March Edness 2020: Day 15

March Edness 2020: Day 15 title=
March Edness 2020: Day 15
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It's Day 15 of this year's March Edness! Can you guess the location of the photo? Enter your guess in the form below by 8:00 p.m. and be specific. (What's March Edness? Learn all about it here.)

Point Value: 3


This oceanic mural was painted by Daniel DJ Javier and is located on the SeaVees building at 24 E. Mason Street in Santa Barbara's Funk Zone. The mural is titled "Wish You Were Here" and features a lovely wave towards the front door.

Day 15 Winners

  • Britt
  • holazola
  • HDB
  • Penelope805
  • kcottrell
  • Camster
  • jsp047
  • cones
  • mfitch54
  • macpuzl
  • LisaD
  • tenoreleven
  • Rone


We'll be back on Monday for the FINAL WEEK of March Edness 2020! Email us at [email protected] with any questions.

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a-1584805895 Mar 21, 2020 08:51 AM
March Edness 2020: Day 15

It appears that it's the same eight to 10 people who get every answer correct on a daily basis. They all can't be cruising around the entire county all day searching. So, how do they do it? If it's a simple Google, what do they search?

Why do I ask this? I used to do it when it first started and really enjoyed the challenge, but as each year past I realized that it was always the same people, hence I said, What's the point?

Here we are in the middle of the 2020 edition and nothing has changed. I love EdHat and check it multiple times per day, but the March Edness "contest" seems to have become "The So What of the Month."

a-1584812769 Mar 21, 2020 10:46 AM
March Edness 2020: Day 15

Some people are just better at things than other people. It's still fun to think about and sometimes it's obvious, sometimes I would have never guessed it. Seems the Edhat Team has to keep making it harder and harder so there isn't a 10-way tie at the end. But your response feels a bit like a poor loser. I hope you don't also take your ball home when you're not winning.

a-1584818373 Mar 21, 2020 12:19 PM
March Edness 2020: Day 15

Yes, it is the same 8 to 10 people getting the answers right because they are insanely good at this and have been for years. Year after year it's the same group of folks with photographic memories who make the top 30% of this game. They are the top athletes of March Edness. So it's okay if you're not as good as they are... we can't all be good at EVERYTHING.

mfitch54 Mar 21, 2020 06:51 PM
March Edness 2020: Day 15

But the fun of playing is the interesting way the weeks point values increase week by week! You could theoretically win if you only played the last week, got them all correct, and none of the other top players got as many points as you. It's a fierce fun game! Join in!

a-1584807333 Mar 21, 2020 09:15 AM
March Edness 2020: Day 15

March Edness isn't just about winning! It's also about having fun through friendly competition + discovering new + interesting places in our community. That said: spill (some) of the beans, you winners! How to do you it? I'm guessing that you're groups of people who are out in the community a lot, e.g. police, firefighters or ???

mfitch54 Mar 21, 2020 06:50 PM
March Edness 2020: Day 15

Even top Edness teams covet each other's secrets! It is indeed friendly competition with teams cheering each on. As one Edness opponent put it when I tried to squeeze their secrets from them:
"google, persistence and luck!" I don't think any two players arrive at the right answer the same way.
We could give a workshop I guess!

a-1584816815 Mar 21, 2020 11:53 AM
March Edness 2020: Day 15

They use Google or some other websites but walking around town looking isn't one of them!

mfitch54 Mar 21, 2020 06:45 PM
March Edness 2020: Day 15

True, we use google and whatever we can think of, and team mfitch54 DOES use walking/driving around! Nothing is off limits in Edness!

a-1584817258 Mar 21, 2020 12:00 PM
March Edness 2020: Day 15

I don't even play the game but I enjoy finding out where the cool pictures come from. Doesn't always have to be about winning. It can be about learning something new and maybe then venturing out to see the spots where the photos were taken. At this point...I need all the distractions as possible. I do want to thank the Photographers for always finding new cool pics and keeping this game going.

tenoreleven Mar 21, 2020 06:14 PM
March Edness 2020: Day 15

FWIW, when I play (not every year) I never get them all. A few I recognize instantly, as I was born and have lived here for 65 years.

Otherwise, I use google a LOT, and always think "I should have gotten that one!" about the ones I miss. It's all in good fun.

tenoreleven Mar 21, 2020 06:15 PM
March Edness 2020: Day 15

I appear to be tied for 4th place at the moment, with four players tied for 1st by my counting.

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