The Granada Theatre Emerges Stronger After Flooding Incident

Santa Barbara's historic Granada Theatre (courtesy photo)

In late January, the historic Granada Theatre in downtown Santa Barbara experienced a significant flood that destroyed its stage. The staff at the nearly 100-year-old theater worked tirelessly to repair and renovate the venue in time for upcoming performances, including the highly anticipated Marshall Tucker Band and Jefferson Starship show scheduled for Sunday, March 3rd.

The damage occurred during a show setup when a fire sprinkler head about 65 feet above the stage was accidentally hit and broke off, causing water to gush down and soak the stage and everything beneath it before the main valve could be shut off. However, thanks to the swift response and collaboration from the Granada Theatre Board of Directors and eight specialized contractors, recovery efforts were initiated promptly.

The theater quickly formulated a plan to address the water crisis. They expedited the delivery of a new stage, which arrived within days and has been in place for a week. Extensive work was also carried out in the basement to dry out and replace affected components of the subfloor.

The new stage was sourced from a company that had been preparing it for another venue but was able to pivot to assist Santa Barbara’s needs. Fortunately, the water only reached the edge of the stage, sparing the seats from damage, and resulting in minimal harm to the curtains. This allowed the theater to retain and maintain the existing curtains.

Last week, the stage renovation was successfully completed, setting the stage for the next show on Sunday featuring legendary rockers The Marshall Tucker Band and Jefferson Starship on Sunday followed by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra on March 8.

Looking ahead, the Granada Theatre has more reasons to celebrate. On the weekend of April 12, the theater will mark its 100th year with a series of shows that represent “the past, the present, and the future.” This milestone event will showcase the rich history of the theater while embracing its future endeavors.

The Granada Theatre’s resilience shines through during this challenging time as it emerges stronger from the flood. With the curtains once again ready to rise, audiences can look forward to experiencing the timeless charm and enchantment of this historic Santa Barbara landmark.

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