Monday Fireworks Led to Dog’s Passing

By Edhat Subscriber 

Last night Santa Barbara City College failed to warn neighbors of their fireworks display and sadly our friend’s dog was spooked and ran onto Cliff Drive, was hit, and killed by a car.

Dog owners take precautions when the city schedules fireworks, this was a surprise to us all. This tragedy could have been avoided and responsible parties need to be proactive in future displays.

Our friends lost a great friend last night, the school and city should be ashamed.

Aldo, you’ll be missed sweet boy.


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  1. there was plenty of notice about the fire works..I knew weeks ago when I purchased my tickets. I feel for the person who lost his dog..that is very sad…however..I still enjoyed a fabulous and affordable evening out..a great concert and some very pretty fire works after that… and you cannot take that away from me or blame me for a dog getting hit by a car. No one has asked how fast the car was going and who was driving…were they under the influence just lay the blame on 7000 people who were all very happy to have a wonderful night drugs or aclcohol..just a great evening. Thank you very much westmont and SBCC gor a great gift to the community…

  2. I live on the Westside. The fireworks were loud, and we had no advance warning. So the people who attended did? Whoop-de-doo. Not everyone scours news on the internet or reads the Independent. A head’s up would have been nice.
    And fireworks are far scarier than a car horn, etc. Most of my neighbors with dogs take GREAT care on July 4 to keep them locked up tight. Even then I spent July 5 as a dating service, connecting found dogs with their owners. And I don’t even own a dog.
    There’s probably a decent way of warning people in the area that a fireworks show is coming. Post cards in the mail, phone calls, etc. There was NOT “plenty of warning”.

  3. I did not hear about the fireworks until acouple days before it was to happen and I read a lot of news. the fireworks did spook the dog and get the dog killed loud explosions is a lot different than horns and sirens. Someone knew weeks ago when they bought their tickets not everyone listens to that type of music… Some of you are so insensitive unless of course someone offends you….”I’m sorry about your dog but we had such a good time.” I commented I liked the fireworks that was before I knew a dog was killed now I feel horrible it freaks out veterans too there are 2 good reasons not to have them at all. Everyone’s so grateful that veterans fight for our freedom but when they come home no one cares anymore…..”Too bad about someone’s dog but we had such a great time out.” That statement alone is shameful….I’m sorry someone lost their friend I know what it’s like maybe that is the difference.

  4. In 1995 we had just moved to downtown SB and we were delighted to attend the Christmas boat parade at the harbor. Whether distracted by houseguests and holiday activities, or just not paying attention to the event as advertised, we did not realize that there would be fireworks following the boat parade. When the fireworks started we rushed home, knowing that our dear Toby would be frantic. By the time we got home Toby had escaped the back yard (yes, it was securely fenced. He literally broke through boards spaced about 8″ apart in the fence, a tight squeeze for a dog weighing almost 80 pounds. A panicked animal will do anything, including injuring itself, trying to flee) and was hit by two cars and killed two blocks away from our home. We considered it a tragic accident. We did not blame anyone for our lack of information about the event. It just happened that there were fireworks and we weren’t at home. Sometimes bad things happen through unfortunate circumstances. It may feel good momentarily or alleviate some pain to blame someone else, but it will not bring Aldo back. Please do not blame yourselves, either; accept the accidental nature of what happened and try to move forward.

  5. I didn’t see any warning about the event until a few hours prior to it when a considerate neighbor on Nextdoor Westside posted a warning about he fireworks. We’ve been gone on vacation, so out of the local news loop for a few weeks. Our dog died last year, but used to completely freak out at fireworks too. As much warning as possible is always best. There really is no such thing as too much warning when it comes to warnings about such events. I would have loved to attend too, but didn’t know about it until the morning of the event.

  6. There was absolutely no need to augment this concert with 20+ minutes of fireworks display.
    I disagree strongly that there was ample notice of these fireworks. When I saw a bright light in my front yard, I got up to see why someone was walking on my property with a flashlight. Then I saw the fireworks out over the Channel. My immediate reaction was horror mixed with anger.
    My very first thought was “Oh, no! WHY?!? So many scared dogs. Thank God our two dogs aren’t noise sensitive. Who knows how many poor animals will be running scared tonight?” And then I cursed whoever thought it was okay to set off those fireworks.
    Fireworks on 4th of July and then again when there’s the Parade of Lights already gives many pet owners plenty of headaches and heartache.
    We used to have two dogs that quaked and hid—-for hours after each display. Several years ago, during the Parade of Lights fireworks display, our 45-lb dog tried to throw herself out an upstairs window, completely tearing apart the window screen in the process. We grabbed her back legs and saved her, just as she was going over the window sill.
    Pet owners shouldn’t have to dose their dogs (or cats) with calming drugs or wrap them or sequester them in the bathroom or take any other measures—–just because some people think fireworks are cool.
    Fireworks scare more than domestic pets, they scare the hell out of wildlife. Fireworks pollute the air. And for what? Too bad so many people still don’t get that fireworks are unnecessary. Why not spend those thousands of dollars on some good cause? Like cleaning cigarette butts, plastics and such off the beaches? Rather than creating noise and air pollution and endangering animals, we should be celebrating by doing something kind for our planet.

  7. I hope all those attending the SBCC concert think about this poor, terrified soul the next time they hear “Ode to Joy”. Think about the sheer terror this dog experienced and then tell me, in retrospect, you had a good time at the concert. Beethoven would be turning over in his grave if he knew that the fireworks, used as a cheap trick to boost attendance, had such tragic results.

  8. I’m sorry about the loss of your friend’s dog and the way it happened. But to say “the school and city should be ashamed” for not notifying you about a community fireworks event is ridiculous. More than 7,000 people filled the stadium and knew about the event – including the fireworks. The event was also advertised in the Independent on August 2, and it was also advertised by Music Academy of the West, KCLU, the LA Times, and through other information outlets. How should they have notified individual “neighbors”? I heard the fireworks up by Mission Street – am I considered a “neighbor” worthy of notification? How would you propose all neighbors be identified and notified of each individual event that may affect the citipy’s residents in their individual and disparate ways?
    It seems many people cannot just accept a tragedy, or unfortunate incident without casting blame and shame on others. Not content to just admit that things happen in life – tragic, unforeseen events, mistakes, errors, whatever – some people will accept no responsibility or even acknowledge that life is risk, things happen, no fault need be assigned.

  9. I too lost a dog many years ago that ran away, but that was because we failed to properly secure the house and there is nobody to blame but ourselves. It is heartbreaking to lose a pet, but pet owners need to take responsibility for animals that are able to escape instead of blaming external factors.
    If this were a child that had been scared, ran out into the street and had been struck by a vehicle the parent’s would be getting lambasted for negligence and held criminally liable.

  10. Agree 100%. While losing a pet for any reason, under any circumstance is tragic and heartbreaking, it’s not the City’s fault or SBCC’s fault. They gave plenty of warning. The bigger problem I see with this and other stories of people’s pets getting out during fireworks is: why are peoples pets able to run out of the home? I think we know where the blame lies, but don’t want to accept it.
    Again, sorry about the loss, but this was preventable.

  11. I too am sorry for the loss,.
    However I too agree with some of the others here. We need to accept responsbility for our lives and not always be looking to blame someone. The fireworks were not responsible for the pet having been provided with a way out of their house and yard. A car horn, an ambulance, a jet, a motorcycle or just someone walking by, any number of unexpected things could startle a pet or they could just want to run out and explore. If they had been secued properly then they would still be alive today.
    That said, it is still so unfortunate that their loved pet passed away. That is so difficult. Our thoughts are with the owners.

  12. While I feel bad for the loss of the dog, how can you blame a fireworks show, that WAS announced, advertised, and talked about for months. Even discussed on local radio shows and was in the Independent. The pet’s owners are solely responsible for securing their pet at ALL times.
    I am surprised that none of you had heard about this. This was a very big event at SBCC and the Music Academy of the West, NY Philharmonic orchestra performing Beethoven Ode To Joy to celebrate the returing of the conductor. $10 tickets, was a good time….

  13. You do not speak for the “citizens of SB”. I didn’t attend but it sounds like 7k people did and enjoyed themselves. I’m sure may of them were citizens of SB. We live in a town that puts on events and events will cause some minor disturbance. This is not a sleepy retirement community (and it never has been). Get over it.
    The pretentious nature of some these commentators is absurd. You won’t fund a community college because it put on a fireworks show? Seriously?
    I wonder if this happened at East Beach if there would be a similar reaction. I’m chalking this up to snobs on the Mesa that seem to think the world revolves around them.

  14. Fireworks are cool, a dog dying as result of escaping because of being spooked by them is not cool but it happened and there’s nothing that can change that now and this whole thing is a great reminder that pets should be secured at all times no matter what. Like others have said, Garth…you do not speak for this local.

  15. I am against the Fireworks for the sake of animals, and folks with PTSD including veterans I don’t speak for everyone but I do speak for myself without fear of having my arms twisted by intimidating arm twisting slanderous remarks I’m entitled to my opinion…I hope I don’t have to repeat myself 4 times in an angry manner to get my point across like an angry child.

  16. RLJ- yep I usually make sure I’m on something at all hours of the day. Especially when the fireworks are happening. I’m glad my post on an entirely different thread got to you enough to attack me on this one. By the way, have you seen cabrillo blvd during the 4th. That’s how many people like fireworks. Even the majority of the people in this thread are not against them. Take it easy and try to breathe k.

  17. I know I’m late to this party, but just FYI.
    Everyone complaining about no prior notice, this website (Edhat) had a warning posted two days prior. I saw another notice shared through Facebook one day prior.
    Rip doggie, but come on now with this blame game. Accidents happen.

  18. The issue here is not whether the dog’s death was a random accident or not. The citizens of SB do not want these circus-like firework displays to become commonplace. 4th of July, ok. But that’s it. I see our NY born mayor’s name associated with this display. Give her a call and let her know this is not acceptable. We do not want SB to become like Brooklyn. And in the future, let the music stand on its own merit. Do not cheapen it with theatrics. The SBCC Foundation can forget about receiving another dime of my money. Remember, it is the locals who vote to approve (or not approve) the SBCC bond issues, not the tourists who goo and gaa over the firework displays.
    What’s up for next year? The Los Angeles Philaharmonic performing Samuel Barber’s String Quartet, Op. 11 whilst Monster Trucks simultaneously race around the track at La Playa?

  19. Right? What an overreaction to 20 minutes of disturbance. Yes, they are going to bring monster trucks next. Sure. Exaggerate much? If this was a town with ANY kind of minor or major league baseball stadium there would be weekly fireworks. Do all the people in those neighborhoods react like total curmudgeons as well?

  20. Right? What an overreaction to 20 minutes of disturbance. Yes, they are going to bring monster trucks next. Sure. Exaggerate much? If this was a town with ANY kind of minor or major league baseball stadium there would be weekly fireworks. Do all the people in those neighborhoods react like total curmudgeons as well?

  21. Right? What an overreaction to 20 minutes of disturbance. Yes, they are going to bring monster trucks next. Sure. Exaggerate much? If this was a town with ANY kind of minor or major league baseball stadium there would be weekly fireworks. Do all the people in those neighborhoods react like total curmudgeons as well?

  22. Right? What an overreaction to 20 minutes of disturbance. Yes, they are going to bring monster trucks next. Sure. Exaggerate much? If this was a town with ANY kind of minor or major league baseball stadium there would be weekly fireworks. Do all the people in those neighborhoods react like total curmudgeons as well?

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