Ortega Park: Fence or no fence?

By an edhat reader

A friend of mine called and asked what I thought about the city considering a fence being placed around Ortega Park. I had not heard about this; and being caught off guard wasn’t sure how to answer. What are your thoughts, especially those living near the park?


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  1. We all know what the fences are for. It is to get the riff raff at bay. And allowing the private trampoline company exclusive access to a public park is more than wrong. I remember when there was a push to let Disney take over King’s Canyon park for exploitation. So once again the city bureaucracy succumbs to fascist instincts to deal with a social problem beyond its ken.

  2. The fence can be used to require admission payment. That will keep the cheapy people out to save on wear and tear, bring more income in for employee pension fulfillment, and keep the newly produced murals from fading so quickly. Or so we will be told.

  3. MTNDRIVER, looks can be deceiving. There is so much you don’t know, there are so many greedy fingers in the pot. It’s important to understand that Parks is in bed with special interest groups and that’s why a skate park was put in the Master Plan Day 1.

  4. Swimming pool people and skateboard people aren’t at all the same crowd. A little concerned that the skateboard park will cause late-night activity. Skateboard is not family activity, nor scholarship kids activity. I’m putting this out from my innermost thoughts as discussion, sort as devil’s avocate.

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