeping into the Santa Barbara Channel. Making the whole thing much ado about not much at all.

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Written by tMo

Tom Modugno is a local business owner, surfer, writer, and community activist. He also runs and

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