March Edness 2024: Day 1

March Edness 2024 - Day 1 - Question

It’s Day 1 of this year’s March Edness! Can you guess the location in the above photo?

Enter your guess in the form below by 8:00 p.m. and be specific(What’s March Edness? Learn all about it here.)


Point Value: 1

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This ornate “G” is perched above the one and only Granada Theatre at 1214 State Street in downtown Santa Barbara.

The nearly 100-year-old theatre sustained a devastating flood earlier this year. But the staff worked tirelessly to repair and renovate the venue in time for the highly anticipated Marshall Tucker Band and Jefferson Starship show that took place this past Sunday.

On the weekend of April 12, the theater will mark its 100th year with a series of shows that represent “the past, the present, and the future.” This milestone event will showcase the rich history of the theater while embracing its future endeavors.

Granada Theatre marquee (edhat photo)
Granda Theatre in Santa Barbara (edhat photo)

Below is the the list of winners for today. As a note, nearly 40 entries from players today did not count due to not having a paid subscription. Upgrade your subscription now to make sure your points count!

Day 1 Winners

  • GregJ
  • Chevy67
  • sacjon
  • SBsurferlife
  • NancysBL
  • HDB
  • Neptune5
  • holazola
  • chum
  • mickiD
  • Salsaguy
  • uponthehill
  • Resident
  • cones
  • Mtn.driver
  • Camster
  • SBnurse
  • SBrocks
  • macpuzl
  • LisaD
  • kcottrell
  • Two abbys
  • WheelieKid33
  • cathysch
  • SYVequine
  • PinotCredo
  • L8erSk8er
  • UrbanTrekker
  • HikeWithMike
  • Janey22
  • JacknJillHill
  • DanFeinberg
  • JAlbion57
  • Lizbeth
  • CherBear
  • PlayOpossum
  • SunshineinSB
  • PhotoHawk
  • AstroNerd00
  • FilmReelzGuy
  • Hoosier Not
  • mncnc
  • geosphere
  • SB_Tahoe
  • Penelope805

Email us at with any questions and best of luck!

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