March Edness 2024: Day 19

It’s Day 19 of this year’s March Edness! Can you guess the location in the above photo?

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Day 19 Answer

This was another tough one. For this year’s March Edness we traveled to one of the farthest points of Santa Barbara County. We were in search of one thing… breakfast. But also, a quality March Edness photo. We found both.

The answer for today’s photo is 4855 Primero St, New Cuyama. This painted cow-person is found on the side of the C&H Market, also known as the Cuyama Deli.

Day 19 Winners


Farther down the street, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the semi-recently remodeled Cuyama Buckhorn. Built in 1952, the building was originally a roadside stop for travelers and a community hub for the small booming oil town. It was purchased and extensively renovated within the last five years now offering food, beverage, lodging, and loads of entertainment in the “Hidden Valley of Enchantment.”

The Buckhorn Restaurant did not disappoint. The classic two-egg breakfast came with homemade bread and a jam that we still dream about.

Buckhorn Restaurant (edhat photo)
Buckhorn restaurant’s 2 Eggs Any Style (edhat photo)

For those who plan to explore new hikes or check out the wildflowers, make a stop in the small town of New Cuyama.

Tomorrow is the last day of March Edness 2024, good luck players!

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