2024 March Edness Winners Announced!

After edhat players matched wits for a full month, the top players of this year’s photo hunt challenge have been announced.

Our annual photo hunting game is fun and highly competitive and questions how well you know your local area. Or how well you notice and remember details about your surroundings. Or… how good you are at Google Map street views and internet sleuthing. (One more) Or… how good you are at picking your team. Whatever your strategy, after 20 days and numerous hours of searching, our top dedicated edhat players are now being named.

At the end of the 20 days we were left with one player who earned 50 out of 50 points. Then we had three players who tied for second-place. Normally we’d enact a brutal tie-breaker while declaring “There can only be three!” But this year, Ed has a milder approach. He finished his nightly pressed juice after a yoga meditation and decidedly stated, “they’re all winners.”

Without further ado, here are this year’s winners.

1st Place!

For the second year in a row with a perfect score, the gold medal goes to kcottrell!

2nd Place!

Tied for second place with 47 points each are HDB, holazola, and Penelope805!

Congratulations to our top four players, a job well done. We’re forgoing an in-person celebration this year and will mail/drop off prize bags that will include exciting gift cards, coveted items from local businesses, and irresistible edhat swag.

Honorable Mentions

On top of our four winners, there were twelve players who earned more than 25 points this year.

Strong honorable mentions go to cones, SBsurferlife, mncnc, sacjon, GregJ, macpuzl, SBrocks, Mtn.driver, Camster, UrbanTrekker, geosphere, and DanFeinberg.

The final standings are below:

Great job everyone, we hope you had as much fun as we did. We look forward to playing again next year!

Edhat Staff

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  1. Thank you so much to Ed and all the players. I have a tip, don’t play this from Prague, Edhat is blocked. We improvised, and thanks to the amazing Amanda, collected Cristi, cunning Cole and magnificent Melissa, we still did well. We’ll get ‘’em next year, and I’ll schedule my work trips differently.

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